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Hairstyles for the Beach


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I adore the beach and visit as often as possible. Of course I am always slathered with the appropriate sunscreens, hair oils and related sun protection treatments to avoid burning my skin or scalp.

Too much sun, even with sunscreen infused conditioners or bona fide sunscreens applied to your hair and scalp, can damage or dry out your skin.

Of course it's important to remember to use moderation when exposing your hair to any potentially damaging heat or sun.

Getting Started

I'm always looking for new inspiration for great beach hairstyles that push the envelope of traditional hair looks. As a result I decided to share some of my favorite beach wear hairstyles.

Always apply as much hair conditioning protection as possible. Another recommendation is to use "hair friendly" elastics or clips that are waterproof incase you decide to take a dip in the pool or the ocean.

Braids At The Beach

I love what is known as Baby Beach Braids. Their braided style consists of tucking all your hair behind your ears, center-parting it from crown to nape and then braiding each side of the part close to the scalp.

Braids At The Beach

Option #1

braid.jpg (5704 bytes)

Pull your hair back into a low, nape level, ponytail. Apply a thin layer of conditioner. Aveda Cherry Almond Bark or Aveda Deep Conditioner would be great. The Aveda Elixir would also work well.

Gently comb or pick the conditioner through your hair and then braid in 1 thick 3 strand braid.

Secure the braid with a colored "hair friendly" elastic band. Their is nothing more elegant than a beautiful long 3 strand braid gleaming against a chic summer top.

Add shades and a visor style hat and you have the perfect beach look with your hair being conditioned while you play.

Option #2

Follow the instructions above for Braids At The Beach but take the finished braid and twist it to the right forming a nice round bun. Attach clips or chopsticks to your braided bun.

Twisted Beach Buns

Cosmo Hair instructs you to first make a low ponytail. Move it to the right and then begin twisting it to the right, lifting to the right ear as is twists which makes a type of French twist. Pin the twist into place.

Karen's Beach Twist

Option #1

Take your hair while it is still damp. Apply a light conditioner. Make a low ponytail. Hold the ponytail with the thumb and index finger of your right hand and twist the ponytail up and to the right Remove your thumb and continue to twist around the remaining index finger. Continue twisting until you have a nice round bun that will sit on the middle of your head. To hold the bun in place add chopsticks, a big fat barrette at the end of the twist to hold the bun or clip it with the wide toothed butterfly clips made by Karina

Option #2

Make a nape level ponytail and apply conditioner. Hold the ponytail closed with the thumb and index finger of your right hand. Twist the ponytail hair down and to the right to form a type of long banana or fat elongated curl. Take the tail of the curl and pin underneath the curled part against the scalp. You will have a long hanging nape level curl that is hanging down.

undonebun.jpg (5348 bytes)

Messy & Slicked Back Buns Buns At The Beach

The Messy and Slicked Back Buns which were described in a previous article are still very popular and are guaranteed to be just as popular on the beach.

To make a messy bun you can start with either a very high or middle of the head ponytail. Be sure and apply conditioner. Pull a few select ends of hair out of each side letting the hair just fall or flop to the sides. You can also pull some of the hair out and spray it so it sticks straight up.

slickedbackbun.jpg (4725 bytes)

To make a slicked back bun, apply a heavy amount of conditioner and then apply a shine product.

Pull the hair back into a ponytail that is either high or at the middle of the head depending on where you want the bun situated on your head.

Wrap the ponytail into a bun. You have a choice of wearing the bun at its natural height and thickness and adding clips, pins or chopsticks or pinning the bun tightly to your head.

The key with the slicked back bun is to give the hair a really shiny, wet look.


Some important things to remember about hairstyles for the beach are:

  • Keep them fun
  • Make them easy
  • They need to protect your hair and scalp (add the conditioner)
  • Focus on casual

Enjoy your summer of 1998 and have fun at the beach.

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