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John Sahag Hair Makeovers: Renee


Renee Before

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Many people feel like they need a little help creating the perfect hair and makeup. And they're right.

A professional hairdresser will have absolutely no sentimental reasons to encourage you to hang onto that outdated hair style, faded color or raggedy ends.

A master makeover expert will give you an objective opinion and a pair of fresh eyes that can instantly study your face shape, along with your skin and eye tones and determine your very best features to make your dazzle.

Even better, an expert makeover expert will work as part of a team of hair stylists, colors and makeup artists who will work together in unison so that in the end, everything works together to create a hot new look just for you.

Renee Before

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By working in a team concept you have the assurance that there is a common goal to transform you into your very best look that works in harmony with your lifestyle, budget and ultimate vision of who you are.

For many people the concept of a hair makeover conjures up images of major color or cuts. This is very often not the case. Instead, a skilled professional hairstylist may make a dramatic difference by simply working with the existing hues and styles.

Renee During

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By studying face shape, skin tone and other features, a skilled hair master can make a few tweaks that result in maximum benefits with minimal change.

Professional Help

MultiMedia Magazine (MMI) partnered with the world renowned John Sahag Workshop (212-750-7772) in New York City and their team of professional experts to help transform the winners of the MMI Model Makeover Contest. The results were spectacular.


Model Renee (shown above & to the side) visited the fabulous John Sahag Workshop, NYC for a professional makeover that would enhance, rather than dramatically alter, her existing look.

Renee During

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Master stylist Rafael Garcia studied Renee's combo heart/inverted pear shaped face for inspiration.

Renee's tresses were a beautiful natural shade of smoky black. Hoi decided to show off Renee's extraordinary natural hues with a slightly modified style.

The Makeover

Trimming a mere 3/4 inches from around the entire bottom of Renee's strands, Hoi gave the style instant sleekness and flow.

Keeping Renee's face framing side-swept bangs intact, he carefully carved out a few very subtle shaggy layers, angled on both sides to show off Renee's stunning cheekbones.

He also lightly texturized to kick up the ends a tiny bit and give them definition.

Renee During

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Renee After

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The result? A simple style tweaking that resulted in beautiful texture and movement. The new shaggy tresses also played up Renee's naturally glossy color.


Hoi used Kerastase Oleo-Relax on Renee's hair to lightly soften and detangle while turning up the shine levels.

While her hair was still damp, Foi blow dried it with a round brush to shape into a sensual fold of soft strands around her stunning face.

The face framing shape combined with an eyebrow shaping from Bollei's talented Suzanne Hadaszy and a make-up tune-up by the masterful Janet Paolucci gave Renee's eyes and lips a soft and dewy finish.


The key to re-creating this style at home is to choose good products. Use a post-shampoo lightweight, detangling cream rinse like John' Sahag's

Fioravanti Light Weight Detangling Cream designed to remove static electricity, nourish and soften the hair while adding elasticity and shine. This will add to the sleekness of the style and control frizziness as well.

Blow-dry the style with a flat or paddle style brush to get sleek straight strands and then use a round brush for gentle root lift and light flicks on the ends. Add a bit of mousse to help with volume creation.

Apply a tiny bit of styling cream or gel to the bangs and then finger pick to give them that sexy, just tousled style.

Finishing Touches

To add even more color depth, consider using a color enhancing shampoo like those from Mine, Paul Mitchell or Aveda. Or if you prefer ask your hair care professional about Goldwell's Colorance Color 'n Care Conditioner and Color Styling Mousse in a complimentary color.

Add a dab of shine with John Sahag Revitalizing Drops which is a lightweight liquid shine designed specifically to renew the texture of any type of hair.

To Schedule Your Own Makeovers

If you love this makeover and would love to experience your own personal transformation, call the John Sahag Workshop in New York City for an appointment (212-750-7772).

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More About John Sahag Workshop

The late John Sahag (2005) was an Internationally known and beloved hair artist for more than 30 years starting his career at the tender age of 16. John was renowned for his "dry cut" which today is used by many hairdressers around the world.

In 1985 John opened The John Sahag Workshop in New York City with the purpose of "creating an oasis away from the frenetic pace of New York life". His goal was to erase the "edginess" of urban livigin and to revive the energy of every man and woman entering into his Workshop space.

The ultimate goal of The John Sahag Workshop which still exists in the present time is to make sure that every person who leaves the salon is enhanced, refreshed and invigorated. Although the great hairdresser has passed on, his vision and work are still practiced today by those great hairdressers that are still involved with the John Sahag Workshop.

Sahag took pride in his work and all those that worked for him. Affectionately calling his colleagues "his kids" he created a masterful team of experts including resident stylist Gabriel Saba, Karmela Lozina, Mayumi Honda, Rafael Garcia, Daniel Garza and Thomas Clancy as well as colorists Frank Reina and Santino N. Acquista. They continue John's legacy everyday.

Each client is treated individually and as unique as a fingerprint.

John Sahag Workshop is located at 425 Madison Avenue #2, New York, NY. 10017

Color: Frank Reina Stylist: Rafael Garcia Makeup: Flora Kay Face Shape: Long Hair Type: Thick and Course Color: Took her medium brown hue and lightened it up adding highlights and lowlights to create dimension and contrast.

Cut: Remove extra weight from her thickness and made her face more oval.

Products: John Sahag 3D Volumizing Gel miraculously invisible holding gel with specials powers that can create the most extreme or the most versatile of styles.

John Sahag Revitalizing Drops - lightweight liquid shine that renews the texture of any type of hair.


Ken also advises people to consider not washing your hair daily, or washing at night and air drying to avoid damage and drying that can come from excessive washing and blow drying. For more information on Ken Paves, his namesake salon, and products, call 1-866-469-4247.

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