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Loving Long Hair Over 40


Sandra Bullock Over 40 & Lovely With Long Brunette Tresses

More Magazine is famous for addressing questions about beauty, hair and fashion for women past 40. Not only do they take on the hard questions, they do it with class and integrity.

In the February 2006 issue of More, real women over 40 who were loving their long locks were interviewed.

The long haired subjects of the pioneering More feature shared their own personal stories about why they loved having long hair and how it enriched their lives.

Each of the women who were interviewed had very specific reasons why they loved their long hair but all of them shared similar motivations including the following:

1. Refusal to follow trends

Vicki, a 49 year old stay-at-home mom explained "as a child, I always wanted long hair, but would succumb to the look of the moment. Every time I'd cut it, I'd regret it."

She stated "now that I'm older and more confident, I refuse to follow trends." Vicki told More "my hair is a big part of who I am."

Vicki's not alone. Many people with long hair, regardless of their age, sex or race feel the same way and refuse to wear their hair a certain length or style because of trends.

2. Wearing long hair as a personal signature

Sandra Bullock Over 40 & Lovely With Long Brunette Tresses

Linda, a 44 year old professional in Washington, D.C., admitted she cut her long hair off when she was pregnant and her hormones got the best of her. Once her hair grew back she was hooked and confessed "when I got to Capitol Hill, I didn't consider cutting it. Even though the dress code is pretty conservative here. I have the longest hair in my office, but it's my signature."

She explained to More "my hair helps my personality come through even when I'm dressed in tailored suits."

Linda mixes it up with highlights every few months because "it makes my hair feel thicker" and she had "a few layers cut around my face, but this is as short as I'll go."

Linda's mom who is in "her seventies, still wears her hair long" as part of her own signature. It's no surprise her daughter is so attached to her own long locks.

3. Embracing a feeling of freedom and authenticity

Birgit is a 45 flight attendant who told More "I love the feeling of freedom and authenticity my long gray hair gives me." Not only do many men love women with longer tresses Birgit said they are often drawn to her gray strands.

The beautiful European (born in Germany) said "It's funny, but when it started turning gray, I noticed younger guys asking me out. They're (the younger men) are more open to different ideals of beauty than men in our generation.

Sandra Bullock Over 40 & Lovely With Long Brunette Tresses

Birgit does experience a downside to have long gray strands. She told More Magazine "The worst part about my hair is walking into salons and being told I should cut and color it. That's when I turn and walk right out the door."

4. Feeling confident while avoiding pressure to look younger

Although Sarah is a full time law student (at the time of the article) at 41 she initially felt people would judge her long hair as her attempt to long younger.

She noted "when I turned 40 I worried that if I didn't cut my hair, people would think I was trying to look young. I'm so glad I got over that."

But Sarah has "had long hair my entire life, and have loved it on celebrities like Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sonia Braga and the legendary Veronica Lake-who inspired my look."

Sarah noticed the "twenty-something women in my law school class putting their hair up in ponytails or buns for the courtroom. I think that's silly." She noted "I don't feel I have to pin my hair up to look like I know the law."

Obviously if you have limited funds you may want to pass on major hair color changes which require ongoing maintenance. Instead of full highlights opt for partial highlights and/or lowlights which will save money, but still give you a chic look.

5. Releasing the inner rebel

Sandra Bullock Over 40 & Lovely With Long Brunette Tresses

Teruko was the 47 year old winner of the 2004 More Model Search. She had very long dark naturally curly tresses and confessed "I've had this same big Working Girl hairstyle snce high school, except for a few years ago when, on a whim, I got an ear-length bob. I immediately felt like I'd lost my identity, and I missed my curls terribly. I'm a rebel when it comes to rules like cutting your hair at 40."

She told More "why follow a trend when you can start one of your own? My hair is surprisingly low maintenance."

For modeling auditions in L.A. Teruko lets her hair "air-dry and pull it into a ponytail. At New York auditions, the longer and fluffier my hair, the more callbacks I get. My hair has a personality of its own and usually makes for great conversation-except at the movies, when I hear sighs of dismay from behind me after I sit down!"


Who says women have to cut their hair when they turn 40? Not More Magazine or five of their gorgeous long tressed readers.

Angelina Jolie

Over the last ten years admiration for long hair on women at any age has increased. As flight attendant Birgit noted, younger men not only are attracted to her long tresses, they are intriqued by her gray hues. Certainly a good sign for recommendation of beautiful hair regardless of the length at any age.

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