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Jessica Simpson Hair: Ken Paves Baby Doll Hair Tricks


Jessica Simpson 2006 MTV Movie Awards 06-03-06 All Rights Reserved

Jessica Simpson is famous in many ways but two of her favorite things involve best friend and hairdresser Ken Paves and lots of lush BabyDoll style hair harking back to the day of Brigitte Bardot.

Ken will be the first to tell you that he pours over lots of old fashion and beauty books looking at the gorgeous superstars of the past like Bardot to get inspiration.

Of course Jessica is from Texas and everyone knows that Texas beauties love lots of lush locks with sensuous texture.

Ken has lots of great tricks of his celebrity hairdressing sleeve that he utilizes when he styles his stable of clients he lovingly refers to as "his girls".

It was Kismet when Ken and Jessica first got together eight years ago at the frantic request of Jessica's record company. A hairdresser hoping to make media waves chopped Jessica's trademark long blonde tresses very short. Not only was the golden songbird horrified, her record company was in a state of panic.

Ken Paves rode a red eye silver jet to the rescue. When Jessica and Ken first met on that fateful day, Ken reported "Jessica started to sing and my heart melted".

Over the years Ken and Jessica have collaborated on a number of productions including their latest success story, the creation of the HairDo line of clip-in hair extensions. Ken pioneered the concept of utilizing hair as the "ultimate accessory" with hair extensions being the primary tool.

Creating Sexy Hair

The November 2006 issue of Glamour Magazine featured Ken with tips on how he created Jessica's "sexy bump". What's a sexy bump? Basically its lot of sexy full hair around the crown.

Ken also shares in Glamour that he loves Phyto VolumeActif for creating lots of waves and Paves Professional Mousse.

Steal Jessica's BabyDoll Tresses

Jessica Simpson 2006 MTV Movie Awards 06-03-06 All Rights Reserved

This 60s sex kitten look works best on hair that is chin length or longer and has natural texture such as waves. These steps might not work as well for hair that is fine, thin or has a tendency to frizz.

The night before you desire big sexy strands:

1. Shampoo and condition tresses with a product designed for your hair type, texture and condition. 2. Towel blot strands to remove excess moisture. 3. Detangle strands from ends to roots. 4. Apply Paves Professional Firm Hold Repairing Mousse to damp strands. Distribute completely from roots to ends. 5. Let hair completely air dry, which helps to swell up the cuticle and lend a natural sexy fullness to strands. 6. Sleep on air-dried hair to allow natural texture to set. 7. The next morning brush hair with a Mason Pearson or similar boar's bristle or similar brush. 8. Apply spritz of PhytoVolume Actif to the roots to add lift. 9. Add one or two drops of Paves Professional Shine Serum to palms of hands and distribute through ends of the tresses ONLY to smooth. 10. Use a curling iron or hot rollers and curl two inch individual sections completely around the head. 11. Let newly created curls completely cool. For extra hold, carefully wrap the newly created curls into pincurls and pin to your scalp for extra oomph. 12. Unpin curls and bend over at the waist. 13. Lightly tousle hair with fingers to get that sexy fullness. 14. Bend back over at the waist and use fingers to separate hair along the crown. 15. Use a comb or brush to tease hair to the desired height. Gently smooth hair back over the top. 16. Finger smooth the style and tousle the texture on the ends. 17. Finish with a spritz of Paves Professional Hairspray (close your eyes and you will swear it is just like L'Oreal famous Elnett spray without the EPA warnings).

Jessica Simpson 2006 MTV Movie Awards 06-03-06 All Rights Reserved

If Jessica gets tired of wearing her tresses long and sexy, Ken instantly pops them up into a variety of updos which almost always starts with a ponytail wrapped around a Bungee Band.

As Ken has explained to me for years, he loves Bungee Bands because they create "the tightest, smoothest ponytails" and are definitely "a great base for any updo".

Other Ken Paves hair tricks? He loves to use dry shampoo to give extra texture and fullness at the roots. Just a spritz will do. He also has been lightly swiping on eyeshadow powder in a matching shade to cover dark roots. He first explained this trick to me based on a style he created for Kirsten Dunst some years ago.

Ken also wrangles updos into perfect submission by using very fine hairnets in the same shade as the tresses he is molding.


Of course one of Ken's best tricks is using a dizzying array of clip-in hair extensions in a wide range of lengths, textures and hues for his pampered celebrity clients. Ken's biggest and best beauty secret? HairDo clip-in extensions created with his best friend Jessica Simpson.

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