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Miss Manners: Let's Not Be Guilty Of Splitting Hairs


Dave Decker, one of the Hair Boutique regulars, recently sent me a column where Miss Manners answered a question about what to do with hair that falls from your body.

Good question. Since the Hair Boutique strives to provide all sorts of hair related information it only seemed right that we include this little Q&A from the world famous Miss Manners.

Dear Miss Manners:

What does one do with one's hair when it becomes detached from one's head? To allow anything that was formerly a part of one's body to fall where it may seems a breach of etiquette.

My hair is very long, and I'm told it ranks high among my assets, but a 2-foot hair, which occasionally will detach itself from its original owner and take up residence on another's upholstered furniture, becomes conspicuously less charming.

A wastebasket often isn't close at hand, and to put it in an ashtray would have much the same effect as planting a stink bomb. I've tried wadding it up and discreetly stuffing it in a pocket; unfortunately a sharp-eyed person always seems to notice and ask, "What are you doing?" My explanations end up sounding silly.

I'm a 40 year old man which may explain why my training never included instruction on the proper course of action in this circumstance.

Gentle Reader:

Do you suppose that young ladies are taught how to exercise enough self-control to keep from shedding or perhaps how gracefully and unobtrusively to weave their leavings into doilies?

Miss Manners does recall a time when they were taught to put their hair up when they went out. She also recalls a later time when gentlemen bound their long hair at the back of their necks.

If you must wear it loose, Miss Manners thanks you for picking up after yourself, but whatever you mean by wadding it up seems to be too conspicuous.

If picked up near the middle, a 2-foot hair may be put in the pocket invisibly.


As you can see, Miss Manners recommends that people with long hair wear their hair bound at the back of their necks (if a man) and up (if a woman).

I am sure there are other ways that falling hair can be dealt with. If you have some better or more original ideas, please post them on the Hair Politics board.

Please note that this Miss Manners column is copyrighted with all rights reserved from the Times.

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