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Missy Peregrym Hair - Heroes & Reaper


Missy Peregrym as Candace Wilmer NBC Heroes

Melissa "Missy" Peregrym (born June 16, 1982 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) has shining hair to match an equally shining acting career and a charismatic personality.

Besides nabbing a coveted recurring role as Candace Wilmer on past episodes of NBC's Heroes, the Canadian born and bred former followed up her shape shifting role with a permanent starring role as Andi Prendergast on CW's hit series, Reaper.

Known to her friends as "Missy" rather than Melinda, the actress has made a back to back splash in two cult favorite shows. Heroes is known for its futuristic psuedo science fiction quality with all sorts of super human powers and time traveling.

Reaper is a little more down to earth than Heroes although it still involves daily dealings with a human form of the Devil who doesn't look or act anything like Adam Sandler in Little Nicky.

Regardless, Missy as Candace Wilmer and as Andi Prendergast was a great fit. On Heroes she was a nice alternative to the existing females in the cast. On Reaper she is perfect as the sweet, innocent co-worker.

In her role for Reapers Missy's Andi is a young woman who returns home from college after her father's tragic death and finds safety in her old ways of life. She works at the same local Work Bench store as Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) and his crew.

Image of Missy Peregrym Reaper CW 2007

Missy portrays Andi as the fresh faced girl-next-store who has an underlying innocence about life and relationships which prevent her from jumping into a relationship with Sam.

Even though they have special chemistry, Andi and Sam just can't seem to get it together as a couple. The reason that Andi provides to Sam for her hesitation regarding their relationship is that she doesn't wish to compromise their very special friendship. Sound familiar?

Meanwhile Sam has a pretty busy life that distracts him from his failings with Andi. By day he works at the Work Bench and in his spare time he is under the command of the devil who gives him assignments for capturing escaped souls.

Sam tries hard to capture Andi's heart by giving her an expensive necklace but she gives it back.

Concerned about his part time work with the devil, which resulted from his parents selling his soul when he was born, Sam decides to pursue love in a new direction living Andi behind.

Not only does he worry about telling Andi the Devil owns his life, he is somewhat concerned that the Devil may decide to harm Andi to get him as motivation to work harder at hunting lost souls.

Missy's Career History To Date

Missy Peregrym as Andi CW's Reaper 2007

Eric Ogden/The CW The CW Network, LLC - All rights reserved.

Missy began her career in modeling when she was 18. Her print advertisements soon led to commercials for Mercedes Benz, Sprint Canada and the Olympics. She decided to spread her wings from modeling into acting.

The actress who has shimmering brunette hair, with subtle highlights and lowlights, began her career in excellent company.

Missy originally became known to television audiences having landed her first television role on the action-drama series Dark Angel which starred Jessica Alba.

In addition to her role as a very evil shape shifter on "Heroes," the lovely Ms. Peregrym starred in the martial arts series "Black Sash" and the TV drama "Life as We Know It" as Jackie Bradford, the sarcastic beauty with a troubled family life.

Additional guest appearances have included "The Chris Isaak Show," "Smallville" as Molly Griggs, "Jake 2.0", Tru Calling and "Andromeda."

Of course many of the shows she has appeared in have that futuristic or science fiction theme. The Jake 2.0 series involved a secret agent who had been rebuilt after near death with computerized parts while Tru Calling involved a woman who could reset time.

Besides the small screen, Missy has been working on developing a film career. The beauty made her feature film debut in the summer of 2006 with "Stick It." She starred as Haley Graham a rebellious girl who is ordered to participate in a regimented sports world to clean up her act.

The young actress also appeared in TV's Wide Awake in 2007 as Cassie Lang. She had an un-credited role in 2004's Catwoman and as Tina in Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss.

Missy's Hair Styles

Missy Peregrym With Entire Reaper Case 2007 - 2008

Even though Missy played an evil shape shifting character on Heroes her off screen image is more Girl Next Door than Evil Villian Fighter.

Indeed, the character of Andi is very sweet, a little shy and definitely more conservative in her fashions, make-up and hairstyle.

Read How To Copy Missy Peregrym's HairStyle for tips on stealing Missy's hairstyles.

On Reaper Andi is seen in casual work fashions with minimal make-up. Her hair is usually coiffed into a series of everyday hairstyles that are centered around soft and shiny straight strands. Andi's tresses extend slightly below her collarbone and she wears her hair extending from an off-center part with her hair brushed over to the left side of her face.

You might wonder if Missy does her own hair for her part on Reaper. It is unlikely even though her character has little call for any type of dressy hairstyles. Afterall, she spends her days hanging around the Work Bench which is basically a home improvement store.

It is unclear whether Andi stocks shelves, works customer service or has other work tasks, but in real life, working in that type of store would involve getting dirty. It is not the right setting for any type of carefully staged hairstyles.

Missy Peregrym Best Buy Hosts Elton John "Dream Ticket" Launch 10-24-04

Andi might wear her hair pulled back in a small ponytail or pinned up in a messy bun or twist. For the most part she is filmed with her hair down around her shoulders in keeping with her setting on the Reaper show.

In her off-screen life Missy appears to favor no-muss, no-fuss long straight looks with her hair usually worn brushed off her combination face shape.

Although Missy appears to have a mostly oval shape, she does have a prominent chin and a square shaped jaw area. Wearing her hair below the chin or longer is an excellent choice for her face shape.


Although there are rumors that this very quirky and entertaining show might not make it for another season, Missy Peregrym is sure to come out on top. Not only is she beautiful and fresh faced, she seems to have a knack for landing in roles that work well for her.

Outside of acting, Missy is a dedicated athlete, playing soccer and snowboarding as well as coaching high school basketball. Although she lived most of her life in Canada, Missy moved to LA where she lived for three years while pursuing her acting and modeling careers. Luckily for Missy, Reaper is filmed in Canada close to where she grew up. During the filming of Reaper she is back in her homeland and "happy to be out of LA and back in Canada".

The beautiful star has reportedly told the press that is she wasn't acting she would probably be doing something in the sports arena, maybe coaching or teaching sports.

The way her acting career is going, that's probably not going to happen anytime soon.

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