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Hair Snippets: Elizabeth Mitchell Sleek Blonde Hairstyles


Elizabeth Mitchell

The lovely Elizabeth Mitchell has been acting since the early 1990s, but first won the attention of fans when she brilliantly played Dr. Kim Legaspi, love partner of Dr. Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes) on TV's popular ER during the 2000-2001 season.

After leaving her controversial role on ER she guest starred on some of the most noteworthy TV series around including Law And Order: SVU, CSI and House.

Note: Visit Elizabeth Mitchell's Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery

In 2006 she again assumed a role in the controversial series, Lost, as the lovable Juliet Burke and remained attached to the series until 2010 when the show met its planned end.

In 2009 Elizabeth assumed the new role of Erica Evans fighting nefarious aliens in the sci-fi remake of "V", the 80s hit TV series. She will continue in her role with the series returns for the 2010-2011 season.

Elizabeth Mitchell on V

Tucked in-between her various famous TV roles have been movie roles including Angelina Jolie's lover in the Golden Globe-winning Gia and Mrs. Claus in the The Santa Clause trilogy.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Dallas, Mitchell transitioned from a performing arts high school to a BFA degree in acting. She further honed her craft at the renowned Dallas Theatre Company.

Hair Styles:

Elizabeth's hairstyles on both V and Lost have followed a similar design and profile.

Her hairstyles are wisely designed to focus on showing off her stunning face and gorgeous eyes. She has spectacular laser beam blue eyes which pop when combined with her light blonde tresses.

Hairstyles On Lost

On Lost her off-the-face strands honored a deserted island motif. Afterall, on an uninhabited island there's no hair salons, colorists or array of sophisticated hair products to select from.

Elizabeth Mitchell on Lost

In all fairness there were some flashback scenes where Elizabeth's life before being on the island was showcased. Of course her hair looked different when she was in flashback mode than fighting monstors (human and other kinds).

Even while being lost on the island, with the absence of hair salons and showers, her blonde tresses were beautifully tousled. Her precision placed highlights and lowlights looked like they were the result of long days in the sun.

Of course we all know better, but they were very authentic for being lost on an island.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen Elizabeth in any hairstyle - onscreen or off - which wasn't super flattering to her face. She looked gorgeous, even when lost on a dangerous deserted island.

Hairstyles For Fighting Aliens On V

Elizabeth's character on V was not stranded on an island with a range of villains. Instead, she's fighting aliens.

Similar to Lost, Elizabeth's character wears her hair brushed up and off her hairline, but with either a long side swept fringe or cascading from a side part.

In general her tresses are sleeker, more finished and appropriate to her character's professional life. Afterall, when you're fighting aliens you have to be ready for anything.

On V she wears her hair a bit shorter, finished and swept up into a variety of casually created half ponies and buns. Elizabeth sometimes utilizes hair accessories including headbands, hair clips and an array of plain and decorative bobby pins to pull the front of her hair up and off her face.

Hair Secrets:

Although from some angles Elizabeth appears to have a classically oval face, her jaw line is more square and she has a charming dimpled chin which gives her face character. Elizabeth wisely wears her tresses chin length of longer which softens her jaw line. She looks great either with bone straight or textured strands.

Elizabeth Mitchell

The biggest secret to Elizabeth's well groomed silky locks are regular deep conditioning treatments combined with regular trims to keep ends in tip top shape.

Quick Hairstyling Tips:

Elizabeth's tousled wavy hairstyle (shown to the side) is ideal for anyone with shoulder length or longer tresses which are medium in thickness with some natural waves or bend.

Her hairstyle is best achieved on freshly cleansed hair properly prepped with styling products to give the hair appropriate workability.

Follow the styling tips below:

1. Cleanse hair with products designed specifically for your hair's type, texture, condition and/or special needs such as colored hair or to add volume. Add rinse-out conditioner and final cold water rinse.

Elizabeth Mitchell on Lost

2. Towel blot. Rake leave-in conditioning and appropriate styling cocktail through strands with wide tooth comb and/or fingers. Work styling cocktail through strands starting at the hairline and working down through the ends. Apply volume enhancing spray to roots for lots of lift.

Note: If your hair is prone to frizzing apply a defrisant product or mix with your other styling products. Many celebrities are big fans of Phytodefrisant.

3. Dry with a large boar bristle round brush and blow dryer with concentrator attachment. If you prefer to create tousled separation rather than sleek volume use a long finger diffuser instead to amp up waves along edges.

4. Add lots of volume by flipping head upside down while drying. Blow dry until tresses are dry throughout the base, but still damp on the ends.

Elizabeth Mitchell on V

Flip head back to finish ends. Use a 2-inch round boar bristle brush. Turn hair slightly under at the ends. Blow hair back at temples. Direct strands away from the face briefly to create additional lift and shape.

4. Once hair is 100% dry, separate into 2" sections and curl with large barrel curling iron. After curling each section, roll into large curl with your fingers and pin to the scalp to cool.

5. After entire head is curled, pinned and cooled, unpin all the curls and tousle lightly with your fingers.

6. Finish styling process with light holding spray. Swipe with light shine serum to capture random fly-a-ways and add bouncy shimmer.

The key to the sexy glamour of Elizabeth's hair is lush root volume, shimmering shine and loose waves throughout the edges. Avoid too much product or styling to keep hair soft.

Hairstyling Notes & Options

To add more volume after hair is completely dry separate hair into 2-inch sections. Spray base of hair with volumizing and/or finishing spray.

Roll target sections towards back of head on large self adhesive rollers. Or roll entire head in 2-inch sections down the middle of the head all the way to the nape of the neck.

Elizabeth Mitchell on V

Allow rollers to set for a minimum of 30-45 minutes. Remove rollers. Use fingers to shake strands free. Avoid disturbing new texture with comb or brush.

Slightly back comb throughout crown and adjacent to hairline to add more volume. Finish with mist of light finishing spray.


You can easily achieve Elizabeth's classy tousled wavy style which combines smoothly blown out hair with lush volume built throughout the top and crown.

Hot irons are utilized along the perimeter to give Elizabeth's ends wavy curves and bend.

For hair which is naturally straight, hot rollers or a wet set with adhesive rollers dried under a hood unit will create more defined texture along the edges.

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Elizabeth Mitchell's Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery

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