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Healthy Sexy Hair: Soy For Your Hair


The Soy experience just got healthier. Since Soy is the future fuel power for the hair, Sexy Hair Concepts introduces five new products to its Healthy Sexy Hair collection that continues to feed and nourish the hair. Soy Fuel Power -- Conditioner Booster: Two drops = Perfect healthy hair. This intense soy formula invigorates any conditioner with one simple step - add 2-4 drops into daily conditioner and hair will be given an energy boost. Soy Fuel Power's exclusive formulation of Soy Protein and boosting botanicals infuses extra moisture and protein into hair. Ideal for all hair types, this conditioning enhancer creates extra strong, shiny and bouncy hair. The fresh cucumber melon fragrance makes this a conditioning experience! (Est. Suggested Retail Price: $16.00) Soy Salvation -- Deep Treatment Hair Masque: Soy Salvation strengthens and improves hair, no matter what condition it's in. This deep hair masque treatment revitalizes normal hair and revives damaged hair. The unique combination of Soy Protein, Oatmeal and pure ingredients nourishes hair, giving it strength, softness and body in just five minutes. After shampooing, simply squeeze out excess water from the hair, apply one full pack of Soy Salvation, wait five minutes and rinse thoroughly. For a more intense treatment, wrap hair in a towel for the five minutes - the heat offers a more concentrated treatment. This complete reformation product is packaged in a box of six individual foils. For full results, follow a six-week prescriptive program by using one pack each week. The sweet green banana fragrance is reminiscent of a tropical paradise. (Est. Suggested Retail Price: $19.00)

Soy Butter -- Pure Shine: Soy Butter-Pure Shine is a non-greasy, ultra shiny finishing product that protects hair from dehydration. The Soy Protein and Shea Butter ingredient combination naturally defends hair from the harmful effects of the environment, while at the same time works to retain the hair's moisture. Soy Butter-Pure Shine is available in an uplifting mango-grapefruit fragrance. (Est. Suggested Retail Price: $16.00) Soya Want Flat Hair -- Flat Iron Spray: Healthy Sexy Hair introduces the first-ever aerosol flat iron spray that's actually good for the hair. Soya Want Flat Hair is a straightening product that not only offers a great styling tool, but also helps protect hair from heat damage. Especially designed for use with a flat iron, this styling aid contains Soy and Wheat Proteins to guard hair against high temperature and regular flat iron use, as well as infuses protein into the hair for added strength. The result? Shiny, healthy and super straight hair. The kumquat cucumber fragrance adds a sweet note to any styling routine. (Est. Suggested Retail Price: $12.00)

Soya Want Full Hair -- Firm Hairspray: Offering intense hold and shine, Soya Want Full Hair is a hairspray that gives continued holding power throughout the day, volume and protection from the sun. This fast-drying hairspray uses the benefits of Soy Protein to make hair feel and look healthy. Soya Want Full Hair is available in a bright basil nectarine fragrance. (Est. Suggested Retail Price: $14.00) As part of the Sexy Hair Concepts collection, Healthy Sexy Hair collection and all Sexy Hair Concepts products are available in professional salons in 20 countries.

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