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Haircolor: Tips To Make It Last


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Whether you invested a lot of time and money visiting a professional colorist or bought a hair color kit for less than $10.00 at the drugstore, you probably want to maximize your color results and keep if fresh and vibrant looking as long as possible.

Although it is inevitable that colored hair sprouts roots or the color will fade, it has been proven that there are several things anyone can do to help extend the life of their hair color or highlights.

Keep in mind that all of the red hues will fade the fastest with the darker colors fading the slowest.

Make Your Haircolor Last

Follow these easy tips to maintain your hair's gorgeous new color:

1. Wait 24-48 hours after your last shampoo before the color is applied. The natural buildup of hair oils will help the color grab better for a deeper and longer lasting hue concentration.

2. Allow 48 hours or longer to pass after the color is applied and washed out to resume your normal shampoo cycle.

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3. Avoid shampooing colored or highlighted hair in hot water. Cool water is best for colored hair followed by a cuticle closing colder water rinse. If you can't stand cool or cold water, use lukewarm water.

4. Whenever possible, use gentle shampoos, rinse out and leave-in conditioners and styling products that are specifically designed for color-treated hair.

5. Shampoo only as often as necessary. Keep in mind that each new shampoo treatment can potentially speed up color fading.

6. Minimize the use of hot styling tools (blow dryers, hot irons or curlers) to avoid heat damage to your new color. When possible let your colored tresses air dry.

7. If you are a slave to your blow dryer, use a heat protecting leave-in conditioner or protectant product.

Another option is to use a cooler air setting.

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8. Limit or avoid the use of intense volumizing, clarifying and oil reducing shampoos that are designed to blow open or strip the hair's cuticle.

These types of products may inadvertently strip and/or fade your hair color. When in doubt, check before using any products that may steal away your hues.

9. Minimize hot oil treatments that use highly acidic ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, that may also strip your color.

10. Deep condition at least once a week with products designed specifically to help maintain and strengthen color treated hair.

11. Avoid application of other chemical treatments like perms or straighteners which may damage or cause hair to become weakened and less vibrant.

12. Stay out of salt water and chlorinated pools that can quickly fade or leech out your prized hues. In some cases the chemicals in the chlorinated pools may even add an unwanted tinge of green, pink or other unnatural color.

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If you must swim and can't wear a bathing cap, rinse hair immediately before and after entering the water with distilled water. Shampoo as soon as possible to remove any lingering chemicals that can leech out color.

13. Wear your hair covered with a cap during the sun's brightest times of the day or invest in a good sun screen for your precious locks.

14. Alternate wearing your hair parted on different sides to expose different sections of your hair to the elements. This will prevent natural fading in just one area of your strands.

Be conscientious and use extra special care for your colored tresses and your hot hues will last as long as possible.

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