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Long, Curly, Thick Hairstyles


Thick, naturally curly or wavy long hair can offer challenges when it comes to creating new styles. While it is always an option to apply a straightening gel or product and blow dry your hair straight, sometimes it is also nice to just wear your hair long and curly. The first style to the side is from one of my favorite books, The Five Minute Hair Stylist by Christine Moodie. Unfortunately this great little book is out of print. However, this Ringlets & Roses style is just one example of how Ms. Moodie suggests new styles for long, thick curly and wavy locks.

Creating Ringlets & Roses Style

silverbutterflyclip100.jpg (2506 bytes)To create this style use your fingers to lift hair up on one side of the head and smooth with your fingers, a pick or a comb. After the curls have been smoothed but is not too tight to avoid bumps, slide a thick barrette into this section of the hair and secure it across the head. If you like, add a liquid curl definer and carefully apply it along the lengths of your curls to give a shiny glossy appearance. Add a gardenia, rose or carnation or a few tiny rhinestone jeweled clips. Be creative.

The result is that you hair is pulled up and behind one ear with the rest of your curls cascading down around one shoulder. This style is very romantic and is perfect for a little black beaded dress.

Putting Long Thick Curly Hair Into An Updo

This Edwardian Updo is also from Christine Moodie's book The Five Minute Stylist and it is elegant yet simple to create.

To create this style gather all of your curly or wavy hair into a ponytail at the middle of the crown. Hold the ponytail with one hand and wrap the end of the ponytail around the hand and then pull the hair through to create a big fat knot. When the hair is pulled through tuck the ends into the middle and secure the bun with some thick pins.

Again you have the option to add a liquid curl definer and carefully apply it along the lengths of your curls to give a shiny glossy appearance.

Another option is to add a partial knot and let the rest of the curls or waves flow down your back. To create a partial knot simply take a section of hair from above the ear, bring it up and twist it around and pull through to make a knot. Tuck the ends of the hair in and secure with pins to hold the knot securely on your head. If you like you can make two separate knots. that are evenly spaced at the back of the crown.

Direct From The Fashion Runways

I always look at all the latest fashion books to see what direction hairstyles are moving in. The recent Spring/Summer 2000 Pret-A-Porter Show had very few styles that were appropriate for long, thick curly hair. However, Michael Kors and Anna Sui did provide some gorgeous models with long, thick, curly and wavy styles.

Michael Kors pulled the top hair into a sleek, smooth crown with all the curls pulled to one side so that they cascaded down the shoulder and across the chest.

The Kors look was modified with the addition of tight scarves, headbands and barrettes. However, all the models with thick, long curly or wavy locks that were featured in the Kors show had their hair pulled to one side.

To create this look simply pull all the hair to one side and use either a thick clip, barrette or a series of hairpins to secure so that the curls cascade down your shoulders.

To control the curly top, smooth the curls back and add a scarf or headband.

The Michael Kors show featured several models with very thick, long and curly or wavy hair with a variety of different scarves and headbands to hold the hair back from the face and focus it to one side. This is an easy but elegant look.

Corn Rows, Curls & Crimps

The Image Hair Group in Dusseldorf created this mixture of textures for thick, curly, long hair. The hair at the very front of the crown was divided into tiny sections from the front and made into tiny cornrows. They corn rows were then carefully pinned at the crown. The remaining curls were either straightened or crimped to form a fan of bunches of hair that flowed out at the sides and in the back. This is an unusual style that is a bold and daring look. This look says "wild and untamed.

Believe it or not, this style was created from long tight thick curls.

Each set of tight curls were separated out and then backcombed to create a huge fully texture with masses of volume. This look was created by Peter Cornwell in London.

Although this look gives long thick curls a fluffy look, it takes a long time to create and should not be done on a regular basis since regular backcombing could potentially harm the hair.

Classic Prom/Wedding Ringlet Style

tendrils200H.jpg (3993 bytes)This style shown to the side is a classic Prom & Wedding ringlet style. To easily create this style follow the instructions listed below:

1. Pull all the hair smoothly and tightly into a ponytail that rests midway up the head from the nape of the neck. 2. Use a "hair friendly" elastic band the same color as your hair to hold the ponytail.

3. Separate the ponytail hair into individual strands that are 1-2 inches in width. 4. Arrange your natural curls into ringlets. If you want to form the curls you can also use a curling iron of heated rollers. 5. If you use a curling iron or curlers remove the iron or rollers after they have cooled off. 6. Let the curls cool completely. 7. Arrange the curls carefully so that they cascade down the neck. 8. Pull small ringlets are out from the ponytail along the hairline for a more romantic effect. 10. Use a small curling iron to create springy curls.

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