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Hot Iron Clamps With Invisible Rollers


Hair by Above & Beyond

Whether your hair is stick straight, naturally wavy or curly, coil enhanced or kinky, you can experiment with the following tips to create well-formed curls, ringlets or waves with a hot iron and invisible hair rollers.

To Clamp Or Not Clamp With Your Hot Iron

I learned these very helpful hair curling and waving techniques from celebrity hairstylist Robert Hallowell who is truly a master at creating the most gorgeous texture.

Robert always uses hot rollers without clamps or clips because he believes you get must better curls, wave and ringlets without the clamps. Robert is also the king of invisible hair rollers created with his fingers and lots of bobby pins.

Robert reports that if you are addicted to using your clamp to avoid touching the hot iron, you can still do so, he just believes he achieve better texture without it.

Hold Your Hot Iron With The Handle Up

If you wish to use the clamp hold the iron with the handle up, open the clamp, and when you get to the end of a strand you are wrapping, close the clamp around the end of the strands so you don’t get a wrinkled, crinkled, straight or fish hook end.

The clamp will securely hold the end instead of your fingers and will protect them from the heat of the iron.

If you have a clamp on your curling iron there's no need to remove it unless it really bothers you. Instead, as Robert instructed, just roll your hair around the outside of the entire iron with the clamp remaining shut. Basically you will roll your hair over the closed clamp. If you prefer, use the clamp if you like the benefits of it.

Felicity Huffman

Hair Styling Tools Needed

1. 100% boar bristle (Mason Pearson, Kent or Conair) 2. Ceramic curling iron - 1 to 1 1/2" barrel to encourage shimmer & shine or Marcel Iron 3. Defrisant cream (Phytodefrisant) 4. Shine spray (Phyto - PhytoLisse)

Step By Step Instructions

1. Cleanse hair with products designed for hair type, texture, length and condition. Use desired cleansing procedure such as Undiluted Shampoo (US), Diluted Shampoo (DS), LoPoo, Conditioner Only (CO), Water Only (WO) or a combination.

2. Unless hair is cleansed with Conditioner Only (CO) apply a rinse out conditioner and while still applied to the hair detangle with fingers or hair friendly detangling comb.

3. Rinse well and finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close the cuticle.

4. Towel blot and detangle any snarls which may have formed since towel blotting.

Hair by Above & Beyond

5. Apply a pea sized glob of defrisant or styling cream in the palm of the hands and rub it into the palms of your hands until well distributed.

Distribute through damp strands from top of ears down to the ends. Do not apply near the roots or you may risk oiliness.

6. Separate hair into 6-8 equal horizontal sections. Work on one section at a time and blow dry hair with a round or paddle style Mason Pearson, Kent or Conair or similar style brush.

Direct air flow down the hair shaft from the roots to the ends. Finish with a cold shot of air to close cuticle.

7. When your hair is 100% dry plug in your curling iron and wait for it to heat up. As you do, separate into 6-8 sections and curl on one section at a time.

8. Hold a 1, 1 1/2 or 2" curling iron with the handle up and the iron parallel to your head a few inches from your scalp. Wind your hair around the iron, directing hair away from face.

Continue to roll the hair around the iron until all of the hair has been wrapped around the outside of the barrel. By holding the iron with the handle up as you wind the hair around the iron it will easily slide off the bottom of the iron at the end of each strand of hair.

Note: Alternate the size of the hair sections you curl as well as the size of the curling iron barrel to create a deconstructed and natural look.

Some people will actually alternate with two or more irons at the same time and will alternate the size of the hair sections which are being rolled. You may wish to use much larger sections of hair along the top of the head and at the crown with the smaller sections closer to the ends.

Felicity Huffman

Experiment with different ironing techniques based on the overall length, texture and thickness of your hair.

9. After you finish curling a section let the hair dangle for a second and then reroll the hair into an invisible rollers.

Basically you are rolling your hair around your fingers, which form rollers, and then you pin the roll to your scalp to allow it to completely cool and set while you work on the rest of the sections. Remember the more sections of hair you curl and the smaller the sections, the tighter the curls.

How To Create Invisible Hair Rollers

If you wish for a very tousled look then you can skip the invisible roller steps.

10. When the hair has been completely curled and rolled into invisible rollers than spritz with a light holding hairspray.

11. Allowing the hair to set and cool for up to an hour is best but 30 minutes will do. Once hair is completely cool and set unpin each section at a time.

12. Let each released curl dangle freely. Bend over at the waist and use fingers of the 100% boar bristle brush to break up the newly formed curls so that you get lots of sexy waves with a hint of curls at the ends. If you prefer allow the curls to dangle and form them into loose ringlets.

13. Spray one spritz of the shine spray into the palms of your hands. Massage well. Lightly brush your palms over the tops of your hair to apply the shine spray.

Hair by Above & Beyond

14. You may wish to dress up your gorgeous new waves with a sassy headband, jeweled barrette or other hair accessory.

These ironing and curling techniques may not work on hair which is ear length or shorter, but is great for hair that is chin length, shoulder length or longer.


Whether your hair is stick straight, naturally wavy or curly, coil enhanced or kinky, you can experiment with the following tips to create well-formed curls, ringlets or waves with a hot iron and invisible hair rollers.

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