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Hair How To: Mandy Moore's Ponytail Hairstyle


Mandy Moore at American Dreamz Movie Premiere 4-11-06 - All Rights Reserved

Mandy Moore has morphed from a not too distant past life as pop tart blonde (in 2001) to a beauty with bittersweet chocolate hues with hints of deep cherry highlights.

Adopting a longer hair length than her previous famed short crops, chops and bobs, Mandy appeared at the American Dreamz Movie Premiere in April 2006 in one of hair's hottest fashion trends - the elegant yet slightly messy mid-back looped style ponytail.

The hair fashion pundits at Seventeen Magazine deemed the messy looped pony (like favored by Mandy) with sweeping bangs the #2 top hair trend for spring while the ponytail weighed in at #5.

Included in the top ten hot hair trend list was straight strands with smooth texture, which Mandy nailed with sophisticated sleekness. Also in demand by other hair fashion watchers are messy side tendrils and side parts which Mandy had going on in spades.

Yes it's true that Mandy has access to the very top hairdressers and hair colorists. Mandy also has a lot of hair style transition under her 22 year old belt. Noteworthy is the fact that the beautiful and very talented star continues to excel at refining her look. Combining sleek sophistication with simmering below the surface sexiness, Mandy looked absolutely stunning at the American Dreamz premiere.

Steal Mandy's Hairstyle - Step By Step Instructions

The good news for us mere hair mortals is that Mandy's Red Carpet worthy pony can be duplicated with ease.

Follow the steps below to steal Mandy's look.

Mandy's soft sleek ponytail works best on shoulder-length hair or slightly longer. It is best for hair that has some bend but and that can be straightened.

Mandy Moore American Dreamz 4-11-06 - All Rights Reserved.

1. Shampoo with a product designed to address your hair type, texture, color and current condition. Remember to pamper damaged strands and use products to help extend colored or highlighted tresses.

2. Apply the appropriate rinse-out conditioner remembering to go heavy with damaged, rough or dry strands and light with fine, thin or naturally oily strands.

3. Finish with cool/cold water final rinse. 4. Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Detangle hair completely working from the ends to the roots. 5. Apply cocktail of styling products that address frizz, potential blow drying or hot iron damage and your natural texture. For added volume at the crown apply a volumizing product directly to the roots.

If you wish to guarantee stick straight hair either apply a product like Phytodefrisant or a temporary straightener like Robert Hallowell's Flat Factor or Paves Professional Relaxing Balm 6. Distribute styling products completely from 1/2 inch from the roots to the ends.

Mandy Moore at American Dreamz Movie Premiere 4-11-06 - All Rights Reserved

7. Blow dry hair stick straight utilizing pre-separated sections of 1-2" and a large boar's head paddle brush. Celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell points out that a wide paddle brush will dry hair faster and thus prevent the development of frizz, waves, curls or hair wrinkles.

8. Once hair is completely dry create a short side part near the front of the head and direct a full sweep of hair across to one side. Pull a few loose strands out around the hairline to fall seductively around the face.

Made a part that runs from ear to ear and separates the front of the hair with the back. Direct the hair behind the part hair back towards the crown with a brush or your fingers. Pull the side and back strands up to create a loose ponytail with a base that is positioned mid-head and forms a soft "loop" profile. Push lightly with your hands to create a fuller crown area or a "mini" pouf formation.

Capture the ponytail hair in a "hair friendly" elastic that is the same color as your natural strands or wrap one strand of hair from the pony around the base and secure with a open ended hairpin or bobby pin in the same color as your hue.

9. Finish with a light swipe of the palms of your hands over the top of your pony with a shine serum or spray. For light hold try a soft hairspray. Add desired hair accessories.


Ponytails are sizzling hot, especially when created with soft shiny strands and worn soft, slightly tousled and framed by soft tendrils or strands around the hairline or face. Mandy Moore is the perpetual hair icon always dazzling with the latest hot hairstyles. Her latest messy looped style pony was no exception.

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