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Hair Glamour Tips Wavy Or Sleek & Sophisticated


Gorgeous waves and curls alternate with straight strands as the hottest trends for Fall 2003 styles.

Whether your want to go with a wavy and playful look for casual fashion events or you want to morph into a sleek and sophisticated style for dressy wear, you can turn on the instant glamour with two very versatile Trendline products from Goldwell.

Trendline Straightener and Trendline Wax offer some great new styling options. To Define Your Curls

Work Trendline Straightener into towel-dried hair to emphasize your curls. Let hair dry naturally.

Once it's dry, warm Trendline Shine Wax in the palms of your hands.

Take one curl at a time and twist it around your finger.

Just like a sculptor working with clay, mold your hair design. (Image from Trendline Holiday - Goldwell - all rights reserved - 2003).

For Soft, Sexy, Movable Waves

Mix one part Trendline Straightener with an equal amount of Trendline Shine Wax in the palms of your hands.

Apply the new mixture evenly to shampooed, towel-dried hair.

Let your hair dry naturally or blow-dry using a special diffuser attachment.

To Get Beautiful, Sleek, Straight Hair

Warm 2 parts Trendline Straightener to 1 part Trnedline Shine Wax in the palm of your hands.

Apply evenely to towel-dried hair. Blow-dry until hair is barely damp.

Use a large round brush with long, natural bristles a d blow-dry down on the hair strands.

Maintain the tension in the strands to get the desired smoothness. (Image from Trendline Holiday - Goldwell - all rights reserved - 2003).

To Get The Hottest Hollywood Hair Trend

Apply a small amount of Trendline Shine Wax to your hair, section by section. finish by flat ironing, section by section, for the ultimate sleek look.

Goldwell's Trendline Straightener

Goldwell's Trendeline Straightener is an alcohol-free gel straightener that provides structure and control with silky shine. Much more versatile than a traditional straightener, it also helps control unruly, curly or thick hair into defined waves, curls or ringlets. You can stop fighting your curl and embrace it!

Goldwell's Trendline Shine Wax is a moldable wax that offers control and brilliant shine. It smoothes all hair textures and seals dry ends for silky finished.

All Trendline products feature Elastomer technology, which leaves hair clean, with hold and a high-gloss shine by combining the best benefits of a setting polymer and a smoothing polymer in one product.

It creates a hold with memory that lasts until you shampoo it out, with absolutely no leftover residue. It won't cause build-up, dulling or flaking, and doesn't leave hair stiff or sticky. Suggested retail is $16.50

Goldwell, a leading marketer of professional hair color, perms, shampoos, treatment and styling products used and available in upscale salons and spas, is one of the world's largest professional-only hair care companies and has world headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, U.S. headquarters in Linthicum Heights, MD and Canadian headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.

For a salon near you, visit or call 1-888-881-0330.

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