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Jessica Simpson's Hair Truths & The Beauty Beneath


Jessica Simpson 7-15-06

I have had the tremendous blessing to meet Jessica Ann Simpson on two different occasions over a four year span of time. In both cases I was in her presence for a period of days.

I first met Jess (along with her celeb hairdresser Ken Paves) in Dallas, Texas in July during the sizzling hot summer of 2002.

She was there for a Seventeen magazine shoot and to perform for a special related Seventeen grand opening event.

During our first encounter I was within just a few feet of her for what amounted to a period of 2 1/2 days. I was stunned at how incredibly beautiful, sweet, soft spoken and shy she was in person.

As a result of observing her closely I became one of her biggest fans and developed total respect for what she had to deal with as a star.

That was before she really became a major A list celebrity. After that first encounter with her in Dallas, her career literally exploded and she became a household name, adored by fans around the world. Her Newlyweds MTV reality show was a major turning point.

I kept up with Jessica's career through her hairdresser Ken Paves who is also a very dear man, a brilliant hairstylist and all around great person. I know I am probably babbling but he is honestly a saint in my book. He has done so much for me that I can't begin to share everything in this short article.

Over the years he would fill me on Jessica's latest career activities from the view of how he was styling her hair. I literally have stacks of notes in my files from those snatched conversations. As much as possible I have reported many of this strictly hair related stories and episodes here at You only have to go to the section dedicated to Ken Paves to know how special he is to me and how much we have worked together over the past few years.

Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson

Last year I went through the most traumatic experience of my life with the unexpected tragic death of my beloved husband, best friend and business partner. Felled by a sudden massive heart attack, the kind, brilliant and spectacular man who had been part of my heart and soul for 25 years was suddenly gone.

Even though I was holding his hand as he lay dying in the ER, I was powerless to do anything to save him and keep him with me. The unbelievable depths of grief that I experienced were completely indescribable, even for a passionate writer like myself. At that moment my life, as I knew it, changed forever.

While my family and dear friends were there for me during the tragedy, so was Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson. In a totally unexpected but incredibly kind, unselfish and loving gesture, Ken and Jessica invited me to a top secret, closed photo shoot (no press but me), in Hollywood. As Ken explained it, "he and Jessica both understood my pain and wanted to invite me, as their special guest". They both felt "getting away for a short time and focusing on something other than my grief would help me heal". How right they were. Both Ken and Jessica compassionately welcomed me with open arms and provided TLC for my broken heart and fractured soul.

Jessica Simpson 7-15-06

Trust me, two of the best human beings on this Earth live in Beverly Hills California and are named Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. They both had a very special hand in helping me heal some of my deepest pain and sadness from my traumatic loss.

As long as I have breath in my body I will not forget their loving, comforting gestures during such an immensely challenging time in my life. It's easy for people to be kind during the good times, but it is much harder to be there for someone during the bad.

So what is Jessica Simpson really like in person without the cameras? Truthfully? To sum it up, she is a really special person who just happens to be incredibly beautiful. In fact, in the four years since I last saw her, Jessica has matured into an absolute goddess. I witnessed her completely au natural with tousled hair and no makeup. She was absolutely dazzling. After the brilliant hair styling by Ken and the skillful hand of her make-up artist Mary Phillips she was so resplendent it was almost surreal.

Photos and live cameras only capture a small percentage of her real radiance. My own private theory is that Jessica's incredible external beauty radiates from deep inside her heart and soul, which cameras may not capture as easily. This spectacular person is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is truly a kind, loving, gentle person who really does adore babies, small children and animals. Her dog Daisy is a total delight bursting with an impish charm and adorable face. Jessica showers Daisy with infinite love, devotion and care.

Jessica Simpson is not involved in Operation Smile or her other charities because it offers great photo ops. The woman has more photo ops than she knows what to do with. No, Jess is sincerely dedicated to highlighting the plight of the Operation Smile children. And Ken Paves is the same way. Which is just one of the many reasons why the two of them are the very best friends in the world. They are cut from the same cloth. And speaking of clothes - both of them would give the clothes off their backs to someone in need.

Jessica Simpson

Since we're speaking of photo ops, regardless of what you've heard or read, Jessica Simpson is a true lady who is always polite, gracious and the consummate professional.

Unfortunately, as her fame has accelerated so have the number of frenzied photographers and paparazzi that literally stalk her 24/7. Those close calls you hear about with photographers swarming to dangerous levels are fact and not fiction. I have witnessed them firsthand and they can be incredibly frightening. Imagine being the focus of the swarm. Jess is the non-stop target.

