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Jessica Simpson HairDos - Ponytail Tips


Jessica Simpson Here On Earth Premiere 03-15-00 All Rights Reserved

One of the first photos that I have of Jessica Simpson is during her appearance at the Here On Earth Premiere back in March of 2000.

If you have followed Jessica's stellar career since that point you know how much her look has changed.

During her Red Carpet appearance in March of 2000 she was still a relatively unknown celebrity. Yes, she released Sweet Kisses in 199 to great reviews and sales, but she was still in the shadow of her competitors.

For her look at the Here On Earth Premiere the rising star was coiffed in a sleek ponytail providing her with a fresh and flirty look.

At this point Jessica's image was tied to her pledge to remain pure until she married someday. What could be more innocent yet playful then a white dress decorated with lace and a sleek pony?

According to her celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan and her longtime celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves, Jessica has light brown hair that might border on dishwater blonde.

Jessica Simpson Special 04-20-00 All Rights Reserved

Since the beginning of her career, except for a brief period when she was a brunette, Jess has been a beautiful blonde. It's definitely true that Jessica is well-suited to blonde hues. Not only does she have a great skin tone, blonde tresses make her gorgeous brown eyes pop.

Ken has reported that Jessica has "beautiful hair that has a slight natural wave to it". Her texture is mostly fine but as Ken pointed out to me "Jessica has a lot of hair".

Throughout her spectacular career Jessica has sported a variety of different ponytails over the years.

In some cases the ponies were created with her natural hair and in other cases they were created courtesy of gorgeous add-on hair.

Steal Jessica Simpson's Ponytail

Jessica Simpson Special 04-20-00 All Rights Reserved

Whether you decide to steal Jessica ponytail with or without add-on hair follow the steps below to "steal" a Jessica Simpson style pony:

1. Whether you make a ponytail on newly washed hair or not, strands must be 100% dry and completely detangled before putting into a ponytail to prevent breakage.

Never make a ponytail from hair that is wet, tangled or full of knots.

1. Start by using a soft boar's head brush or similar natural bristle brush on your hair.

Brush hair from roots to ends until the hair is smooth and very sleek. Make sure that all knots and tangles are completely removed.

2. Distribute a dime-size amount of styling cream, glaze or similar through out the hair to help hold strands in place.

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey 04-01-00 All Rights Reserved

Apply extra product to the top of the head and throughout the crown to guarantee a firm holding tail.

3. Use fingers and brush to direct hair from the front of the hairline and along the sides of the head up and back toward the crown area.

Once hair is completely smooth, use both hands to direct all of the strands behind the neck.

Carefully slide on a "hair-friendly" Blax band or Bungee cord in the same color as your hair around the base of the ponytail. Tightly close off the ponytail. All of the hair should be merged together in a "tail" formation.

Initially hold the new pony tail with your fingers and then use the brush to smooth the crown area of the head. A secret hairdresser's trick to a super tight pony without crown wrinkles or bulges is to strategically place bobby pins, the same color as the hair, right above the newly created pony base. By carefully adding bobby pins above and below the pony elastic, all hair will be held securely in place.

6. To finish ponytail, spritz top of the head along the crown with a hairspray that is compatible with hair type and texture. Use your own judgment whether to use a light, medium or strong hold formula. Use the tip of a long tail comb to carefully smooth out any wrinkles that develop around the hairline or along the crown. 7. For extra pizazz lift one strand from the side of the ponytail and wrap it around the base to cover the elastic with hair. Or attach a high fashion pony elastic encrusted with silk flowers, crystals, bows, satin or other appropriate adornments. 8. Add extra bobby pins along the sides if necessary to keep all tresses secure and tucked neatly into the ponytail.

If you prefer, use sleek "sleeper style" clips or baby barrettes to jazz up your look.


The key to the creation of an easy ponytail is practice, practice and more practice. If you make enough ponytails, you will become so great at them, the you will take them for granted.

Ponytails are always in hair fashion for all ages, as Jessica has demonstrated over the past six years of her exploding career.

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