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Hair Tricks: Instantly Lose 10 Pounds With Your Hair Style


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There are lots of wardrobe tricks that will instantly make you look ten pounds thinner.

Some of these tricks include:

  1. - Dress all in one color from head to toe. It'll make your body look leaner and much longer. - Select proper foundations that lift your bust and firm your stomach and buttocks. - Use Jessica Simpson's trick of always wearing high heels which help to elongate your body giving you instant slimness. Jessica even wears high heels to the pool.

Great Slimming Hair Style Tricks

What many people don't realize is that hair styles, hair color and even hair accessories can help you give the illusion of instantly losing 10 pounds.

Some great slimming hair style tricks include:

  1. Minimize frizz. Any type of hair frizz will add width and fullness to the face. Always utilize a fabulous defrisant formula like Phytodefrisant or a great product from Rene Furterer to keep hair sleek, shiny and slimming.
  2. Divert attention away from a double chin by wearing hair styled a few inches below the chin and worn close to the sides. A long layered shag, when expertly cut, can instantly minimize a double chin and instantly slenderize the face.
  3. Wear hair with the appropriate height at the crown to elongate round faces and cheeks. Play with hairline bumps. When hairstyles are coiffed with volume throughout the crown it will also help to lift excess weight in the neck area as well. Remember to never go higher with your hair than the total length of your forehead. Hairline bumps or pompadours which are too high may give a cone head illusion.
  4. Beautiful Curls Styled To Slenderize Face

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    Build in volume throughout the roots which instantly adds the illusion of face length. Hairsyles which have flat roots may accentuate extra pounds in the face.
  5. Add overall balance to your face with a crown bump, high ponytail or a sleek topknot.
  6. If you have a voluptuous figure and wish to look slimmer avoid wearing super short cuts which can instantly add the appearance of extra pounds.
  7. Avoid a center part if you wish to slenderize a round face or overly full cheeks. Go with a side or off-center part instead.
  8. Focus on your best facial feature such as eyes, cheekbones, lips or skin tone. If you highlight your best features you will deflect attention away from problem areas. The right fringe will minimize large foreheads and make eyes pop.
  9. Avoid hairstyles with sharp edges, lines or angles which can draw a line to the face making it look wider than it really is. An asymmetrical bob which has sharp lines pointing towards a slight double chin can actually make that double chin look much more pronounced than it is.
  10. Utilize highlights and lowlights to direct attention to your best features and minimize wide cheeks or excess weight along the jaw or chin.
  11. Avoid lots of texture such as curls or waves along the sides of the face at the cheekbones. This will create the appearance of extra width.
  12. Keep hair well maintained, trimmed and looking healthy and sleek.

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What many people don't realize is that hair styles, hair color and even hair accessories can help you give the illusion of instantly losing 10 pounds.

Regardless whether you utilize your hairstyle to shave off unwanted pounds, any slimming hairstyles can be toned down or amped up depending on individual tastes.

Use any desired hair accessory and combine it with the slimming tips for a spectacular result.

Skinny headbands placed a few inches back from the hairline can be wonderful for adding subtle lift around the face or helping to push up roots.

Hair flowers positioned at the top of the head near the crown of slightly back from the hairline can draw attention away from a round or square face giving the illusion of added height.

If you utilize hair accessories to instantly shave off10 pounds remember to always attach accessories last after all styling products have been applied to avoid damaging delicate designs and accessory materials.

- Revised Date: 11/15/11

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