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Jenny McCarthy - Hair History Of Blonde Beauty


Jenny McCarthy Scream 3 Premiere 02-02-2000 All Rights Reserved

Jenny McCarthy was born (November 1, 1972) and bred in Chicago where she grew up on the famous South Side.

The funny girl's career started in the world of nursing but she quit to pursue acting.

Her celebrity status took flight when she hooked up with Playboy in 1993. By 1995 she exploded on the small screen in the eccentric dating series Singled Out. From there she made a quick stop on Baywatch which was followed by lots of guest star spots.

Besides being the Playmate of the Year in 1994, she appeared in several Playboy related films, books and media events.

Known for her long, lush, voluminous butter blonde hair, Jenny had a few brief hair moments in 2000 as a medium length wavy brunette.

Jenny has been quoted as saying on IMDB "I was puke as a brunette". I would have to agree.

In 2001 she was quoted in Allure Magazine when asked for her most memorable fashion moment as saying "I was a senior in high school and bought new ripped jean shorts that I wore with fishnets and a black bodysuit - kind of like what Pamela Anderson wore tonight (reference to 2001 Academy Awards Vanity Fair after party).

Was her comment to Allure tongue-in-cheek? Probably. Jenny is known for her fantastic sense of humor and general playfulness.

Jenny's Bleach Blonde Trauma

Rinko Kikuchi Hollywood Life's Breakthrough of the Year Awards 12-10-06 All Rights Reserved

As Jenny has achieved tons of success as an actress and entertainer over the past ten years her hair has gone through various changes to reflect her various roles.

But don't hate Jenny because she's beautiful. Like tons of other entertainers, she's had her share of hair heartaches in her lifetime.

In 1996 when she appeared on the Jay Leno Show she shared a story about how her hair fell out shortly after leaving her Chicago home.

"When I moved out here [to L.A.]," Jenny McCarthy once recalled, "I had blond hair, platinum white all the way down to my butt and when I came out here I went to a Beverly Hills salon and paid $400 just to get bleach thrown on my head and it fell out...

Chunks fell out and it turned Smurf blue and I looked so ridiculous and cried and cried but it was actually a blessing because now I have shorter hair and I don't look like such a homecoming queen." Jenny McCarthy Hair Quote From

Rocking red strappy pumps and lush red lipstick added instant accessory sizzle.

Wearing her highlighted blonde tresses in a half up/half down side-swept hairstyles was the perfect choice to finish her glamorous and feminine look that had a hint of sizzle.

The half up/down style was framed in the front on either side by side swept strands and sleek side swept bangs.

A pumped up crown added balance to Rinko's petite face and her heart shaped facial structure.

Long loose sensual ringlets cascaded down from the deconstructed soft updo in the back with a few curled twists cascading from the nape of the neck.

Steal Rinko's Curled Bun Hairstyle - Step By Step Instructions

Rinko Kikuchi Hollywood Life's Breakthrough of the Year Awards 12-10-06 All Rights Reserved

The key to copying Rinko's Red Carpet Ringlet Half Up/Half Down Curled Bun hairstyle is to start with stick straight strands that are long enough to be put up into a high ponytail and to create carefully sectioned "panels" of hair that will eventually be merged seamlessly to create the soft cascading curls.

If you love Rinko's hairstyle but have naturally wavy or curly strands the look can be easily accomplished but requires that you first wash and blow dry your hair straight.

This style can be created on either newly washed tresses or tresses that have slightly "aged" to help prevent slippery strands from sliding out.

Follow the steps below to steal Rinko's Half Up/Half Down Ringled Style:

1. Shampoo and condition hair with products created for your hair texture, type and current condition.

If your hair is colored or chemically treated like Jaime's be sure to use products that address these special needs to prevent the development of dryness or damage.

