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Kelly Ripa: Blonde Hair & Dumb As A Fox


When The Donald (Trump) recently wed his third wife in a world class extravaganza, the guest list was literally overflowing with a dizzying array of A list celebrities. Included in the list was none other than the bubbly blonde and always beautiful, Kelly Ripa.

(Image from ABC Hope And Faith - ABC/Bob D'Amico - all rights reserved)

Whether you love her or not, there is no denying that Kelly Ripa has ascended to the very top of her profession as an actress and talk show hostess. Inclusion with the very best of the celebrity world at the Trump wedding explains in a nutshell the vast popularity and success of America's current morning talk show sweetheart and nighttime sitcom star.

Kelly - Modern Day Hair Icon

Kelly is also a well-known hair icon. During her reign on All My Children, the blonde beauty, who has confirmed to the media that her tresses are "naturally blonde" was famous in the soap media for having "great soap opera tresses". It really isn't all that surprising since Kelly has been quoted In Soap Opera Weekly as saying that she was nicknamed "Barbie" when she was in high school, because of her blonde kewpie doll looks.

When Kelly and her hubby Mark Consuelos were co-presenters at the 2002 Daytime Emmy awards, Kelly captured media notice by wearing a coiffure bursting with luscious lemony curls.

Pantene also took notice of Kelly's fabulous soap opera strands and cast her in a popular series of ads for the consumer focused hair care line. In her Pantene commercial Kelly tells her millions of fans “you can condition your hair and have a makeover”

Some of her other hair related kudos over the years have included being named #19 in E! For Top 25 Blondes and being ranked by Marie Claire magazine as having The Best Long Cut on their Ten Best TV HairStyles To steal. Kelly won the title of Best Long Cut because her style "is really universal" for anyone with hair that falls below the shoulders.

Heck, there is even a wig designed to look just like Kelly's hair. It is called the Kendall #1220 - Color #26 (For more details visit International Wig)

It makes sense that the gorgeous blonde would win awards for her buttery locks, which are reportedly cared for, by New York celebrity hairdresser Oscar Blondi. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Natasha Richardson are also clients of Blondi who is has become famous for snipping his teeny tiny trademark "O" into the backs of his client's heads as a form of a hairdressing trademark.

Kelly - Live Wire On Regis

Since February 2001 Kelly has reigned as the sassy, funny and sweet sidekick of the popular Live! With Regis And Kelly.

If you watch the show, not only will you be amazed at how incredibly hilarious Kelly can be, you might have caught the now famous food fight that erupted as a result of Kelly accidentally squirting ketchup in Phibin's eye. Regis, retaliated by decorating Kelly's tresses with gooey mustard. Access Hollywood reporter, Billy Bush, on hand to preserve the Ripa Mustard Hair moment for history, joined in and dumped spaghetti and meatballs on top of the mustard strands.

As if hanging with Reege every morning isn't demanding enough, Kelly also stars in the hilarious Hope in ABC's Faith And Hope sitcom with Faith Ford (Murphy Brown) and Ted McGinley.

Juggling the daytime Regis show with the ABC nighttime sitcom, the 35 year old Libran (October 2, 1970) still finds time to be a fabulous mom to her three adorable kids (Michael, Lola and Joaquin) and devoted wife to hunky actor Mark Consuelos (Married in1996).

(Image from ABC Hope And Faith - ABC/Bob D'Amico - all rights reserved).

Kelly - Live Wire On Regis

Ironically Kelly and Mark met on All My Children when her character, Hayley Vaughan, arrived on AMC in 1990 wearing a long black spikey wig (an Elvira clone), met and eventually married Mateo Santos. The handsome Mateo was played by none other than actor Mark Consuelos. Art imitated real life on the soap when Kelly and Mark married off camera one year before their characters married onscreen to record viewer numbers.

During the twelve years that she was on AMC Kelly reigned supreme, winning many awards and the undying love of her fans, before leaving in 2002 in order to star as Faith Fairfield in Hope and Faith for the 2003 Season.

The perpetually busy Kelly also makes guest appearances in a mind boggling list of Tinseltown events such as the Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade (2002, 2003 and 2004) Saturday Night Life and the round of late night talk shows. Recently she lent her famous voice to the character of Kurrin in the animated production of Delgo.

She even managed to "guest star" on the current version of the Bachelorette #3 with Jen Schefft in the episode where the Men Tell All. NYC attorney, Stu (Stuart Lopoten, 27), who was known on the show as Jen's "stalker" even mentioned that he had won the unwelcome attention of Kelly Ripa and hoped that "all was good with Kelly" at this point. Stu even looked into the camera and said "I love you Kelly" near the end of his interview on stage.

Celebrity Tresses

It's mind boggling how Kelly manages to juggle all of her endless professional and personal responsibilities while always looking perfectly coiffed, made up and fashionable.

(Image from ABC Hope And Faith - ABC/Bob D'Amico - all rights reserved)

Although Kelly hasn't been shy about changing her hair color and style for her many different acting roles, for her current character on Hope and Faith she looks spectacular in a shoulder skimming blunt cut that has lots of layering incorporated into the overall style, as well as to the ends.

