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Hair Makeover: Bangs Make All The Difference


Photo Courtesy MMI Mags & Gerard Bollei Salon

All rights reserved

Add a richly detailed frame along with splashes of iridescent hue to any simple or neutral palette and watch the fireworks ignite.

The simple act of adding a new forehead fringe and skillfully applying some face framing highlights can create an instantaneous awe inspiring transformation.


Model Kathleen (shown to the side & below) is a classic example of what happens when a dash of dazzling color is combined with the right face framing hairstyle.

Kathleen recently visited the fabulous Gerard Bollei Salon NYC (212-759-7985) for a professional makeover with incredible results, as demonstrated by the before and after photos.

Although Kathleen’s makeover involved minimal changes to her existing look, the results were spectacular.

The Makeover

Master stylist Alan Manson began Kathleen’s stunning transformation by carving out a sultry veil of full eyebrow skimming tresses with a razor.

If you look closely, Alan angled the newly created bangs so that they formed a semi-circular sweep extending from the very edges of her face on either side.

Photo Courtesy MMI Mags & Gerard Bollei Salon

All rights reserved

This sweep of forehead strands added a sultry richness to the overall balance of Kathleen’s face. The newly created slightly choppy fringe also added instant softness and contour to Kathleen’s long thin face shape while spotlighting her gorgeous almond shaped eyes and beautiful bone structure.

Kathleen’s below-the-shoulder length was slightly shortened with the aide of Alan’s skillful razoring which ultimately created perfectly texturized and stubby broomstick inspired ends that are designed to have zero bend.

This brilliantly executed style adds the crafty illusion of more fullness to Kathleen’s naturally thin and stick-straight strands.

The combination of the luscious bangs with the newly textured ends merged to form a rich facial frame that instantly directed attention to Kathleen’s sultry cheeks and luminescent skin tone.

Hair color wizard Chiu waved his magic color wand and enriched Kathleen’s previously mousy brown hair with a rainbow of skillfully placed highlights that hinted of lazy days frolicking in the sun. The sun-kissed hues added sparkle and shimmer without an obvious color change.

After The Hair Makeover

Kathleen’s makeover transformation resulted from Alan’s masterful razored enhancement of her natural facial shape with a spectacularly designed style and Chiu’s hair color makeover that adds shimmer and shine in a subtle way.

Make-up maven Janet Paolucci intensified the natural beauty of Kathleen’s eyes, cheekbones and lips with well-defined palette of complimentary cosmetic colors.

Steal This Look

The key to re-creating this style at home is to start with a similar style that combines a classic razored broomstick style with thick full bangs.

The styling for the broomstick cut is quite simple. Alan blow dried Kathleen’s newly designed style with a simple straight brush. He used his fingers to lightly ruffle the bottom of the shattered ends to resemble the appearance of the actual chunky, stubby ends of a broom.

Since Kathleen’s hair is straight, limp and fine it responded well to extensive razoring. Not all hair types and textures would fare as well with a razored style. When in doubt, consult with your master stylist to select the best style that works in harmony with your own tresses.

Blow-dry the style with a straight brush to shape ends into the broomstick. Minimize use of styling products that would weigh down the desired broomstick effect.


Phyto - Phytodefrisant Baum 3.3 ozThe key to re-creating this style at home is to use a good post-shampoo defrisant product like Phytodefrisant to control fizzy waves and/or curls and maintain the sultry sleekness.

Blow-dry the style with a flat or paddle style brush to get sleek straight strands and then use a round brush for gentle root lift and light flicks on the ends. Add a bit of mousse to help with volume creation.

Apply a tiny bit of styling cream or gel to the bangs and then finger pick to give them that sexy, just tousled style.

inishing Touches

Rene Furterer - Spray Gloss - 100ml/3.38 ozApply a tiny bit of styling cream or gel to the bangs and then finger pick to give them that sexy, just tousled style.

To add even more color depth opt for Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops in your favorite hue. Or you may wish to use a color enhancing shampoo to pump up the color.

Add a dab of shine with Phyto's PhyoLisse, Rene Furterer's Spray Gloss or Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shine Serum. Another option is Robert Hallowell's Love That Shine Drops and you will have a bright and shiny hairstyle.

To Schedule Your Own Makeovers

If you love this makeover and would love to experience your own personal transformation, call the Gerard Bollei Salon in New York City for an appointment (212-759-7985 or 1-800-BOLLEI2).

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