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Keira Knightley: Cute Short Haircut How To


Keira Knightley

Shorter hair continues to rule both the Red Carpets as well as in hair salons around the world.

Superstar Keira Knightley recently went with a cute short haircut which made headlines. She had several inches cut off her previously longer hair resulting in a sexy, layered chin length bob with a long side-swept fringe.

Why did Keira decide to go with her cute new short haircut? How does her new cut complement her features?

Keira wanted a major change. Her new cute shorter haircut is the right length to show off her gorgeous long neck and her big beautiful features. The choppy layers help to bring out Keira's eyes and soften the textured bob.

Hairstylists report Keira's new short haircut have triggered a rash of requests from their clients to recreate the shorter hairstyle.

Keira's new haircut is just part of the hot new trend which is shoulder length and longer. Many celebs are sporting this trend. Keira is right on with the new hair trend.

Steal Keira's Great Short Haircut:

Keira Knightley

1. The actress has a fabulous hair cut which perfectly flatters her current face shape, hair type & texture.

Not everyone, regardless of their age, will look great with Keira's hair cut. What looks great on one person, may not work for others. Work with your hairdresser to find the perfect hairstyle that works best for your hair's type, texture, color and condition.

2. Keira has great natural texture and volume which helps to balance her face shape giving definition to her jaw line area. To achieve sexy volume start with haircut that enhances fullness and follow up with products, styling tools and techniques that help to pump up the volume.

3. The beautiful Brit's chocolate brunette hair hue is perfect for her skin tone and eye color. Choose the best hair color for your skin and eye tone, lifestyle and desired image.

Work with your professional hair colorist to find the best hue for you and your current image and lifestyle.

How Your Hairstylist Can Create This Great Short Cut

The best way to work with your own hairstylist in achieving a short cut similar to Keira's is to find several photos of her haircut from all angles. The larger the photos you can produce, the better the chance your hairstylist can custom fit it to your hair type, texture, condition, current length, face shape and lifestyle.

Keep in mind that while this hairstyle looks fabulous on Keira this style may or may not work for your hair type and texture, current condition and lifestyle. Be open to working with your professional hairstylist to create a haircut that is most flattering for you and your hair.

How This Hairstyle Might Be Created

Keira Knightley

Most hairstylists prefer to cut hair when it's damp. Some actually prefer to cut on bone dry hair. Regardless whether your hair is cut damp or dry, it will ideally be sectioned down the middle of the head from the hairline to the nape of the neck.

The finished haircut ideally will be slightly shorter in back and bit longer along the sides and in front.

Styling The Haircut

Follow the steps below:

1. Cleanse hair in lukewarm body using products designed for your hair type, texture and current condition. Cleanse using procedures that work best for your hair whether it be full shampoo, diluted shampoo (DS), water only (WO), Conditioner Only (CO), No Poo, Low Poo or a combination.

2. Rinse well and apply appropriate rinse out conditioner from top of ears to the ends. If hair is fine or thin then you may wish to use a very light conditioner. With product on wet hair detangle using fingers or a wide tooth comb.

3. Rinse well and then finish with a cool or cold water wash.

Keira Knightley

4. Towel blot to remove excess water.

5. Apply desired styling cocktail which might include a leave-in conditioner, styling mousse, gel, cream, defrisant or heat protection.

6. When possible allow hair to air dry. Twist individual sections of hair around your fingers to give that tasseled, sexy and modern feel.

7. Finish off with a spritz of light hair spray or apply a drop of shine serum into the palms of your hands and massage well. Lightly brush over the top of your tresses.

8. Change up the look by adding a small high fashion hair clip, bobbies or skinny headband.


Keira is incredibly gorgeous. She serves as a great role model for any women who want to look sexy, sophisticated and stunning by utilizing the best hairstyle, makeup, clothing and accessories to honor their very best style.

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