Her current gorgeous blonde hue is the result of a multi-dimensional color with much lighter buttery blonde strands on top and darker strands underneath. If you look closely you can spot the subtle streaking throughout that is created with slightly lighter and darker hues to give her blonde locks a very natural sunny look.

In the past Kelly has gone darker blonde and even brunette when an acting role required that she do so. Truth be known, her fans love her as a blonde. During her guest host appearance on Saturday Night Live in late 2003 Kelly morphed into her own version of Angelina Jolie complete with long dark locks. Her hilarious portrayal of the sultry dark haired actress confirmed that Kelly really looks more fabulous as a blonde.

Spoofing A Hair Commercial

She also did a spoof of a famous hair commercial which was called Tressant Supreme and was humorously touted as keeping her hair shiny with cocaine.

In reality, Kelly worries about what she puts on her hair, especially when she's pregnant. Kelly went public about her ban of hair bleach at the time of her first pregnancy with her son Michael, while still on All My Children. Kelly was quoted as saying she felt it (hair color and bleach) had not been conclusively proven whether it was good for the fetus or not. She also gave up all other impurity such as nail polish, smoking, drinking and coffee.

And speaking of Michael, her eldest was known to throw a fit every time he had to accompany mom to the AMC studios. Why? That is where he got his hair cut by one of the onset hairdressers and he absolutely hated it.

While Kelly has been known to wear her tons of finely textured, straight hair parted perfectly down the center, she looks even more stunning with her tresses parted to one side and worn swept over to one side of her face.

(Image from ABC Hope And Faith - ABC/Bob D'Amico - all rights reserved)

Kelly's face shape is a combination of the heart and square. While she has a slightly pronounced chin and wide forehead, her cheekbones are well defined with a hint of squareness.

Not only does a side swept style minimize her wider forehead, it balances her beautiful face and shows off her stunning almond shaped eyes.

Steal Kelly's Hairstyle

Kelly will be the first to tell you that she has a lot of helping looking terrific. She relies on the daily talents of a makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and a hairstylist to put it all together for her.

(Image from Hope & Faith - Hope Couture - Kelly Ripa as Faith in platinum blonde wig - ABC/Eric Liebowitz - all rights reserved).

She has been known to tease that she arrives for work in her PJs and is often unrecognizable to the audiences. Kelly also has makeup and hair experts helping her achieve her gorgeous Faith persona on the sitcom.

In reality, Kelly loves a softer look for her tresses. Even though her strands are finely textured she does have lots and lots of hair.

Whether you have access to a team of professional hairdressers or not, you can still swipe Kelly's celebrity look by asking your own hairdresser to cut your strands into a shoulder length or slightly shorter blunt cut.

Kelly's slowly graduated layers help build in body for hair that is uber long. It also will help prevent thick hair from becoming too puffy. Carefully crafted layers will also remove split ends and damaged strands.

Ideally your hairstylist should create longer layers that extend from the jaw and get longer towards the back of the head. Layering should ideally be heaviest around the sides of the face.

Keep in mind that while this universal and versatile style may work well for most types and textures of hair, it may not be practicable for hair types that are have a lot of natural curls or waves. It is also best suited for hair that falls to the shoulders or below.

Discuss all of your options for copying Kelly's style with your professional hairdresser. With some modifications, Kelly's style should work well for most face shapes and types.

Start With Favorite Hair Care Products

To achieve the bluntly cut, layered style, that Kelly wears on Hope And Faith, start by washing and conditioning your strands with the hair care products that work best for your hair type and texture. When possible, finish with a cool water rinse to help close cuticles and add automatic shine.

Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Apply a good detangling product and work from ends to the roots to remove knots or snarls.

Apply a good leave-in conditioner or heat protector. For extra volume apply a volume enhancing spray or similar product to roots before drying.

Separate strands into 2-3 inch sections. Using a blow dryer with a heat concentrator, dry each individual section using a large round sized real or faux boar's bristle brush.

As you blow dry each individual section, turn ends slightly under to provide bend. For even more volume, blow-dry strand upside down.

When hair is 100% dry, use a 1 1/2" curling iron to touch up ends for a smooth finish. Apply a drop or two or shine product to the palms of your hands. Rub into palms well and then gently brush the palms of your hands over the top of your tresses from roots to ends to distribute a subtle shine.

Although Kelly doesn't wear hair accessories all the time, she has been known to favor small chic accessories that function to keep her strands out of her eyes. She also tends to wear more hair accessories on Hope And Faith. If desired, add the appropriate hair accessory of your choice at the very end of your styling session.

Kelly also said: “I have to put haircolor in my hair, I have to put bleach in my hair, Hair doesn’t like bleach. You have to have a rich thick conditioner. I only trust Pantene Complete Therapy. And it really protects my hair against the things that I do”.

12. Was a regular on the Dance Party USA television show. She was known for always wearing her hair pulled up in a clip with a variety of bows. She also wore bangs that were curled high up on her forehead.


Whether Kelly Ripa is being coiffed by a team of network hairdressers or being branded by Oscar Blondi, she gives new meaning to have great celebrity hair.

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