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Holiday Hair Survival Kit


The annual Winter holiday season usually starts for most people in November in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Not only are most of us tempted by mounds of "bad for our body" treats laden with sugar and carbs, we are offered a dizzying array of spirits. Of course there are the many parties and social events that seem to happen almost every day or night extending into the end of January.

While eating large amounts of sweets and carbs can wreck havoc with hair and scalp. The biggest danger is from the need to step out of carefully balanced hair care regimes to crank up holiday hair exercises. All those get togethers with friends and families often mean a lot more washing, blow drying and hot tool styling than normal.

This fact didn't occur to me until a few years ago when I noticed that every year in January my hair went into a post Holiday trauma. At first I planned the onset of dry crunchy and newly split ends with icy cold weather. Yes, that plays a part, but more significantly I realized that my hair had been pushed to its wash, wear and styling limits during November and December.

After that realization, I developed my own Holiday Hair Survival Guide that I follow religiously to avoid hung over hair in January. You may wish to adopt some of these tips and tricks to get you through the rest of the Holiday season, or prepare for future ones.

Holiday Hair Care Tips

1. Prepare Your Hair For Holiday Battle

2. Plan For Hair Events

3. Balance Sweets & Carbs With Hair Healthy Foods

4. Drink Lots Of Water

5. Get More Rest

6. Have Backup Styles Planned In Advance

7. Keep Your Hair Covered

8. Crank Up Your Hair Vitamins


With careful preparation, planning and thought, you can usher your tresses through trying Holiday times with minimal wear and tear. By Valentines Day your hair will be in peak condition reading for romance.

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