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Hair Sun & Fun Rules & Regs


There a some simple rules and regs to enjoy hair sun and fun.

For many people, summertime means more time outdoors. Unfortunately our enthusiasm for enjoying hair sun and fun or catching some rays may exceed our good judgment. Just a few hours of hair sun and fun can quickly result in days or weeks of sunburn related pain and ultimate peeling.

To enjoy hair sun & fun in the summer without danger to your scalp, hair or skin, listed below are some simple rules & reqs:

#1. Know your UV limitations.

Every person’s skin responds differently to UV rays (sunlight). In 1975 Thomas Fitzpatrick a Harvard PhD devised the Fitzpatrick skin test to help define these boundaries. The Fitzpatrick test asks a series of questions that look at genetics, previous experience and lifestyle. The questions yield a raw score and neatly categorize skin types into 6 distinct categories ranging from light to dark skin.

On one end of the spectrum you have people with little or no tolerance to UV and burn easily (Type I). On the other end of the spectrum you have people with dark skin that do not burn easily (Type VI).

If you don't know your threshold, take the Fitzpatrick test and determine your specific skin type. Understanding your burn threshold can make your time outdoors more enjoyable and safer.

#2. Use an SPF protective product for scalp, hair and skin.

SPF’s (sun protection factor) or sun blocks can easily and effectively reduce your risk of burning. SPF’s use a number system to identify their ability to block or repel burning rays. As an example, assume you normally redden or burn in 10 minutes of direct sunlight.

When you apply an SPF 15, it increases the time it takes to redden or burn up to 150 minutes or 15 times as long. SPF’s with a higher number generally provide a longer duration of protection. It is important to liberally apply the sunscreen to all exposed areas or you will regret any oversights.

Additionally, sweat, water, or rubbing off can remove SPF, so make sure to liberally reapply as needed. Sunscreens are a great preventative measure, but if you think you are burning, get out of the sun. Sunburns or overexposure are key factors in premature aging.

#3. Wear protective headgear.

Overexposure to UV rays can cause all sorts of damage to the scalp, the hair, the hairline and even the eyes.

Your eyes are fragile and UV’s invisible rays can penetrate the eyes even in cloud cover. UV blocking sunglasses are more then a fashion statement; they are your eyes first defense against burning. Use them regularly.

With these simple rules, you can enjoy a prolonged and satisfying outdoor experience. Your skin and eyes will thank you.

If your outdoor pursuits are tanning induced, then this is the perfect time for you to consider sunless tanning products.

For more information Fitzpatrick skin typing or SPF’s visit

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