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Hair Tips: Angie Harmon Lush Locks


Angie Michelle Harmon has been busy since 2001 when she left her post as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael on Law And Order.

(At Movieline's Hollywood Life's 7th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, Henry Fonda Theater, Hollywood, CA - 05-01-05 - Photo: David Edwards - - all rights reserved).

She married football hunk, Jason Sehorn, who proposed on Jay Leno, starred in several films (Good Advice, Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story, Agent Cody Banks, Fun With Dick and Jane, End Game and gave birth to two daughters in 2003 and 2005.

Recently it was announced that the Leo actress (August 10, 1972) had joined the new ensemble drama series "Inconceivable" as Dr. Nora Campbell. The NBC series which airs on Fridays, 10-11 pm ET, features Angie as a brilliant and ambitious reproductive specialist who also becomes a loose cannon at a fertility clinic.

Angie The Ugly Duckling

Although Angie got her start in showbiz at age 15 by beating out 63,000 other girls to win Seventeen magazine's 1987 cover girl contest, she has claimed in past media interviews that she was "an ugly duckling" when she was younger.

(Image of Angie Harmon & Jason Sehon during Jason's famous on-air marriage proposal - NBC Late Night - Jay Leno Show - March 13, 2000 - NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater - all rights reserved)

Angie confided in 1999 to The National Enquirer that she was "not an attractive child". The stunning actress reported that "I had two really big buck teeth. I was horrendous - long, lanky and gangly".

With a little help from braces, adolescence and time Angie emerged a natural beauty with lustrous dark hair, big beautiful eyes, gorgeous skin and lush eyebrows. Her high sculpted cheekbones originate with her father's part Cherokee ancestry and her mom's German genes.

(Image of Angie Harmon - NBC Series - Inconceivable - 2005 - NBC Photo: Kevin Foley - all rights reserved).

Angie went to Highland Park High School but snubbed college opportunities. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a model. Why? Ultimately she wanted to break into acting and felt that modeling was the perfect path.

Sure enough, while modeling, Angie was "discovered" on a plane by David Hasselhof who signed her to appear on Baywatch Nights. From that first appearance she was signed to her recurring role on Law & Order.

Getting Started Notes Angie generally prefers to wear her thick hair several inches below her shoulders with some light layering around her face line. She wears her hair either swept to one side from a deep side part or swept up off her face from a short middle part.

(Image of Angie Harmon at Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style Honoring Tom Ford, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, March 28, 2004 - Photo: David Edwards/ - all rights reserved).

She has access to the world's best hairdressers and was a client of famous hairdresser John Sahag, who recently passed away after a long illness. Back in 2003 John created a famous short style for Angie by cutting several inches off her length. Since that major chop Angie has grown her hair back to several inches below her shoulders. When Angie is not wearing her luscious strands straight, she likes to loosely pile her tresses up on her head for a messy twist. Other times she wears a half up/half down style.

Angie's long lush style would be most successful when created on medium to thick same length strands that are shoulder length or a bit longer with some natural hair bend.

(Image of Angie Harmon at 6th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Shrine Auditorium, March 12, 2000, Photo: David Edwards/ - all rights reserved).

While a slight natural hair wave or bend would be workable, hair that is tightly curled would need to be softened into a looser pattern to successfully recreate Angie's long languid look.

This style is ideal for most face shapes since the finished look can be slightly adjusted to minimize any known face shape challenges.

Steal This Style

It is important to remember that super shiny styles like Angie's involves a commitment to creating ongoing shiny hair that always reflects light off the cuticles. Remember the smoother you keep the hair’s cuticle, the more light it reflects and the more shimmer you radiate.

(Image of Angie Harmon at HBO Emmy Party, Spago, Beverly Hills, September 10, 2000, Photo: David Edwards/ - all rights reserved).