Rinko Kikuchi Hollywood Life's Breakthrough of the Year Awards 12-10-06

Fox/TV All Rights Reserved

Note: A great celebrity hair line is the entire Paves Professional line of celebrity inspired products that Celeb Hairdresser Ken Paves uses on all the tresses of his famous clients (Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Jessica Alba) with great results.

2. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close the cuticle and help add natural shine.

3. Towel blot - do not rub - hair with an absorbent towel.

4. Depending on your hair texture, type and condition apply a moisturizing heat protecting conditioner or a cocktail which includes a leave-in conditioner and/or defrisant product along with a straightening balm.

It's your option to work with all three types of products or select only those that your hair might require to create fullness and movement.

5. Gently detangle hair from ends up to roots using a "hair friendly" comb or your fingers.

6. Separate hair into individual 2" strands.

7. Start at the back of your head using a round Boar's head or similar style brush to build in volume for each of the individual strands while directing the air flow of a blow dryer down the shaft from roots to ends.

Continue to blow dry until each section is 100% dry.

Rinko Kikuchi Hollywood Life's Breakthrough of the Year Awards 12-10-06 All Rights Reserved

8. Once hair is 100% dry use a Boar's Hair or similar brush, a comb, or your fingers, and carefully divide hair into different sections.

9. Make a part from ear to ear. This creates two sections of hair.

10. Clip the front section of hair out of the way while working on the back section.

11. Starting with the remaining hair below the new part, use a small barrel curling iron and create a series of spiral curls.

12. Once the curls are cool, working from one side of the back of the head to the other, gently fold the base of the curl up and pin firmly against the back of the head allowing the middle and ends of the curls to gently cascade down towards the neck.

13. Continue to fold and pin up the bottom section of hair until a waterfall of loose curls are formed along the back of the head.

Note: When possible, use bobby pins in the same color as your current hair color. Place the bobby pins in an X formation for extra anchorage.

14. Unclip the top section of hair.

Rinko Kikuchi Hollywood Life's Breakthrough of the Year Awards 12-10-06

Fox/TV All Rights Reserved

15. Create a side part extending from the hair line back to the top section of hair. Use a comb of brush lightly smooth a panel of hair down and over the left eye. Curl the ends with a curling iron and drape of the left ear, pinning the ends into place behind the ear.

16. Pull a few loose tendrils from the other side of the face and lightly curl.

17. Take the rest of the top hair and curl with a curling iron. Create two or three big loose looped curls, pinning the base of each curl along the crown to create a full looped profile. Allow the ends of the curls to cascade down over the curls in the back.

Experiment with the shape of the top curls until you find a balance that works for you and your hair.

18. Finish with a spritz of hairspray like Paves Professional Firm Hold Repairing Hair Spray.

For lots of extra hair or volume you may wish to use volume enhancing styling products, add-on hair pieces or back comb strategic sections of hair to achieve lots of lush fullness.

Other Options: HairDo By Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves

HairDo 22" Straight Vibralite Synthetic Extensions 16 Hot Fashion Colors

HairUWear All Rights Reserved

Another option is to instantly change your hair length, color and style with one of Ken Paves' HairDo options from HairUWear.

Ken and Jessica Simpson developed a spectacular line of clip-in hair that can transform your hair in a matter of minutes with no permanent changes.

If your natural strands are not long enough for a ponytail, clip on a HairDo piece and instantly wrap it into a top knot.


Rinko Kikuchi made her stage debut in the play "Suigin" directed by Hideshisa Tachibana.

The young actress is thrilled to receive notice for her work outside of her native Japan. Although she is not fluent in English, she worked hard to make her acceptance speech at the recent Breakthrough Awards in English.

Even though her role required that she appear nude she has expressed being comfortable with the requirement since it honored the character and the story.

Rinko also has explained her complete trust in the director and the rest of the acting team for Babel. On IMDB she is quoted as saying "so my concern was not the nudity itself, my concern was that the most important part of the film (was) to describe her (Chieko) emotionally".

What's next for the sword-fighting, motorcycle driver and accomplished horseback rider?

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