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Hair Makeover: Dull & Damaged To Delicious


Photo Courtesy MMI Mags & Gerard Bollei Salon

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Long luscious locks can be the most beautiful tresses to behold. Healthy, well-cared for long locks are not only extremely gorgeous, they offer a myriad of styling options.

However, when long becomes damaged, bedraggled, shapeless or full of split ends, it may be time to regroup.


Model Nadia (shown to the side) was a good case in point. When she visited the Gerard Bollei Salon in NYC (212-759-7985) she decided to start her new hair year by ditching her current thick, bulky, damaged below-the-shoulders style and go for an updated look.

Although she opted to retain a longer length, Nadia's damaged ends were removed to give her a fresh start for growing long term healthy hair.

Model Nadia visited the fabulous Gerard Bollei Salon, NYC (212-759-7985) recently for help ringing in the New Year for her thick, bulky, weighed down ebony colored mane that grazed the top of her shoulders.

Although Nadia has a wide forehead and a slightly pointed chin, because her face narrows around her cheekbones her face shape would be most likely classified as heart shaped with a touch of squareness.

The Makeover

Nadia's original ebony hue was too dark for her delicate porcelain complexion and beautiful brown eyes. Bollei's very talented colorist Blanche Grauer decided to go with a combination of lighter and darker hues to soften and balance Nadia's hair hues.

Blanche darkened Nadia's hair to a sensual velvety brown that was more complimentary to Nadia's skin and eye tones. She then skillfully added random honey red highlights to impart new interest, depth and beautiful shine to Nadia's tresses.

After Hair Makeover Styling Tips

Photo Courtesy MMI Mags & Gerard Bollei Salon

All rights reserved

After Blanche had finished her color magic, Bollei Hairstylist Timothy Downs designed a new style that took the new emphasis on Nadia's gorgeous eyes, stunning skin and lips one step further.

Timothy removed approximately 4 inches of bulky damaged ends from Nadia's old style. He then crafted a sensual face framing shoulder length bob with graduated shaggy pieces in the front, that extend from the chin to the shoulders. Timothy parted Nadia's hair on the side which draws attention to her beautiful eyes.

The end result? A chic, shoulder length, face framing shaggy cap, with slightly turned in ends, that nestle between Nadia's chin and shoulder tips. The gorgeous new style provides new definition to Nadia's heart/squared facial shape and brings out her cheekbones and softens her chin.

This look is perfect for starting a new job or to create a new sleeker, more finished image. Because the length is still longish, it can be worn in a variety of modified styles ranging from a long ponytail to a behind the ears twist or bun.


Rene Furterer - Control Emulsion Anti-FrizzThe key to re-creating this style at home is to focus on sleekness. Since Nadia's hair tends to bulk up due to its thickness, she needs to use a good post-shampoo defrisant product like Phytodefrisant or Rene Furterer - Control Emulsion Anti-Frizz to control fizzy waves and/or curls and maintain a sultry sleekness.

To recreate the After Look, blow-dry the style with a large round brush to get sleek straight strands. If desired, add a bit of mousse to help create a little root lift and volume.

Apply a tiny bit of styling cream or gel to the shaggy edges along the face then finger style to give them that sexy, just tousled style. Use a blow dryer in combination with your fingers to make sure the fringes curve inward and hang flatly.

To achieve body and shape use a large 1 1/4 or a 1 1/2" or similar large barrelled curling iron, large hot rollers or set your hair in large Velcro rollers.

Finishing Touches

Rene Furterer - Spray Gloss - 100ml/3.38 ozApply a tiny bit of styling cream or gel to the bangs and then finger pick to give them that sexy, just tousled style.

To add even more color depth opt for Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops in your favorite hue. Or you may wish to use a color enhancing shampoo to pump up the color.

Add a dab of shine with Phyto's PhyoLisse, Rene Furterer's Spray Gloss or Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shine Serum. Another option is Robert Hallowell's Love That Shine Drops and you will have a bright and shiny hairstyle.

Add instant bling to the chignon by pinning in a shimmering hair clips, chignon pins & couture jaws, decorative flowers or other hair jewels.

To Schedule Your Own Makeovers

If you love this makeover and would love to experience your own personal transformation, call the Gerard Bollei Salon in New York City for an appointment. (212-759-7985 or 1-800-BOLLEI2).

More About Gerard Bollei Salon

In 1973, Gerard Bollei, stylist extraordinaire, and James Santa, master colorist, teamed up to introduce a new concept to the salon trade . . . a total service center which would not only cater to every beauty need imaginable, but also specialize in specialization.

The result was the Gerard Bollei Salon, the showcase of the famed Galleria Building on fashionable East 57th Street, and a model for others to emulate for its abundance of talent and its overall ambiance

Those familiar with its dramatic entranceway know that, contained within this bustling dominion, are NYC's top beauty experts. Many of them personally trained by Gerard himself, and all of them forever inspired by his spirit.

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