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Men's Fashion Scoops - Cashmere Scarves


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One of the best things about being obsessed with fashion is the opportunity to constantly learn new things. Recently I spent two days trolling through endless booths at a men's accessory show. I had already mastered the art of women's fashion, accessory, bridal and prom shows but men's fashion?

I must admit I am a big sucker for a man in a hot suit with a crisp shirt and a sizzling tie. In fact, truth be told, in my wilder days, I used to accessories some of my wilder outfits with men's ties. Some of the ties I sweet talked off my male friends. I also would beg, borrow and yes, shamelessly steal a variety of men's accessories from my dad, brother and guy of the moment.

I was thrilled the minute I stepped off the elevator and found myself surrounded by racks of suits, rows of shoes, boots, hats and belts. There was also the random booth with men's fragrance, tuxedos and a dizzying array of newsboy, bowler and Stetson hats.

Luckily I managed to score a buyer's guide to all the various booth complete with a map and a list of lines each vendor was hawking.

I made a beeline for a showroom overflowing with eye popping cashmere scarves, socks, sweaters, vests, soft adjustable hats and gloves. The rep was friendly, unlike some of the other reps who eyed me suspiciously when I asked questions about stingray belts and how to guarantee that a person ordering newsboy caps can be assured a perfect fit over the Internet or through a catalog. No, I never got an answer I felt comfortable with on the men's cap mystery.

I have always loved cashmere because of its amazing texture and look. It can instantly dress up an elegant suit, a fabulous overcoat or even add instant edge to a more casual sweater and slacks. The cashmere rep confided that they gorgeous 100% cashmere scarves now come in more feminine colors because many women steal their guy's scarves.

Hmmmm, that explained the swatches in hot pink and turquoise blue. In fact, since history indicates that more women buy cashmere for their guys then the guys themselves, it is not surprising that the women want to buy a scarf for themselves when they spring for that fabulous cashmere item for their men.

Origins Of Cashmere

The cashmere dealer was very informative. He explained that the first cashmere accessories for men originated in the foothills of Inner Mongolia but ultimately were created by the highly talented spinners in Scotland. 100% cashmere originated from the coats of goats whose coats are combed in the Spring to produce raw cashmere.

Some great slimming hair style tricks include:

A. Cashmere scarves are usually available in standard sizes, large and small. They may or may not have fringe along the end.

B. Cashmere scarves are available in double sided designs that consist of two complementary or contrasting colors.

C. Cashmere scarves should always be dry cleaned and never landered at home. I specifically asked the dealer if the scarves could be cleaned with a dry

D. Avoid a center part if you wish to slenderize a round face or overly full cheeks.

E. Focus on your best facial feature such as eyes, cheekbones, lips or skin tone. If you highlight your best features you will deflect attention away from problem areas. The right bangs will minimize large foreheads and make eyes pop.


This dressy style is romantic, fun and flirtatious. It works beautifully with any type of chic, edgy fashions.

This hairdo can be toned down or glammed up depending on individual tastes. Attach any desired hair accessory. Remember to always attach accessories last after all styling products have been applied to avoid damaging delicate accessories.

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