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Men's Hair Tips: Shampoo For Your Hair


Brigid O'Connor 2004 Photo by Jeffrey Hines Hair by Karen M. Shelton Hair Accessory by Karin's Garden All Rights Reserved

The first goal when selecting any type of shampoo product is to focus on cleansing. Although many

A healthy scalp is the first step to healthy hair. It's that simple.

You can use a thousand different products for an unlimited number of results but when it comes to the health of your hair, for men, it always begins on the scalp. Choosing the proper shampoo for your hair/scalp type is the most important step.

Let's begin with the biggest misconception in the hair industry.

Most guys think they have dandruff. Why? Because there is a lot of money to be made by telling men that those little flakes are dandruff. For the record guys, dandruff is clinically associated with a fungus and is usually accompanied by excessively oily scalp.

Those dry, itchy little flakes you might be getting are DHT, a male hormone that is excreted through the scalp. If not properly exfoliated, DHT can choke off the follicles and make the hair thin and weak.

It's not enough just to exfoliate and cleanse, the scalp needs to be toned as well. There are many great shampoos and conditioners to be found in the salon but rarely do they exfoliate and tone the scalp. That's why we've created JOE Shampoos and Conditioner. By utilizing natural & organic ingredients blended with essential oils, we've created 3 distinct shampoo formulas and one incredible weightless toning conditioner.

Daily Shampoo is formulated for normal to oily hair and employs mild surfactants to cleanse and exfoliate while apple cider vinegar acts as a ph balancing toner. A simple, effective and gentle way to achieve optimum results.

Thickening Shampoo for fine and thinning hair utilizes organic barley and hops (beer to you and me). Similar to our daily formula, the addition of these natural sugars back fills the hair cuticle and fattens things up a bit. The coolest part of this formula is that unlike most thickening shampoos, it won't make your hair dry or brittle.

Sensitive Shampoo is formulated for sensitive or problem scalps and contains no sulfates that can irritate. Instead we use coconut oils to gently cleanse. Though the lather won't be large and fulsome, if you've got a tender scalp prone to irritation, you can't beat this formula for optimal scalp health. It's color safe too.

Daily Conditioner is not like any conditioner you've used before. It adds a healthy shine and strengthens the hair shaft without making your hair flat or fly away. It tones the scalp, in particular the hair follicle, and helps to stimulate circulation.

So there you have it. It's all about choice. Think it all sounds too good to be true? Use the JOE system for 2 weeks & if you're not convinced we'll give you your money back. It's that simple.

Brigid O'Connor 2004 Photo by Jeffrey Hines Hair by Karen M. Shelton Hair Accessory by Karin's Garden All Rights Reserved

Working at has provided Brigid with opportunities to try many different products for her fine hair which she only washes "every other day or so".

After much experimenting with a variety of hair care products from many of the lines she has found she achieves the best consistent results for her hair with Rene Furterer Fioravanti Volumizing shampoo "which creates fabulous softness and shine with lots of volume".

In the past she has also used Rene Furterer Tonucia Shampoo for Fine & Limp Hair

Brigid liked the Tonucia because it "softens and leaves her hair fuller". Although she achieved great results with Tonucia she is currently "loving the Fioravanti".

Brigid does not dilute the Fioravanti shampoo but does get her hair wet (with lukewarm water) before pouring a little shampoo into her hands to mix with water.

Once suds are formed she gently drizzles it over her head and pats it into her strands.

Because her hair is fine and she wants lots of volume, Brigid avoids using any rinse-out conditioners which can often wear fine strands down. To generate her normal dazzling shine Brigid often finishes with a cool to cold water rinse.

Brigid towel blots her tresses as much as possible to remove excess water and drippage. Once her hair is partially air dried she applies John Frieda Daily Nourishment Leave-in conditioning spray which works to impart softness and block frizz. Brigid reported she "loves the John Frieda Daily Nourishment because it is very light and doesn't weigh her hair down at all".

Brigid O'Connor 2004 Photo by Jeffrey Hines Hair by Karen M. Shelton Hair Accessory by Karin's Garden All Rights Reserved

Note: Another product that helps nourish without weighing the hair down is Tonucia No Rinse Fortifying and Densifying Treatment.

The John Frieda product was specifically created as a spray formula to guarantee that it is very light and will not weight fine tresses down at all. Brigid has found many similar leave-in conditioning products are just too heavy for her fine tresses.

After applying the Daily Nourishment product Brigid blow dries her strands bent over at the waist.

She uses a "large round brush that is approximately 3" in diameter". When her hair is "mostly dry" she finishes by directly the air flow of her blow dryer down the shaft of her hair to add shine.

Although Brigid has a natural shine to her hair, if you want to crank up the shimmer a bit, consider using a tiny spritz of Rene Furterer Spray Gloss sprayed into the palms of your hands and lightly wiped over the top of your finished style.

Hair Accessories

Brigid is a classic beauty who loves beautiful hair accessories.


Everyone is unique and deserves to follow the best path for their hair. Life is too short to suffer with hair care products that go against your true comfort hair zone. So go out there and find the products that gives you true joy.

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