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Miranda Kerr's Hair Style: How To


Miranda Kerr

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Australian beauty Miranda Kerr is famous for her work as a Victoria Secret model as well as her marriage to British actor Orlando Bloom.

Miranda recently made news for returning to work two months after giving birth to son Flynn, walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

The gorgeous supermodel strutted her stuff in two shows for Balenciaga wearing a black draped dress with a bronze trim and leather detail.

The styling for the show was subdued - mostly neutral tones for the makeup with hair worn long and pulled back behind the ears.

Clearly excited to be back at work after giving birth on January 6, Kerr arranged to have photos taken backstage, posting them on her blog. According to the post she "loved every minute of it".

Miranda's Hair

Miranda is famous for her milk chocolate medium brunette hair which is estimated to be a Level 6 base. The model's base brunette is usually highlighted and low lighted with an array of golden, caramel and honey hues which gives her tresses a rich dimension and shimmer.

Although Miranda has gone much lighter in the past, for the most part she sticks to her glossy brunette base.

Miranda's length varies from a few inches below her hair to the top of her collarbone. She also alternates her part from a center part to varying side parts. Although she has flirted with a full frontal fringe she usually wears her tresses with long Veronica Lake side-swept fringes which seductively cover one eye.

Follow Steps Below To Copy Miranda's Hairstyle:

Miranda Kerr

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1. Cleanse hair using the best formula and method for your hair type, texture and current condition.

You may prefer to do a full shampoo cleanse or a Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only (CO) Cleanse, Water Only (WO) or a combination method.

2. After cleansing hair rinse well and if appropriate apply a rinse-out conditioner from the top of your ears to the ends. Detangle strands with fingers or a hair-friendly wide-tooth comb.

3. Finish cleansing process with a cool/cold water rinse. Gently squeeze excess water from the strands using fingers and moving them up and down the strands.

4. Towel blot tresses to remove excess water.

5. Apply desired styling cocktail which may consist of leave-in conditioner, mousse, gel, styling cream or similar. Distribute well from the top of the ears down to the ends using your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

6. Separate hair into six equal sections. Use a long finger diffuser attached to a blow dryer set on a low speed, medium heat. Continue to diffuse until hair is 85-90% dry. Repeat diffusing around the head on all six sections.

7. Allow rest of the hair to air dry.

8. Once hair is 100% dry use a 1 1/2" curling iron and create curls throughout the perimeter of the hair.

Miranda Kerr

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9. After curling each section remove iron and roll around your fingers. Pin to the scalp to allow curls to cool and set.

10. When all of the hair has been curled, pinned and cool, unpin and tousle gently with your fingers.

If you want just a hint of waves, use a large 100% boar bristle paddle style brush and smooth the top of the hair and down through the edges.

Finish with a spritz of soft holding hairspray or by applying a few drops of shine serum to the palms of your hands, massage well and then brush over the top of your finished style for great shimmer.


Miranda Kerr has picture perfect hair which is tied to her own individual style. The supermodel and new mom tends to wear her strands in classic, long beachy waves with a variety of parts which suit her face shapes and gorgeous eyes and skin.

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