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Hair - The Musical


What does Hair the musical have to do with hair that grows on mammals you might ask? Everything and nothing.

Because it was considered so revolutionary, the musical known as Hair: The American Tribal Love/Rock Musical the play which eventually became a movie, featured the majority of the cast completely nude. It was considered to be the defining play and film about the drug, music, free love and peace culture of the 1960s.

The popular score of Hair was ultimately responsible for several pop hits.

Hair was written by James Rado (New York) Gerome Ragni (from Pittsburgh, PA) and Galt Macdermot (from Montreal, Canada).

HAIR opened on Broadway at the Biltmore Theatre on West 47th Street in 1968. It was such a huge hit and society event that over the years since its original opening it has been produced around the world and translated into a dizzying array of languages from its original English.

The play has appeared from Japan and Australia to South and Central America and all over Europe. Even though there have been periods where the play was not as popular as others, it has pretty much been playing somewhere in the world since the beginning of its life on Broadway.

A new interest in Hair occurred in the mid-1980s.

Hair: The American Tribal Love/Rock Musical

What does Hair the musical have to do with hair that grows on mammals you might ask? Everything and nothing.

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