Besides her elegant charm, boundless good heart, alluring beauty and caring traits, the woman is a world class major talent. She is also well read and very intelligent (the dumb blonde persona is truly an act) and so much fun with a fabulous sense of humor. When I heard her sing four years ago I was covered in goose bumps for the entire length of her live concert. Ken was right there next to me supporting his friend (and long time client) during her performance.

If you ever have a chance to see this magnificent performer in a live concert do not miss it. Jessica gives her all to her fans. Everyone at listens to Jessica's CDs on a daily basis over our sound system since she was unanimously voted to be placed (for life) in our list of most favorite artists in the company's IPOD library.

Ironically the famous blonde superstar was born under the astrological sign of Cancer along with her Moon, which is her Sun's ruler. That makes her a "double" Cancer with multiplies the emotional punch and endless compassion she was born with. According to her mom's (Tina Simpson) recollection of her birth time, Jessica was born under the ascending sign of Scorpio. In some regards her chart reminds me of another famous and much beloved blonde Cancerian celebrity - Princess Diana of England. Isn't it interesting that Princess Di was thrust into the limelight due to her marriage to Prince Charles, just as Jessica became instantly famous after her wedding.

Her double Cancer planetary positions combined with her Scorpio ascendant would tend to make Jess shy, retiring and an extremely private person. I can not even fathom how she survived her stint on the Newylweds under non-stop camera watch. Even more amazing I often ponder how she manages to survive the constant and unrelenting assault on her life and privacy while still being able to smile and maintain her grace, elegance and charm. Cancers are naturally very sensitive. I can say that as matter of fact since I share both Jessica's sun sign and rising sing.

Jessica Simpson 7-15-06

While they often don't show when their feelings have been hurt, Cancers like Jessica, feel the wounds very deeply when they occur. Yet she continues to smile on the outside, not willing to ever disappoint her fans.

I seriously can't begin to imagine how this lovely goddess survives the constant barrage of pressure and criticism about everything from the hair on her head to the color of nail polish she wears. Can you imagine having the world criticize you because you wore the wrong shade of lipstick or gained a pound? How ghastly would that be?

Jessica was destined to be a superstar based on her chart and she has instinctively known that her destiny for this lifetime was to bring joy and happiness to others through her incredible voice and her charitable actions.

I know from first hand experience that this lovely young woman is as polite as she is stunning. I know of specific instances where she has gone out of way to avoid hurting her fans or the people around her. Unfortunately, when constantly exposed to reporters who are desperate for even the tiniest tidbit of Jessica Simpson buzz, so many completely false and ridiculous things are written and reported about her under the guise of "reliable sources" and "hearsay".

Although she may appear soft and somewhat fragile, this woman is truly a superstar who can turn it on and off for her fans. She is the proverbial iron fist in the velvet glove who is incredibly strong to her core. Jessica is a survivor. She has learned to lean on the loving support of her beloved family and loyal friends who include the fiercely loyal and devoted Ken Paves and her sister Ashlee.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica is a very spiritual person who lets her deep faith support and guide her through trying times. It is a source of her ability to be strong and keep performing and giving back to her fans, regardless of what is happening in her personal life.

It doesn't surprise me that Jessica has told the media that she hopes to adopt children someday. Cancer is the sign of motherhood and Jessica would be the most incredible mother in the world.

Don't believe that she would do it for any other reason that to share her boundless love and kindness with those that were less fortunate.

Forget everything that you have ever read about Jessica Simpson that is negative. If you don't know her or have had the chance to meet her in person, please know that she cares deeply for people, wants to give her very best to her fans and is not a diva by any stretch of the imagination.

Whatever happens in her private and personal life should never be probed or dissected. Her privacy should be respected as others would want their privacy honored. After all, how many people would be able to sleep peacefully knowing that a 24 hour team of papparrizi was camped outside her front door?

When she is performing she gives 100% to her fans and audience and that is something everyone should care about because she herself cares deeply.


Some day in history I predict that Jessica Simpson will be beloved as one of the superstars of our times much like Marilyn, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana. She is just getting starting and I have no doubt that she will reach the top of any mountain that she is determined to climb. I for one am blessed to have met the real Jessica "behind the scenes" in this lifetime.

I am also very blessed to have met and had the honor to work with Ken Paves, the other half of this superstar team. Both Ken and Jessica are two of the best people I have had the opportunity to meet in this lifetime.

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