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Bad Hair Days With Happy Endings


During the entire filming of the popular show, Three's Company, Suzanne Somers was famous for her high placed blonde side ponytail.

Suzanne Somers 1998

Was this hair styling genius that make Suzanne's hair a copied style or was there something else happening behind the scenes?

Suzanne revealed in her book, After The Fall: How I Picked Myself Up, Dusted Myself Off and Started All Over.

The book released in May of 1998 tells the story of Suzanne's worst hair day of her life.

What the millions of women who copied Suzanne Somers' lopsided ponytail didn't know was that at the very beginning of the Three's Company show, her hair color expert left bleach on her hair too long. The result was a huge clump of hair that got fried and broke right off. Suzanne was left with a major bald spot where the bleach destroyed her hair.

Suzanne was distraught about this major bad hair day until the stylist decided to come up with a hot new style to cover the damaged spot.

As Suzanne explains in her book, she went from a "bleached cue ball" to a hot TV star with a hairstyle that literally was copied by millions of women. Women went crazy for the sexy one ponytail style.

What started as a cover-up for a really bad hair day became an overnight hair hit and Suzanne became a household name.

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