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Let's start at the beginning.

Jessica Ann Simpson was born July 10, 1980 in Abilene, Texas. Some media reports say that she was born in Dallas, Texas but the reality is that she only grew up in Dallas.

Jessica or "Jess" as her close friends and family call her, is actually only 5'3" tall but looks a lot taller due to the fact that she always wears the highest heels possible.

Even when she is hanging around a pool setting the beauty will wear heels.

It was revealed to Jessica at an early age that she was meant to be a singer and performer. Her first major career setback occurred when she lost out to Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears during tryouts for the Mickey Mouse Club in 1989.

After a series of twists and turns Jessica was signed in 1998 by a major record company in New York which is how she first was introduced to Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves. Due to a "hair disaster" Jessica was in dire hair straights and needed immediate assistance.

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Ken, who had never worked with Jessica before, but had a reputation for being the up and coming go-to guy for female celebs was asked to fly from LA to New York on an emergency basis to "help fix Jessica's hair".

Grabbing the first red-eye Ken flew across country with a bag full of pre-colored hair extensions for Jessica. He actually stayed up for the entire flight sewing the hair wefts together to create the pieces he would apply to Jessica.

When Jessica and Ken met they instantly "clicked" and Jessica turned to Ken to help her develop a celebrity hair persona.

From the first hair related meeting until the current time, Ken and Jessica have put their heads together to create a spectacular body of hair works. Ken is the best celebrity hairdresser around. Which is why it is almost impossible to get an appointment with this celebrity hair legend.

Ken also introduced Jessica to his friend Rita Hazan who has been Jessica's celebrity hair colorist ever since. Rita and Ken met back in the day when they were both employed the the Oribe Salon in New York City.

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While Rita has been mainly responsible for Jessica's range of gorgeous blonde hues, Ken has been in charge of creating the breathtaking hairstyles ranging from long, straight and sleek to short and choppy.

Over the years Jessica has been mostly blonde with a short brunette period (due to damaged hair) and a recent walk on the red side (thanks to a beautiful wig).

In 2002 I had the great fortune to meet Jessica and Ken in Dallas at a Seventeen Magazine shoot. Over a period of three days I watched in amazement as Ken transformed Jessica into a dizzying array of hairstyles.

Ken graciously explained all of his steps during each hair change.

His willingness to dish "hair howtos" continued from that point and over the past four years I have collected a massive array of hair styling notes directly from Ken's lips and emails.


Thanks to the fabulous generosity of Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves, a history of Jessica's hairstyles over the past eight years have been carefully preserved.

Ken and Jessica have worked in perfect harmony over the years to create eye-popping, mouth dropping hairstyles that have changed hair trends in their tracks.

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