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Hair Makeover: Short Flip To Sleek Crop


Just a few inches off the back and a slight color adjustment can make a huge difference as demonstrated by gorgeous model Gretchen (shown to the side).

("Before" Image of Gretchen - courtesy MultiMedia International - style by David Groshen - all rights reserved - 2005).

Before her makeover, Gretchen wore her medium to finely textured hair off behind one ear and directed away from her face.

Getting Started Notes

Gretchen favored an off center part that merged with the rest of the medium length flicked end style that extended a few inches below her chin. Her pre-makeover hair color hinted at strawberry blonde tones.


Stylist Susana Porras (at Face Station Salon in New York City (212) 249-8866) focused on creating a sizzling new hairstyle that would minimize Gretchen’s wide forehead and recalibrate her long face shape. Based on her shaping goals, Susana redesigned Gretchen’s front part so that it was less severe. She skillfully removed some excess length from behind the ears.

(Image of Gretchen during the cutting process of her makeover - Left to right - Susana Porras of FaceStation, model Gretchen - Image courtesy MultiMedia International - all rights reserved - 2005)

Susana then layered the back and sides of Gretchen’s tresses into a carefully graduated side swept chop that cascaded from the top of the crown into a soft veil of hair ending near the middle of Gretchen’s cheek.

The new lines of Gretchen’s shorter style instantly narrowed her forehead, brilliantly shortened the appearance of her long facial shape and provided flattering strand fullness and movement.


Using the spectacularly etched hair lines of Gretchen’s new crop as a guide, strawberry blonde tones were replaced with golden blonde hues.

To enhance the newly woven gold color, an array of highlights and lowlights were painstakingly applied to make the new style literally pop.


Gretchen’s croppy new do was washed with a color protecting shampoo and matching conditioner to protect her newly golden locks. After towel blotting her wet strands, Susana applied a small amount of David Groshen Light Gel throughout Gretchen’s tresses.

("After" Image of Gretchen - courtesy MultiMedia International - - all rights reserved - 2005).

Using her fingers, Susana scrunched around the roots to give them volume and lift. Continuing to use her fingers Susana blow dried Gretchen saucy new crop into a side veil of cascading sleekness.

When Gretchen’s hair was completely dry, Susana used a flat brush to lightly arrange the finished style in absolute perfection.


Once Susana was finished creating a masterpiece of style and color, makeup artist Cristina Turino applied a beautiful palette of hues to compliment Jennifer's sensual new look.


Gretchen’s gorgeous new style bestows instant star power setting her apart from the crowd with her sleek crop and luminous golden hues.

("After" Image of Gretchen - courtesy MultiMedia International - style by David Groshen - all rights reserved - 2005).

Visit Susana, David & his fabulous team at Face Station Salon at 855 Lexington Avenue in New York (212) 249-8866 for your own jaw-dropping transformation. Please tell David that Karen at sent you.

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Story Credits

Styles: Susana Porras Makeup: Cristina Turino Photographer: Paul Colliton Editorials: Karen Marie Shelton

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