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Hair & Hairstyling Tips: Winona Ryder Goes Short & Natural


Winona Ryder Los Angeles Premiere of "A Scanner Darkly" 6-29-06

Actress Winona Ryder appeared on the Red Carpet on June 29th with a short hairstyle flush with an abundance of natural texture. Wearing her naturally wavy hair in a "natural" tousled style that looked like it had been scrunched into shape, the actress had a side swept part. Her natural blonde tresses were colored a dark brunette hue with hints of dark auburn accents.

Although the controversial actress has appeared at various movie premieres since her 2002 well publicized arrest and trial, this premiere celebrates her first movie role in four years.

Wearing a little black dress with simple but elegant accessories the actress was promoting "A Scanner Darkly" which is a film based on the real life experiences of science-fiction author Philip K. Dick.

Winona is famous for her naturally wavy strands and the fact that she has a preference for darkening her natural blonde hues. What is noteworthy is that in her last major premiere appearance in 2004, she had longer strands that were colored a lighter chocolate brown. Winona appears to be following the current 2006 Hollywood Hair trend of "honor your natural texture".

Indeed, Winona's hair looked naturally tousled with a excellent length and style for her square shaped chin.

Steal Winona's Style

Winona was blessed, whether she would agree or not, with natural waves and lots of bend to her strands. Her current chin length cut is layered to encourage her natural waves to emerge and fall into soft cascades around her face. Her layers are graduated with short layers around the front of her hairline with the layers longer towards the back.

Winona's current hairstyle is ideal for scrunching to achieve a soft wavy texture that is not overdone.

Follow these steps to steal Winona's current chin-length textured style:

Winona Ryder Before Sunset Premiere 6-29-04

1. Wash your hair with a product is designed for your hair's current texture, type and condition. If your hair is colored or chemically treated like Winona's be sure to use a product that address the special needs of your hair.

To enhance your natural texture consider using a texture enhancing product mix like PhytoCurl which helps define curls or Phytobrush that was specifically developed for use in scrunching, blow drying and creating waves.

2. Apply a rinse-out conditioner . Naturally wavy hair tends to be coarse and more dry than non-wavy strands. Coarse hair responds well to rinse-out conditioners.

3. Finish with a cool/cold water final rinse. Towel blot with a thick towel or towel designed to speed dry your hair like the Earth Therapeutics Towel. It is best to wait to apply products to super wet strands since some of the product will drip off in the process.

4. Apply a detangling product or leave-in conditioner to help detangle strands from the ends to the roots. For fullness and volume apply a volume enhancing product to the roots.

Winona Ryder Los Angeles Premiere of "A Scanner Darkly" 6-29-06

Don't be afraid to layer styling products to get the best look. You may wish to mix a defrisant products along with your styling product to add texture and block frizz at the same time. It is possible to mix Phytodefrisant with your favorite mousse, glaze or paste.

5. Apply an orange sized puff of volume enhancing styling mousse (or the styling product of your choice) to your strands distributing well from just below the roots to the ends to prep hair for easy scrunching.

Apply your product of choice to the middle and ends of your strands. Avoid applying product near the roots which may weigh them down except in the case of adding volume sprays like Phytovolume Actif or similar.

6. Use your fingers to scrunch hair for a natural wavy look (see instructions in next paragraph). Let hair dry or use a blow dryer on a very slow speed (to avoid over blowing the texture) on a cool setting.

7. Finish with a swipe of shine serum or shine spray to seal in moisture and block frizz as well as add shine.

8. Apply a spritz of soft hold hairspray. Attach desired hair accessories.

How To Scrunch Strands To Achieve Winona's Look

Winona Ryder Los Angeles Premiere of "A Scanner Darkly" 6-29-06

Unfortunately some hair textures with no texture (stick straight) or too much texture (naturally curly or kinky) are not ideal for scrunching.

Although it is possible to achieve a similar natural wavy style with straight or curly strands, different styling techniques than scrunching are required.

Scrunching, also referred to as "crunching" or "hair runching", is a technique that involves crushing sections of hair together using your fingers.

This process is designed to add instant texture to naturally wavy hair from enhancing natural waves to creating a cross between the two.

Although some types of straight hair with natural bend can benefit from scrunching, the process works best on hair that is naturally wavy or has just a slight natural curl. Hair that is super naturally curly or kinky may not respond as well to scrunching since touching with fingers may encourage the formation of frizz.

Scrunching can be performed with or without other tools such as a finger diffuser and/or a blow dryer.

How To Scrunch Hair:

Winona Ryder Los Angeles Premiere of "A Scanner Darkly" 6-29-06

1. Apply a styling mousse, light gel or glaze product to prep hair for scrunching. It is important to use the styling product of your choice to give hair structure and form for easier scrunching and wave definition.

2. Once your hair has been properly prepared with the styling products of your choice (gel, mousse, cream or similar), use your hands and work from side to side around your head scrunching individual sections.

3. You have the option to use a blow dryer or long finger diffuser to help set the scrunched sections. Whether you use a blow dryer or a long finger diffuse, remember to use a cool setting on a low speed to avoid blowing out the newly formed texture.

4. Scrunching hair is a lot like crumpling up a piece of paper. To scrunch effectively you need to pick up a section of hair, squeeze the strands between your fingers, and then crumple the ends of the strand up toward your roots, causing it to wrinkle and crinkle.

Scunching With A Finger Diffuser

When using a finger diffuser to scrunch, direct the air flow from the diffuser/dryer up the strands toward the chunk of hair you are scrunching. Do not attempt to use a regular blow dryer on scrunched strands since the force of the air will blow out the wrinkled effect.

It is also important to remember that when using a diffuser, make sure hair is 100% dry to prevent frizz. Finish with an appropriate hairspray. For added shine, apply a tiny bit of gloss or shine serum to the palms of your hands and glide across the top of your newly crumpled do.

Scunching & Then Air Drying

Winona Ryder

If you prefer, you can apply product, scrunch completely and then let your strands "air dry" for a different effect.

A favorite option is to towel blot hair, apply styling product, scrunch and then use a bunch of condor, banana or regular duckbill type clips to hold the newly crunched form in place while it air dries.

My own favorite technique for my naturally wavy/curly strands is to towel blot my hair, apply a liquid glaze and then finger scrunch my hair. I create a series of two or three damp buns that consist of my newly scrunched hair that I clip with condor or dolphin clips. I let my hair air dry, unpin and viola, waves galore.


Winona Ryder is back on the Red Carpets with a stunning chin length style that plays up her gorgeous natural hair texture. What better hairstyle than a style that honors your hair's own texture?

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