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Jaime Pressly's Hair - My Name Is Earl


Jaime Pressly - 09-10-00

Jaime Lynn Pressly, a former successful model, is a fabulous actress who nails Earl's ultra trashy, ex-wife Joy, on NBC's "My Name Is Earl".

This gorgeous Leo (born July 30, 1977) was born and raised in Kinston, North Carolina where she trained as a gymnast and dancer.

Her mother was a classical dance instructor who worked closely with Jaime. Besides her dedicated work with dancing, the beautiful blonde actress continued to practice her gymnastics for over 11 years.

From Dancer To Model To Actress

All of her hard work and practice paid off at the tender age of 13 when she was discovered as a model. Her modeling successes took her to gigs in Italy and Japan.

She also appeared on the cover of Teen Magazine which was quite an accomplishment for the young beauty.

At the age of 15 she legally broke with her family and pushed her budding career towards movies. Her debut role was as the deadly manipulative white trash girl in 1997's Poison Ivy: New Seduction. Luckily for Jaime, her work as Drew Barrymore's body double in the original Poison Ivy won her the part in the sequel.

Jaime Pressly 01-2003

After her success portraying the Poison Ivy prostitute, Jaime went on to appear in Against The Law, The Journey: Absolution and Can't Hardly Wait. She also appeared in Ringmaster, Trash and Coyote Moon.

In 1999 the traditional Southern Girl broke through in television as exotic dancer Audrey in the series Jack & Jill. During her early days portraying Audrey until the very end of 2001 Jaime kept her shoulder length straight strands a shimmering shade of sexy white blonde.

At the end of 2001 Jaime made a dramatic hair change and adopted a super short sassy bobbed style that looked spectacular with her square shaped face and big beautiful eyes. She maintained her Audrey white blonde hue that highlighted her golden brown skin tones.

Jaime's sultry short blonde strands became her new signature look into 2003 where she alternately jazzed up her array of choppy bobs and crops with loosely styled shapes, pretty layering and an array of bang styles.

A Walk On The Chocolate Cherry Side

Jaime Pressly - 10-25-04

In October of 2004 Jaime did a surprising change and went from her beautiful blonde tresses to a rich chocolate brown. She strolled the red carpet at the 2nd Semi Annual Fashion "Next" Show, Skybar in West Hollywood with stick straight strands that were a mixture of chocolate and cherry. She also had longer below-the-shoulder tresses and fashionable side-swept strands that minimized her forehead and made her stunning eyes pop. She transcended from atomic blonde glamour girl to sultry brunette vixen.

Two months later in December of 2004, Jaime appeared at the Divine Design 2004 Benefiting Project Angel Food with her hair more chocolate than cherry but with slightly grown out bangs that were sweeping her forehead just below her eyebrows. Although still beautiful, the look was not as striking as her original Skybar style.

Celebrity Haircolorist & Stylist

Jaime Pressly - 12-07-01

As Jaime channelled an array of different hues, she depended on Celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan (Jennifer Lopez, Jessica & Ashlee Simpson) to help her achieve gorgeous colors. Rita, who confirmed that Jaime is "a long time hair client as well as a very dear friend" noted that Jaime is "a dream to work with".

I asked Rita how she managed to create super shiny hues for Jaime. The famous hair colorist to the stars explained that she always makes sure that Jaime's hair is conditioned while it is being colored.

Rita swears by Phyto's Huile D'Ales - Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment which she blends into the color during application to the strands. Rita also explained that she uses the Huile D'Ales oil on all of her celebs when she colors her hair and encourages them to use it at home between color treatments. Not only does the inclusion of the Huile D'Ales - Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment explain Jaime's rich glossy brunette and blonde hues that shimmer, it explains why her hair is in such great shape and very healthy.

Jaime Pressly - 12-19-05

Jaime, who visits Rita at her famous New York Rita Hazan Salon, (212-735-4757) also works closely with celebrity hairdresser Joaquin Hortal who confided that "the cameras do not do her true beauty justice".

The very charming Joaquin, who "has worked with Rita for the past two years, coiffed Jaime for the recent 2006 award shows including The People's Choice Awards". Joaquin loves "to create hair styles for Jaime that show off her spectacular beauty but give her a European sex appeal".

One drawback that both Rita and Joaquin experience with Jaime is that "she is required to maintain certain hair color, length and style parameters that mesh with her current on-screen role in NBC's hit series, "Everyone Loves Earl".

Trailer Trash Brassy Blonde

In late Summer of 2005 Jaime was required to adopt a specific yellow blonde hue in preparation for her hilarious new role as Joy, Earl's ex on "Everyone Loves Earl."

When Jaime signed on as Joy the producers made it clear that her normally sleek, sophisticated and seductive tresses would be transformed into a wide range of hairstyles that screamed pure white trash.

Joy's over-the-top hairstyles included brassy blonde strands that were teased into atrocious dos that helped to define her character's trailer resident style.

Jaime Pressly As Joy On Everyone Loves Earl From NBC - 2005-2006

Even more importantly, Earl's producers wanted Jaime to display dark root against a backdrop of brassy bleached yellow blond strands.

Walking A Fine Hair Style Line

Both Rita and Joaquin explained that "their ability to color and coif Jaime, the private person, is constrained by the current hair personality of Earl's Joy. Luckily they do have options to bring out the gorgeous star's beauty within limits that they push as far as they are allowed.


On thing is certain. Jaime Pressly's star is on the rise. The gorgeous actress has finally become a beloved household name with her brilliant portrayal of the hilarious Joy on "Everyone Loves Earl." If that means sacrificing a blonde hue or wearing big hair, so be it.

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