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PhytoMousse S88 Review


I started using PhytoMousse S88 Ultra Nourishing Shampoo about three weeks ago. I went to one of the two salons in the Tampa Bay area that stocks Phytologie hair care products, expecting to purchase the shampoo I had been using for the past few months, PhytoJoba. Fortunately, the salon was out of PhytoJoba.

Note: PhytoMousse S88 has been replaced with PhytoNectar Shampoo which offer the same benefits to hair.

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The owner of the salon asked me if I had ever tried PhytoMousse S88. He said it was a thicker, more hydrating shampoo than PhytoJoba. I hesitated on purchasing the shampoo at first, not because I doubted the product (after all, I’ve been using Phytologie’s products for the past three years with much success) but because during those three years I had been straightening my hair, the word "hydrate" meant "moisture", an unspeakable word for someone living in the humid state of Florida trying to maintain straight hair, despite being naturally curly.

But I’m no longer fighting my curls, so I decided to give PhytoMousse S88 a try. It was a good decision. After shampooing with the thick, orange shampoo (the color comes from orange blossom oil), I was extremely pleased with the results. My hair felt the best it has ever felt in its natural state. Even my usual styling routine did not diminish the softness.

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PhytoMousse S88 is an ultra nourishing shampoo made especially for dry hair and hair dehydrated by harsh weather elements, blow-drying and chemical processing (perming, coloring and highlighting).

As with all of Phytologie’s products, PhytoMousse S88 is made with all natural plant-based products such as witch hazel, St. John’s wort (hmm, doesn’t that help depression?), soy proteins and orange blossom oil extract, "widely used for its softening and nourishing properties." Phytologie claims on its insert that PhytoMousse S88 is "an intensive treatment to restore the equilibrium of water and lipids in porous and very dry hair. Hair will quickly regain suppleness and softness of beautiful healthy hair."

One problem, though. PhytoMousse S88 is only sold in salons, unlike other Phytologie products, which can be purchased in upscale department stores as well as fine salons. Note: PhytoMousse S88 can be purchased on the Net at a few special locations*.

I paid $16 U.S. for a 6.8-fl. oz. glass bottle of PhytoMousse S88. Yes, glass. According to Phytologie, glass helps preserve the plant-based ingredients.

Phytologie suggests applying the shampoo in two applications each time the product is used. The first application removes dirt so that the second application can go to work on a clean scalp. I found that shampooing once produced the same results as when I used two applications.

The other styling products I use with PhytoMousse S88 are: Back to Basics Wildberry Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam and Zero Frizz anti-frizz hair serum. After applying the last two hair styling products, I blow-dry my hair.

Although blow-drying is harmful to the hair, it seems to enhance my natural curl. After blow-drying, I pull the sides and bangs up and secure them on the top of my head with a small claw clip. This is a temporary solution while I am growing out my bangs and neck-length curls.

PhytoMousse S88 is one product that lives up to its claim of quickly restoring softness to dry hair. My hair no longer feels brittle and my curls are softer and more defined. To read more about the Phytologie product line check out Karen Shelton's Phytologie reviews. *For more details about Phyto products visit the Marketplace for a complete selection.

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