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Giovanni Hair Care: A Story Of Innovation


From the start, Giovanni has always been an innovator: Innovative ideas, Innovative Formulas and Innovative Products. Together, these innovations make Giovanni a world leader in the development and manufacturing of beauty products. Giovanni products change the way people think about themselves and the products they use. (Photo of Giovanni Golden Wheat shampoo from Giovanni - all rights reserved).

Founded by well-known Hollywood hairstylist, Arthur Giovanni, the company developed special products designed to meet the needs of his famous celebrity clientele. It wasn’t long before Giovanni products gained popularity everywhere. (Photo of Giovanni Turbo Mousse from Giovanni - all rights reserved).

Arthur’s deep interest in a healthy, natural diet for himself soon lead to his products becoming “a healthy, nutritional diet for the hair.” He knew that creating products with vitamins, herbs, minerals, proteins, and nutrients, would have greater predictability and would be better for the hair and scalp than the then-standard chemically-based products. (Photo of Giovanni VitaproFusion conditioner from Giovanni - all rights reserved).

Giovanni soon began working with Dr. John Weaver (renown for his work with Jheri Redding), a pioneer in using natural essences. Coupling Weaver’s scientific expertise with Giovanni’s total understanding of hair care, resulted in an entire range of health-filled products that gained popularity throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. (Photo of Giovanni FrizzBeGone conditioner from Giovanni - all rights reserved).

More innovations followed as Giovanni pioneered the concepts of:

No animal testing Products with no animal by-products Biodegradable formulas Products using certified organic ingredients

Today, the innovation continues at Giovanni as they introduce their revolutionary Magnetic Hair Care Products—products that provide beneficial magnetic therapy for hair and scalp.

Worldwide, consumers recognize Giovanni as the leader in natural, pure “health-oriented” formulas—a company that is committed to refining and improving their products using the newest technology.

Giovanni's Mission

Provide you with wholesome, pure products that give you the optimum in performance.

Giovanni's Promise

Add innovation to every product! Giovanni is sold at and Worldwide.

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