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Hot Braided Chignon


Beverly Hills, California - Modern Elixiers™ has the looks the the Edgy Chignon shown to the side, to take any social butterfly from a Prom, Wedding or soiree with classy, luxurious ease.

Prep Paul Mitchell Master Associate Jimy Angel prepped hair with Refining Shampoo for extra smoothness, and dried hair smooth and flat with the Modern Elixiers Styling Brush and a combination of Styling Serum™ and Refining Conditioner.

He then flat-ironed for an extra-smooth finish.


Jimy began with a low side part. He combed the hair into a deep side part and placed into it a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, leaving out 1" - 2" of hairline perimeter.

Next, he combed the perimeter hair smooth using Finishing Spray™ and wrapped it around the covered band on the center ponytail and secured it with a bobby pin.

Following this, Jimy divided the ponytail into 3 sections, tied a heavy thread into the base of each section and braided it in; he secured each of the three braids with a clear elastic band like a Blax band.

Beginning with the middle braid, Jimy then held the thread securely and pushed the braid up the string towards the scalp.

He repeated this process with all three braids. Once all the braids were in place, Jimy wrapped the thread around the elastic pulled the elastic over, cut off the excess thread and secured the chignon with bobby pins.

He detailed the fine ends with Finishing Spray.

This beautiful chignon would work on medium to long hair lengths.

Hair: Jimy Angel Photography: Giuliano Becor c/o Lightbox Studio Make-up: Kendra Richards c/o Cloutier Stylist: Danny Flynn c/o Cloutier

For more information please contact your John Paul Mitchell Systems Salon Consultant or Distributor.

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