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Hair Rules Of Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga MTV Video Awards

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Shock rocker Lady Gaga is famous for her shocking white blonde hairstyles which are often accented with a wide array of bold colors ranging from vibrant yellow to turquoise, red, pink, blue and purple.

Her fashion statements are designed to shock and might include real life beef or an array of gowns which appear to have just arrived on the latest spaceship.

Lady Gaga's hairstyles are embraced by women and men of all ages around the world

The famous diva of style and glitz told People Magazine, when discussing her natural brunette tresses which she wears bleached white blonde that she has to "get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out."

Potential Hair Loss

Will hair loss stop the music superstar? Absolutely not. If Gaga completely loses her hair from chemical abuse she will either transition to an array of shocking wigs or she's go au natural and create a new fad for shaved heads.

Lady Gaga 2009

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Lady Gaga's Hair Rules

What is behind Lady Gaga's amazing hairstyles which always win her tons of press?

Gore Vidal said it best "style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn" what others think.

Lady Gaga certainly fits Vidal's style mantra.

Listed below are some of the hair rules Lady G has followed in her quest to create iconic hair statements.

1. Create Hairstyle Drama

Since Lady Gaga burst onto the music scene as a brunette she has constantly changed her hair color, cut, length and styles winning constant paparazzi attention.

Some of noteworthy hairstyles have included the following:

  • The famous bow hairstyle. Positioned to one side near the back of her head, the bow was oversized and appeared to be made of her own hair. It was made with add-on hair which matched Gaga's own hair color.
  • Super long platinum blonde lightly waved extended tresses cascading from a center part and accented with splashes of turquoise color.
  • Classic shoulder length bob with blunt brow brushing bands.
  • Dutchboy razored bob with choppy uneven bangs.

Lady Gaga

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Once Lady Gaga became the new hair It Girl the world paid constant attention copying her ever changing array of hair fashions.

Although Lady Gaga embraces provocative face framing head-turning hairstyles, her hair is just one part of her overall fashion look. Lady Gaga selects hairstyles which work with whatever costumer she is showcasing.

Case in point? When Lady G wore her meat dress, she accessorized with a meat headdress tying her hair into the total look.

2. Cause Fashion Scandals

Jennifer Lopez carved a spot on the diva map when she wore the shockingly low-cut green Versace gown on the red carpet.

Superstar Madonna donned cone shaped bras onstage and caused outrage in the Catholic Church with her use of sacred religious symbols.

Lady Gaga recently shocked the world with a gown made of fresh meat. Although many were horrified by the design, it made headlines around the world.

She has also created other scandals by appearing clad in bubbles and an array of costumes which barely covered her body.

2. Don A Spectacular Headdress

Lady Gaga Arriving In Egg At Grammy Awards

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The late Elizabeth Taylor made headlines for her dramatic turbans, tiaras and other extravagant headdress.

True fashionistas have gone to great lengths and heights to win notice and attention.

Lady Gaga understands this rule and tops her array of dramatic hairstyles with stunning hats and toppings.

3. Strike A Pose

Lady Gaga was the center of attention when she arrived in a giant egg at the recent 2011 Grammy Awards.

Fans and the media were so stunned by the egg they failed to really pay much attention to the four men, two of them scantily clad, who carried the egg similar to Cleopatra.

Gaga made headlines even before striking her odd egg-encased pose by promising fans and the media she would be performing her new song, Born This Way.

Lady Gaga 2009

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After arriving on The Red Carpet in the egg she proceeded to hatch onstage during her performance.

Gaga won her first Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album, for her album appropriately titled "The Fame Monster".


Lady Gaga has consistently demonstrated that expressing yourself is the best rule for achieving superstar status and a never ending array of iconic hairstyles.

Lady Gaga MTV Video Awards

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