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Hot Tips: Blowdryers


Today's blow dryers come in a wide assortment of wild colors, leopard prints and fancy packaging. Blow dryers also come with a dizzying array of special features that offer you options from folding your dryer for easy storage to keeping the volume down. With some dryers you can retract the cord, blow on different speeds, finish with cold shot and add different attachments.

Are blow dryers harmful? Well besides denting your wallet the most likely dangers include electrocution, scalp damage and possibly an increase in our risk of cancer.

Some dryers have a "cool shot" that can be used at the end of the drying process to help set your style. Blow dryers designed for consumers may have a cool shot while blow dryers designed for professionals may have cold settings.

Difference Between Pro & Consumer Models

Is there a difference between consumer and professional blow dryers? Yes. Authentic dryers sold to hair care professionals are designed to survive daily extended use in the hair studio versus a consumer oriented model that is used less frequently. Professional dryers will often have a different nozzle design, an AC motor and a lower wattage output that consumer models will not have. They are designed to have a faster airflow, dry more efficiently at lower temperatures and be kinder to the hair.

A concentrator nozzle is used to give you better control of the dryer's airflow. It is also designed to dry the hair much faster. Concentrator nozzles are ideal for creating smooth and sleeker styles. They are often used in conjunction with a styling brush.

Some hair dryers have removal filters in the front or back of the unit. The filters keep out particles of dust and dirt as well as hair and allow the dryer to have an optimal performance. It also prolongs the life of the motor which then helps the dryer.

A diffuser is an attachment used by hair professionals to create curl, body and texture. They are ideal for naturally curly, permed or wavy hair. It is not as efficient for super short hair unless it has special fingers.

Volumizing diffusers have long fingers that help direct the heat to the roots to create extra volume and fullness.

Straighening diffusers or concentrators help detangle and smooth wavy, curly or frizzy hair.

All diffuser attachments should be used on the low heat settings unless instructions state otherwise.

Hairdryers with a 110/210V setting are designed for use in the USA and for 230/240V settings the dryers should be used in the UK and in Europe.

If your dryer is not rated at 230/240V you will not be able to use it outside of the United States.

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