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Nexxus Versastyler For Curls


shelley.JPG (6036 bytes)I have very curly hair. When I say curly, I mean very very curly. Many people tell me that I have some of the tightest ringlets they have ever seen.

My hair has always been very tightly coiled and I have been very blessed to learn how to manage my hair over the years. Consequently because I understand what works on my curls. I really enjoy my hair.

I have been a licensed stylist for over 12 years and has specialized in helping people with curly and long hair achieve the best results possible.

Learn To Love Your Curly Hair

I know that many people don't like their hair, in fact they may even hate it. I hear this especially from people with curls. It is my belief that if people can learn how to manage their curls they can feel a lot better about their hair.

It is important to remember that every head of hair is a little different. The key is learning what products work best for everyone's special type of curls. You may need to be willing to experiment until your find a great match.

Because I can't always control the weather I am still subject to random frizzy hair days.

For the most part the products for curly hair that I use help me have a lot of great hair days.

While I often wear my hair up and pulled back when I am working on clients, when I wear my hair down I like to use Nexus Versastyler to add definition and hold.

My Experiences With Versastyler

I have been using Versastyler Designing Lotion for several years. It is a very unusual but unique formula that works great for my very tight curls.

One of the things that I really like about this Nexxus product is that it is completely alcohol-free. Curly haired people like me have to be careful not to use any products that is drying to the hair in any way since curly hair is naturally fragile and dry.

What I love about Versastyler besides the fact that it is alcohol-free is that is excellent for sculpting and shaping my curls into tight tendrils.

I will often reactivate the Versastyler lotion by spraying my hair lightly with water and then finger arranging my curls. This method works great and never makes my hair sticky.

It is also very light so it doesn't weigh down my hair. I have also noticed that unlike similar products Versastyler never causes my hair to have any product buildup.

Versastyler Works With All Hair Types

Although I think that Versastyler is excellent for naturally curly hair I believe that it also works great for other types of hair. People with naturally wavy hair can scrunch their hair using Versastyler. It adds great texture and is also great for finger drying.

Some of my clients use Versastyler to achieve a wet look. Others use it with roller sets, curling irons and even hot rollers.

Directions For Use

Apply the desired amount of Versastyler Lotion to the palms of your hand. Rub your hands together and then apply to your hair. Comb the Versastyler through your hair to distribute evenly. Style your hair using hot rollers or curling irons or any method that works for your hair type.

You can also reactivate the Versastyler lotion by spraying your hair lightly with water.


This is a very flexible product that allows for lots of different styling methods and can be used on just about any hair type.

I strongly recommend this product for people with naturally curly hair and for anyone that is looking for a great styling lotion.

Nexxus does not test on animals and is environmentally aware with packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable formulations.

Nexxus Products Company has never, does not currently nor will ever test on animals.

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