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Anastasia Griffith Hollywood Hair - How To Style


Anastasia Griffith Trauma

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Anastasia Griffith co-stars as strong-willed paramedic Nancy Carnahan in the hot new Fall 2009 NBC series, Trauma.

The highly anticipated show is from executive producer Peter Berg (NBC’s "Friday Night Lights")

Trauma is the first high-octane medical drama series to live exclusively in the field where the real action is instead of in the hospital or through the crime scene.

Like an adrenaline shot to the heart, "Trauma" is an intense, action-packed look at one of the most dangerous medical professions in the world: first responder paramedics.

When emergencies occur, the trauma team from San Francisco City Hospital is first on the scene, traveling by land, by sea or by air to reach their victims in time.

From the heights of the city’s Transamerica Pyramid to the depths of the San Francisco Bay, these heroes must face the most extreme conditions to save lives -- and give meaning to their own existence in the process.

Co-starring with Anastasia in "Trauma" are Cliff Curtis ("Push") as daredevil flight medic Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuk, Derek Luke ("Notorious") as stoic paramedic Cameron Boone, Aimee Garcia ("George Lopez") as tough rookie helicopter pilot Marisa Benez, Kevin Rankin ("Friday Night Lights") as edgy EMT Tyler Briggs, Taylor Kinney ("Fashion House") as rookie EMT Glenn Morris, and Jamey Sheridan ("Law & Order: Criminal Intent") as mentor Dr. Joe Saviano.

Katie Connor On FX's Damages

Anastasia Griffith Trauma

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Anastasia is a British actress best known for her role as Katie Connor on the FX legal drama, Damages. She had a key role in the first and second seasons.

Anastasia won her role as Katie Connor, the sister of Ellen Parson's (Rose Byrne's) murdered future husband, on the 2007 television series Damages after taking a last-minute audition a month after she moved to New York City.

The role had challenges because Anastasia is British and there was concern with her accent. Rose Byrne, who plays Katie Connor's future sister-in-law is Australian.

In order to make sure she won the role of Katie Connor the lovely blonde Brit auditioned from beginning to end with an American accent. She won the role and was a hit in the show.

She was very believable as the sister of a murdered brother and a chef whose only desire was to start her own restaurant before everything went very wrong.

Anastasia's Acting Career

The Brit actress made her acting debut in a minor role in the 2004 made-for-television move "She's Gone."

Also in 2004, she appeared in more prominent roles in the television movie "Dirty Filthy Love," the comedy film "Alfie" and the short film "Turn," as well as featuring in "The Headsman" and guest-starring on the British comedy "The Worst Week Of My Life" in 2005.

More recently, she has guest-starred in an episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and guest-starred in the television series "New Amsterdam's second episode," "Golden Boy". She also plans to re-enter theatre as she says she has been "traditionally trained" at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

More On Anastasia

Anastasia Griffith Trauma

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Born in Paris, France to an Irish mother and American father, Griffith was raised in West London with six older brothers, one of whom is actor Jamie Bamber.

She said that, growing up, it was her father who thought it as more fitting for a daughter to pursue an acting career than a son and did not trust the world of acting.

Anastasia completed a degree in the History of Art at the University of Bristol, but later trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art before moving into acting

Anastasia Griffith's Hair Texture, Face Shape & Styling Options

Although Anastasia the actress wears her hair in an array of textures and styles ranging from straight to wavy, up to down and different lengths, Nancy Carnahan wears her hair like a typical paramedic might.

Anastasia Griffith Trauma

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As Nancy the actress alternates her hairstyles between down around her shoulder in a loose and tousled look that is often combined with a side swept fringe.

Sometimes Nancy's hair is pulled back into a ponytail or she does a half up/half down hairstyle where the side hair along her face is pulled back and towards her crown to keep the hair out of her face.

Note: Check out Anastasia's Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery here at

Both Anastasia and her character Nancy are blondes with gorgeous multi-layered highlights and lowlights interwoven throughout adark golden blonde base.

