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Linda Wang 2006

Time flies madly by and I often am shocked to discover that something that happened "only yesterday" was actually years ago. Such was the case when I recently caught up with the very beautiful and talented Asian American actress and hair celebrity - Linda Hsien Wang.

I couldn't believe that it had been over six years since Linda and I had a great interview about her acting career, the fantastic Pantene ads that she shot and her goals to move to California to pursue more film roles.

I was thrilled to receive an email from the busy and very charming actress with her latest phone number and a note to give her a call to "catch up". I picked up the phone and managed to snag a few minutes of her very busy time.

While Linda has enjoyed lots of success with a variety of roles, including appearing on a recent episode of my favorite TV show on Fox - House - she is still working hard to find more challenging roles that test her acting muscle.

Linda's Hair Transitions

Linda Wang 2006

Courtesy of Linda Wang - All Rights Reserved.

One of the first reasons I was initially excited about the tremendous opportunity to chat with Linda in 2000 was because she had been a very well-known Pantene shampoo model.

Of course she was selected for that honor because she has the most breathtakingly beautiful long opal black tresses that cascade into soft shimmering sheets past the middle of her back.

The former Miss Teen Pola Asia (1991) is very petite with sensational skin and big expressive dark eyes. No wonder she won beauty titles in the past.

When I originally chatted with Linda her hair was to the middle of her back and "very very healthy".

One of the first things I asked the lovely Linda was about her hair. After all, this is She reported that even with all her various acting roles her hair is still "very healthy" and "very long". The only difference is that "it has a lot of layers now compared to the way it was back in 2000".

Pursing Acting With Passion And Intensity

Linda Wang 2006

When I chat with Linda I am always impressed with her maturity and intense passion for pursuing her acting craft.

The lovely Linda has a beautiful yet husky voice that is unique. Not many young Asian American actresses can communicate so magnificently in both English and Chinese like Linda.

Linda is truly fluent in Mandarin Chinese and is able to read and write the Chinese language with ease. Even Hong Kong actor Tony Leong had to learn to pronounce Mandarin correctly from Linda when he took on a Chinese commercial with the beautiful and talented actress. It turns out that Tony, who is a magnificent actor, speaks Mandarin Chinese with a Cantonese accent.

Linda is poised to explode as an acting force in China since Hollywood is becoming a major point of interest for the Chinese people (who reside across the Pacific Ocean). Linda is Asian American but she is not another Lucy Liu, Michelle Yeo, ZiZi Zhang or Sandra Oh. She is very special in her own right.

Linda Wang 2006

Besides her passion for acting, Linda has iron determination. The actress, born under the Venus ruled sign of Libra doesn't take her beauty (or spectacular silky tresses) for granted. In fact, she takes absolutely nothing for granted.

The actress is always pushing the envelope from every single angle trying to reach her goals of snagging that special part that will allow her to display her tremendous acting talents.

As the story goes, Linda recently gently convinced a commercial casting director to alter the role of a Caucasian couple's friend to Asian American. As she was filming the project in San Diego, she tearfully thanked the producers for their willingness to embrace the innovative and non-traditional casting.

Which proves my point that she never gives up and approaches all opportunities with humbleness and a great sense of humor.

Since I first met Linda six years ago I have been constantly impressed by her willingness to turn over ever possible rock that might lead to a producer or director's attention or consideration of her for a role. Meanwhile she is constantly working to fine tune the craft that she has dedicated her life to pursuing.

On An Acting Journey

Linda Wang 2006

Linda moved to Los Angeles, to pursue her craft full time. She continues to live in the LA area taking all the right steps every single day to make those right connections. She calls, she writes, she emails and she knocks on tons of doors Linda constantly demonstrates determination, true personal grit and focus on her career) which is why she has already snagged some impressive acting gigs in her career where her spectacular acting talents have been recognized.

Career Progression

Linda Wang is young woman with her eye on the ultimate prize. She is passionate about her desire to be a very busy actress and to be cast in roles that allow her to show off her tremendous talent. She is professional to a fault, taking her work with deadly seriousness.

Linda Wang Playboy On Demand Photo by Tronic/Kevin Hinds/Pat Shaver Playboy Enterprises 2006

And Linda's career is definitely progressing in all the right directions. Last season she played a harried mother of a very ill son on the Fox hit House. On 8 Simple Rules she played the speed date of comic David Spade. She also nailed her character on Deadwood when she was imprisoned in a wooden cage.

Recently she appeared in "That's Our Jane" a movie for Jane Magazine. Because of her beauty and acting talent, she is sought after for both print and televised ad work.

Linda's perfect hands were selected for the Box Cover of Mattel Toy's Scrabble which is sold world wide.

She also recently completed a promo for Playboy Enterprises.


Linda Wang is a young woman with her eye on the ultimate prize. She is passionate about her desire to be an working actress - to be cast in roles that allow her to show off her tremendous talent. She is professional to a fault, taking her work with deadly seriousness.

Linda is one of those acting professionals that understands the landscape in Hollywood and is prepared to do whatever it takes to continue working.

I am always awed and impressed by this woman's tremendous discipline, unwavering focus and intense determination to achieve her goals in her acting career.

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Original Publication Date: 07/24/2006 - Revised Date: 09/09/10

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