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Spray Hair Wax Stories From Amazing Race Winner


Image of Meghan and Cheyne The Amazing Race 15 2009

Monty Brinton CBS 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Meghan Ricky and Cheyne Whitney reached the finish line first on the current version of The Amazing Race. caught up with Meghan and Cheyne after the announcement of their win on The Amazing Race. One of the topics that addressed was Cheyne's spikey hair which was part of his trademark throughout his time on the show.

Cheyne's Use Of Spray Hair Wax For Spikes

When EW ask Cheyne how he kept his hair so spiky all season he said "I used this spray wax which was great, until it got taken away at customs."

His Great Race partner Meghan reported "I bet you can imagine how much Cheyne freaked out when they said they were taking it. His solution was to spray the entire bottle in his hair.

He said the stuff stays in his hair forever and he thought it would stay the rest of the race. And it did! No matter how many times he washed his hair there was still wax in there."

EW asked Cheyne about lining up endorsement deals. Cheyne said "I gotta talk to Paul Mitchell about that one."

How Spray Hair Wax Is Used

Spray wax for hair has evolved from original wax which was sometimes difficult to remove from the jar, soften enough to use and apply evenly throughout the hair. A lot of the original challenges with wax in a can has been resolved with spray wax.

Originally hair wax was developed to help define hairstyles into chunky or piece-y textures. The newer versions of spray wax will also provide a great foundation for spikes, faux hawks, hawks and individual chunks or pieces.

Spray Hair Wax Options

Image Meghan and Cheyne perform Detour B Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Monty Brinton CBS 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Spray wax for hair has evolved from original wax which was sometimes difficult to remove from the jar, soften enough to use and apply evenly throughout the hair. A lot of the original challenges with wax in a can has been resolved with spray wax.

Spray wax usually comes in a bottle with a spray pump which makes it easy to apply more evenly. There are also variations of spray wax such as Graham Webb's Brit Style Mousse Wax which is a marriage of mousse and wax which is considered a spray wax.

KMS also makes a great gel spray wax known as HairStay Gel Wax which is applied to the hair by means of a spray. The KMS Gel Wax provides the hold of a gel and the pliability of a wax on any wet or dry style.

One of my favorite spray wax products is Fudge Wet Wax. It works fabulously on wet or dry hair but has a wonderful chocolate aroma.

Of course there are lots of other great spray wax products on the market but most are very similar in their spray delivery and holding systems.

More About Megan Rickey & Cheyne Whitney

Megan (23) and Cheyne (23) were listed as having a Dating Relationship and were Team #11 on The Amazing Race 15. The couple who were from San Diego met while playing a competitive game of tetherball in elementary school.

After 10 years of friendship, Cheyne realized he could not let the most athletic girl he knew get away. Other than a six-month period where Meghan studied abroad in Italy, this couple has been essential inseparable for nearly five years. Their occupation was listed as Account Executive/Brand Manager.

Image Meghan and Cheyne

Photo: Larry D. Horricks/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Meghan and Cheyne both work in fields where they deal extensively with different publics. Meghan is an account executive at a public affairs firm. Cheyne works for a social change marketing company where he develops after-school programs.

He deals with a diverse group of teens, school administrators and corporate executives. When not in the office, Meghan can be found coaching competitive girls' soccer - a sport that she and Cheyne have shared a passion for since they were kids.

The couple feels strongly that their occupations and experiences with team sports have taught them effective communication skills and the virtue of patience, which they believe will benefit them in the Race.

Even though the couple is head-over-heels for each other, they still have their pet peeves just like any other couple. Meghan does not like that Cheyne tries to diffuse tense situations with laughter rather than by talking things through.

The biggest thing about Meghan that frustrates Cheyne is her stubbornness.

He claims that once she has her mind set on something she is difficult to reason with and it can be impossible to change her mind.

Meghan and Cheyne were very eager to use the power of positive thinking and their athleticism to compete as a team. Obviously it worked since they won the ultimate race.


Now that The Amazing Race 15 has ended with Meghan and Cheyne the winners, will Cheyne be able to finally get the spray wax out of his hair?

Only time will tell but a great clarifying shampoo combined with some dry shampoo to lift out the wax will certainly do the trick.

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