Although it's expected for Anastasia to rock blonde tresses, her Nancy character in "Trauma" is a mysterious character. Even though she works in the streets saving lives, it turns out her father is an extremely wealthy doctor and her brother is a medical student.

For some reason Anastasia turned her back on the medical profession as a doctor in favor of being a paramedic. Ultimately Anatasia's hair as Nancy is perfect for her role as the angst ridden but hard working emergency professional.

Steal Anastasia Griffith's Hairstyle

Anastasia Griffith Trauma

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Follow the steps listed below to recreate Anastasia's basic long lush wave infused hairstyle:

1. Start by selecting a shampoo and conditioner with a color safe formula like the Phyto Colored Hair System, to preserve any blonde highlights or lowlight hues.

If your hair is chemically treated or colored like Anastasia's hair, consider using a color appropriate shampoo like Rene Furterer Okara Repairing Shampoo or select a shampoo that works with your current texture, type and condition of hair. Eliminate dry strands with J.F. Lazartigue Micro Pearl Shampoo for Dry hair.

2 Apply a rinse out conditioner that works for your hair's normal texture, type and condition. Consider trying a color co-ordinated mask such as Okara Restructuring and Protective Radiance Mask to intensify your existing color. Avoid using the conditioner on super fine hair or near the roots.

3. Finish with a cool/cold rinse to close the cuticle and help add natural shine.

4. Towel blot (never rub or rough dry) to remove excess water.

5. Coat damp strands with your favorite customized styling product cocktail containing styling tools such as a defrisant, volume building mousse, gel or other styling products that work best with your hair texture and type.

Detangle working slowly from the ends to the roots. Create desired part. Anastasia tends to wear either a center or off-center part.

Anastasia Griffith Trauma

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6. Blow dry using a large round boar's bristle brush (shown to the side - Conair Round Brush) for strong, lasting support. Direct the air flow down from the roots towards the end to build in shine and smooth strands.

7. Use fingers to lightly pick and lift near the roots for desired volume and lift while using a round brush to lightly roll the ends of the hair under.

8. When hair is 100% dry use a tail comb or brush to create the desired part.

Separate hair into individual 2" sections and set on medium sized hot rollers, or curl with a medium sized curling iron to add movement to the strands.

Curling Without Hot Rollers

If curling with a curling iron, after working with each section, roll the newly formed curl with your fingers up towards your scalp and pin into place to allow the curl to cool completely. Work around the entire head until all sections have been curled and pinned to the scalp. Spritz lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

Curling With Hot Rollers

Anastasia Griffith Trauma

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If curling with hot rollers, let the curlers completely cool before removing. Once all the rollers have been released, let new curls dangle free before styling. Spritz lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

9. Use your fingers and/or a boar's head brush to lightly break up the curls and arrange into a soft finished halo of bouncy waves that terminate into a slight curl at the tips.

Apply a small drop of shine serum to the tips of your fingers and massage into the palms of your hands. Lightly brush your serum infused palms over the top of the finished hairstyle.

If you prefer, use a shine spray product and spray into the palms of your hands and then glide over finished style. Another option is to finish the look with a long lasting hairspray for a silky shine effect.


Anastasia Griffith Trauma

NCB All Rights Reserved.

Anastasia co-stars as strong-willed paramedic Nancy Carnahan in the hot new Fall 2009 NBC series, Trauma.

The highly anticipated show is from executive producer Peter Berg (NBC’s "Friday Night Lights")

Trauma is the first high-octane medical drama series to live exclusively in the field where the real action is.

Critics are mixed about the results of the show but some have said "Trauma" is by far NBC's best new drama. The cast is loose, jaunty and appealing. The action scenes will jolt you. "Trauma" feels like a first cousin to the late, lamented "Third Watch."

Unfortunately actual paramedics are less kind in their review of the show which they say is full of inaccuracies and poorly acted EMR actions. Oh well, afterall, it is a TV show. Right?

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