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Hair Tip - Adrienne Curry: Top Model Hair


I used to be insanely addicted to "reality TV" and America's Next Top Model (ANTM) was one of my all time favorites along with The Bachelor and The Apprentice.

I definitely was rooting for the 5"10 1/2" gorgeous green-eyed Leo contestant, Adrianne Curry. I was worried that she would get kicked off when she got ill on the show and had to be rushed to the ER. When she won I was definitely thrilled.

I loved the fact that she was very quirky. The first winner of the ANTM series has confessed to the press that she adores animals and has a wide range of pets ranging from a pink-toed tarantula, a miniature collie, a husky/Shepard mix and Ziggy Satrdust, her beloved black cat.

While I expected Adrianne to soar to new modeling heights, I definitely had the reality that maybe she wouldn't.

It was exciting to see that she was recently named to Maxim Magazine's Hot 100 list. Although the former waitress came in right at 100, she definitely made it onto the list, which is quite an accomplishment.

Even better, Adrianne won even more fans on VH1's 4th season The Surreal Life with Da Brat, Chyna, Jane Wiedlin, Verne Troyer, Marcus Schenkengerg and Christopher Knight (Peter from TV's The Brady Bunch), who she became romantically involved with. The romance has caused a major buzz since Peter is 47 and Adrianne is 22 years old.

As of this article the two lovebirds are still very much together. Rumors are flying that they are even engaged.

Steal Adrianne's Style

The brunette Adrianne (born August 6, 1982) has come a long way from the first season of ANTM when she was striving so hard to become a model.

Adrianne, who has a lot of rich auburn highlights wears her thick hair swept off her beautiful face in a long straight slightly layered style that falls a few inches below her shoulders.

Since winning the modeling reality show Adrianne has been busy appearing in a variety of different venues to boost her career. She has become more of a spokes model/celebrity than a hard core runway model but her growing fan base doesn't seem to mind at all.

The advantage to Adrianne's classic long slightly layered style is that it offers a lot of versatility. It can be easily worn up or down, depending on the event. The biggest drawback to this style, especially if hair is fine, thin or stick straight, is that hair may droop or fall flat.

Steal Adrianne's sleek style:

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with your normal products designed for your current hair type, texture and condition. If you hair is highlighted use either a moisture enhanced or color enriched formula. If your hair is dry from chemical process, consider diluting the shampoo formula to protect your strands.

(Shampoo products to try: Phyto - Phytojoba Hydrating Shampoo - 6.7 fl oz (200ml), PHYTO - Dry Hair System, Phyto - PhytoBrush Shampoo - 6.7 fl oz (200ml) If you have fine or thin hair, use a volume enhancing shampoo. Skip any rinse-out conditioning products that might make hair too soft and flat. If you must use a rinse-out conditioner, make that you limit how much you use and that you concentrate on the middle to the ends.

Rinse well with a cool water rinse which helps build natural volume and increase shine.

Step 2: Towel blow strands. Detangle strands from the ends to the roots.

Step 3: Apply a volumizing gel or similar products to the roots. To protect against heat and add body, distribute a leave-in conditioner, mousse or gel from the top of the ears to the ends. Distribute well.

Note: If your hair tends to frizz or is naturally wavy or curly, you may wish to combine a volume product for the roots with a smoothing serum for the rest of the hair. (Anti-Frizz Product to try: Rene Furterer - Control Emulsion Anti-Frizz)

(Root volume products to try: Phyto - Phytovolume Actif, PHYTO - Volume System, Phyto - Phytovolume Shampoo

Step 4: Working from side to side use a boar's head or natural round brush combined with your blow dryer to straighten and build in body.

Step 5: To build in volume at the roots, use the round brush to lift your tresses up and direct the air flow from the dryer up the hair shaft to the root. This "ruffles the cuticle" helping to add natural fullness.

If you prefer, bend over at the waist and direct the air flow of the dryer up the hair shaft towards the roots. When hair is 90% dry, bend right side up and work on the hair from the ears down to the ends.

Note: Hairdressers differ on their opinion whether it is beneficial to blow hair "upside down" or not. Use your own judgment on which technique works best for you.

Step 6: Use the round brush straighten the remainder of the hair by rolling individual sections carefully around the brush and directing the air flow down the hair shaft towards the ends. This helps to straighten, close the cuticle and adds shine.

(Round brush to try: Rene Furterer - Large Round Hair Brush in a Bag).

Step 7: While drying the ends, use the round brush to flip ends up slightly while finishing.

Note: For a more pronounced flip, use a round metal brush on just the ends. The metal brush acts like a hot iron or curler to help lock in curl.

Step 8: Seal the style by finishing up with a blast of cool air, if possible, from your blow dryer.

Step 9: Spray with a strong hold hairspray or volume spray. Carefully unpin the curls.

(Hairsprays to try: PhytoPro - Instant Hold Spray #15 - 6.7 fl oz, Rene Furterer - Instant Hold Finishing Spray

Step 10: Apply a tiny drop of shine serum, drops or spray into the balms of your hands. Lightly brush the palms over the top of your style and you are ready to rock ala Heather Locklear style.

(Shine products to try: Phyto - PhytoLisse (Formerly Phytodefrisant RelaxSerum)

If you like you can use a curling iron to flip up the ends a little bit or use a straight iron on selected pieces around the face to give a contrasting texture to the look..


Just a few years ago Adrianne was working as waitress. Now she is fast becoming a media darling and has a hot new romance with Christopher Knight. Watch closely since this brunette beauty will continue to have major success in her career.

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