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Adrian Grenier 2007 HBO Emmy After Party 09-16-07

Adrian Gernier or "A" as his close friends call him, is famous for his role as Vincent Chase on HBO's Entourage. The series is based loosely on the life of a real life actor, Mark Walhberg (aka Marky Mark) and his "crew".

Although many people identify with Adrian (born July 10, 1976 in New Mexico) as Vincent Chase, he won over a legion of new fans in his role as Nate in the Devil Wore Prada. Nate was the rising young chef involved with Anne Hathaway's character, the beautiful brunette, Andy Sachs.

In reality Adrian is famous for his love of "blondes" including a period of time when it was rumored by the media that he was hanging with famous blonde Paris Hilton.

Besides his co-starring role on Entourage, Adrian showed a dramatically different side in his indie film, A Shot In The Dark, dedicated to the search for his biological father who he did not know growing up.

Not only did Adrian star in the film, he directed it as well. The documentary covers Adrian's search to find out who his father actually was, meet him and get to know him.

Adrian was raised by his mother, who was a single parent and New York City real-estate agent. His stunning dark steamy looks can be traced back to his Native American, Irish and French heritages.

Ironically Adrian played a member of an Entourage with Leonardo Di Caprio as the focal point in the 1998 film - Celebrity.

About Adrian Grenier's Hairstyles

Adrian Grenier The 2nd Annual Sober Day Celebration 2007 05-07-07

Adrian has very thick, naturally curly hair.

If you have naturally curly hair, flaunting Adrian's style is easier than if your hair is naturally straight or has only a slight wave. Can you achieve Adrian's curls with stick straight or wavy hair?

The only way to turn stick straight strands into Adrian's curls is with a chemical texturing service provided by a professional hairdresser who could use different sized rollers and/or rods to copy the size of Adrian's natural ringlets.

Naturally wavy strands could be coaxed into curls with a long finger diffuser, lots of appropriate styling products and a hot curling iron.

Flaunting Adrian Grenier's Hairstyle

To achieve the same tousled hairstyles and curly looks that Adrian displays on Entourage it is imperative you start with the proper haircut. Natural curls allowed to grow without guidance may tend to go wild and lose a clean shape.

Find a hairdresser that specializes in cutting naturally curly hair so that you do not wind up with the dreaded ringlet wedge. If the hairdresser suggests heavy layering or cutting with a razor, run out the door.

Adrian Grenier "Entourage: Season Three Premiere 04-05-07

Why? When natural curly hair is razored, the ends become very wispy and will frizz out. Too many layers will allow the curls to float freely and leads to the dreaded pyramid shape with a wide edge at the bottom and a point at the top.

Adrian has very thick, naturally curly hair.

Natural Curly Hair Cutting Techniques

Consider these beneficial naturally curly cutting techniques:

1. Go to the salon with your hair washed and dried into its normal curl pattern so the hairdresser can determine the curl type.

2. The curls should not be pulled straight or taut when trimmed. They should be allowed to fall into their natural pattern and then cut with a scissors. Ideally the hairdresser will cut along curl pattern groupings to create a natural but well groomed look.

3. Many curl experts suggest having natural curls trimmed when dry to avoid excessive shrinkage that may occur when curls are trimmed wet and then allowed to dry.

4. Make sure you discuss with the hairdresser how much hair you want trimmed and whether you want to alter your current overall curl shape.

Step By Step Tips To Steal Adrian's Hairstyle

To achieve the same tousled hairstyles and curly looks that Adrian displays on Entourage complete the following steps listed below to copy and flaunt his hairstyle:

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with your normal products designed for your current hair type, texture and condition.

Adrian Grenier Los Angeles Film Festivals' Screening of "The Devil Wears Prada" 06-22-06

If your hair is highlighted or chemically processed use either a moisture enhanced or color enriched formula. If your hair is dry from chemical processing, consider diluting the shampoo formula to protect your strands.

Shampoo products to try: Phyto - Phytojoba Hydrating Shampoo, PHYTO - Dry Hair System, Phyto - PhytoBrush Shampoo. If you have baby fine or thin hair and wish to build in the same lush movement and volume that Adrian has, use a volume enhancing shampoo.

Skip any rinse-out conditioning products that might make hair too soft and flat. If you must use a rinse-out conditioner, make sure that you limit how much you use and that you concentrate on the middle to the ends. Rinse well with a cool water spray which helps build natural volume and increases shine as well as helping the curls to form into their natural shape.

Step 2: Towel blot strands. Do not rub wet hair which is more fragile and can break. Detangle strands from the ends to the roots.

Step 3: Apply your favorite texture enhancing mousse or styling cream to towel blotted strands. Distribute selected product well from the top of the ears to the ends. If you prefer, mix with a good leave-in conditioner for super shine and softness. To protect against blow drying heat and add body, distribute a leave-in conditioner, mousse or gel from the top of the ears to the ends. Distribute well.

To achieve lots of fullness and volume apply a volumizing gel or similar products to the roots to get lots of body and movement.

Adrian Grenier "Entourage" Premiere 06-01-06

Root volume products to try: Phyto - Phytovolume Actif, PHYTO - Volume System, Phyto - Phytovolume Shampoo).

If your hair tends to frizz or is naturally wavy or curly, you may wish to combine a volume product for the roots with a smoothing serum for the rest of the hair. Anti-Frizz Product to try: Rene Furterer - Control Emulsion Anti-Frizz)

Step 4: Working from side to side and separating hair into 2" sections, use a blow dryer with a long finger diffuser attachment to encourage natural curl formation. Seal the style by finishing up with a blast of cool air, if possible, from your blow dryer.

If you don't have a long finger diffuser you can let your hair air-dry or you can use your fingers as a type of diffuser. The danger of using your fingers is that touching curly hair while it is damp can cause it to become fuzzy or fizzy.

Remember that curly hair may have different patterns along different parts of the head.

Step 5: When hair is completely dry separate into 2" sections and use a 1" medium barrel curling iron to add definition to individual curls. After using the curling iron on each section, let hair cool completely. Remember that curly hair is more fragile.

Arrange newly ironed completely cooled off curls with fingers. Touch up any sections that are still flat.

Adrian Grenier Los Angeles Film Festivals' Screening of "The Devil Wears Prada" 06-22-06

Step 6: Spray the finished style with a good holding hairspray. Hairspray to try: PhytoPro - Instant Hold Spray #15).

Step 7: Apply a tiny drop of shine serum, drops or spray into the palms of your hands. Lightly brush the palms over the top of your style and you are ready to rock. Shine products to try: Phyto - PhytoLisse (Formerly Phytodefrisant RelaxSerum)

If you prefer, you can use a curling iron on a low temperature to turn under the ends a little bit or use a straight iron on selected pieces around the face to give a contrasting texture to the finished look. When using a hot iron around the edges of the hairline be sure to work with triangular partings to help the curls blend better.

It's better to go over curly hair more than once with a hot iron than to hold the iron too long on one section due to danger of frying delicate strands. Ideal temperature for curly hair would be 150 to 200 degrees.

Note: Hairstyles-&-Hair-Style-Articles - Visit our section devoted to hairstyles.


Entourage star Adrian Grenier combines sizzling hot looks with tons of talent. Besides being a great actor, he has shown talent at directing. He is also an accomplished musician. He plays piano, guitar and drums. He is the drummer for the band "The Honey Brothers".

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