If you love Angie's style, be sure to take the time once a week to nourish your strands with an intensive repair treatment that coats the cuticle to smooth out any rough edges. You can also deploy a number of shiny inducing hair tricks ranging from doing a final rinse with cool water, blow drying your strands on the coolest, slowest blow dryer setting and using the new ion hair technologies whenever possible.

If you decide to have your stylist recreate Angie's look, be sure to ask your hairdresser to provide you some detailed styling tips before you leave the salon so you are comfortable with the best products and techniques to use for your own type, texture and length of strands. Ask for additional tricks you might use to crank up the shine factor.

Steal Angie's Lush Locks

To copy Angie's glossy finished style, perform the following steps:

(Image of Angie Harmon at Sheri Bodell Fashion Show as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Beverly Hills, March 31, 2004, Photo: David Edwards - all rights reserved).

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with your normal products designed for your current hair type, texture and condition. If your hair is highlighted use either a moisture enhanced or color enriched formula. If your hair is dry from chemical processing, consider diluting the shampoo formula to protect your strands.

(Shampoo products to try: Phyto - Phytojoba Hydrating Shampoo, PHYTO - Dry Hair System, Phyto - PhytoBrush Shampoo, Paves Professional - FLAWless No Sulfates Allowed Repairing Shine Shampoo For Dry Hair.

Step 2: Towel blot strands. Detangle strands from the ends to the roots.

If you have baby fine or thin hair, use a volume enhancing shampoo. Skip any rinse-out conditioning products that might make hair too soft and flat. If you must use a rinse-out conditioner, make sure that you limit how much you use and that you concentrate on the middle to the ends.

Rinse well with a cool water spray which helps build natural volume and increases shine.

Step 3: Apply a volumizing gel or similar products to the roots. To protect against heat and add body, distribute a leave-in conditioner, mousse or gel from the top of the ears to the ends. Distribute well.

(Image of Angie Harmon at Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style Honoring Tom Ford, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, March 28, 2004 - Photo: David Edwards/ - all rights reserved).

Note: If your hair tends to frizz or is naturally wavy or curly, you may wish to combine a volume product for the roots with a smoothing serum for the rest of the hair.

(Anti-Frizz Product to try: Rene Furterer - Control Emulsion Anti-Frizz) (Root volume products to try: Phyto - Phytovolume Actif, PHYTO - Volume System, Phyto - Phytovolume Shampoo).

Step 4: Working from side to side use a boar's head or natural round brush combined with your blow dryer to straighten and build in body.

Step 5: To build in volume at the roots, use the round brush to lift your tresses up and direct the air flow from the dryer up the hair shaft to the root. This "ruffles the cuticle" helping to add natural fullness.

Step 6: Use the round brush to straighten the remainder of the hair by rolling individual sections carefully around the brush and directing the air flow down the hair shaft towards the ends. This helps to straighten, close the cuticle and adds shine.

Step 7: While drying the ends, use the round brush to turn the ends under slightly while finishing.

Step 8: Seal the style by finishing up with a blast of cool air, if possible, from your blow dryer.

Step 9: Carefully comb in desired part.

Step 10: Apply a tiny drop of shine serum, drops or spray into the palms of your hands. Lightly brush the palms over the top of your style and you are ready to rock ala Cameron Diaz style.

(Image of Angie Harmon at Prada, July 15, 2004 - Photo by: Jason Kirk - - all rights reserved).

(Shine products to try: Phyto - PhytoLisse (Formerly Phytodefrisant RelaxSerum, Paves Professional - FLAWless In The Spotlight Greaseless Essential Oil Shine Serum For Dry Damaged Hair)

If you prefer, you can use a curling iron to turn under the ends a little bit or use a straight iron on selected pieces around the face to give a contrasting texture to the bobbed look.

Step 11: To make the look even more Angie friendly, tuck one side of the style behind the ear for a sassier image.


Angie Harmon has made a graceful transition from modeling to the big screen. Now she is returning for a new NBC series which has all the makings of a hit, especially with Angie as part of the cast. Not only does Angie hail from's home town of Dallas, she is gorgeous, funny and a great actress.

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