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Hair: Roller Styling 101


Conair Hot Rollers

Creating a gorgeous hairstyle with either hot rollers, self grip rollers or similar curling tools are easy and fun. This article is all about roller styling for hair.

Although this original article recommended the use of Roller Ball Curlers (made with hook & loop fasteners) and a type of Caruso rollers which are no longer manufactured or available.

As a result, these hot styling items have been updated with more appropriate curl creation tools.

Quick Ways To Bouncy Hair

All of my hair clients are always looking for quick ways to add life, bounce and movement to their hair without a lot of fuss.

As a result, I have put together the tips listed below for quickly and easily creating bouncy hair.

Tips For Creating Bouncy Hair

Listed below are tips anyone can become skilled at performing to create bouncy hair in less than 10 minutes:

Rene Furterer - Instant Hold Finishing Spray

Try placing all of your hair into a ponytail on top of your head - mind you, I mean dry hair.

Then, distribute a quality volume enhancing mousse throughout all of the hair within the ponytail. Now take 1/2" to 1" wafts of hair and place them on your favorite hot roller (hook & loop or adhesive style rollers work great, too - read below).

Wait until the rollers are fully cooled down - take them out and then release your hair from the ponytail holder and mist your curls with a hairspray, like Rene Furterer - Instant Hold Finishing Spray - then enjoy!

When possible I personally recommend using hook & loop style, sponge or any curlers other than electric rollers. I would say that they are less damaging and more effective than plain "heat only" rollers.

When you attempt to style your hair, you are temporarily breaking and reforming a bond within the hair called the "hydrogen bond".

This hydrogen bond is broken by either heat or water, or a combination of both. When the hair is about 90% dry or cooled down, the hydrogen bonds start to lock into whatever position the hair is in, such as wrapped around a roller.

Hot rollers can be potentially more dangerous to the hair. This is because dry hair expands when it is heated up and stretched around a roller.

Moist hair can stretch up to 50% of it's length without breaking, dry hair cannot.

Conair Self Grip Rollers

Contrary to what some are told about Self Grip Style Rollers, they are easy to use. The key to using them safely is to make sure they are installed properly.

They will stay put while drying and they will release from your hair without tangling. The roller should be used like a brush to smooth the section that it will be placed in.

I like to start with dry hair and apply either mousse or volume spray to each section of hair I am about to wrap. Then I roll the roller to the head at a 45 degree angle (90 degrees would be straight out from the head so half lower than that).

When you're ready to remove the Self Grip Rollers it's important to note that you must roll them out in the same direction you rolled them in.

Do not try and slide them out like other rollers or your hair could tangle. That is the common mistake people of who've tangled on Self Grip Style rollers run into.

Have fun - work with your hair - don't fight it!

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Original Publication Date: 1997 - Revised Publication Date: 06/16/11

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