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Should the above be your lament now, rest assured that, as always, has your best hair interests in mind. Even if you’re not attending every single holiday party, you’ll still want to look festive. The words of the season, hair-wise, are Glitter, Glam, and Fun.


The holidays are the perfect time to break out that hair glitter. There are loads of sprays and gels with made with glitter to brighten up your hair. Even in the daylight, you’ll sparkle like crazy. You can glitz up in several ways, too. For a bold look, put a good quantity of glitter gel in your hands and run them all through your hair for a super-sparkly look. You can also put stripes of glitter in your hair by dipping your thumb and forefinger in the gel and, starting from the roots, apply it to a section at a time. For a more subtle look, try tipping the ends of your hair in glitter or just streaking some through your bangs.


Glamour is back big-time! Check out Hairboutique’s Marketplace for dropdead gorgeous headbands; jeweled, satin, animal prints, hair sticks tipped with crystal jewels, sparkly barrettes, clips, floating hair jewels, and glittery pins—just waiting to make your ‘do fabulous. Women of any age and hair length can wear any or all of these.


This season I’ve seen more fun looks than ever, especially for short hair:

  • Take small sections of hair and twist them. Fasten with glittery bands or clips.

  • Criss-cross jeweled pins over the ears, in the bangs, or in the back of the head.

  • Use gel to slick the hair back as flat as possible. Apply temporary color or glitter with color wands or sticks.

  • Whatever your hair color, try getting some highlights or lowlights put in around your hair (I highly recommend having a professional do this for you).

  • Buy yourself a very light-weight, long glittery scarf, and tie it around your head as a headband. Leave the ends free to float out behind you.

Anything Goes!

The great thing about this new millennium is that, fashion-wise, just about anything goes. Your fashion statement is only limited to your imagination. I know a gal who went to a party wearing green and red Starlite mints in her updo (they were pinned in by their cellophane wrappers, not just stuck in her hair, in case you were wondering..). Do you remember the year that the movie “Out of Africa” swept the Academy Awards? That year, the fashion world went to wild animal prints, large jewelry, wraps, and safari clothes.

Take a look at the popular movies of the season: “The Grinch” for one, and I’ll bet you anything you’ll soon see the stars wearing pink-striped peppermint bodysuits, fountain-shaped hairdos, and riding their wozzle-optipedes into work. In fact, this holiday I’m adopting the true Dr. Suessian spirit of accessorizing from hair to toenail:

I will wear sparkles in my hair, I will wear them everywhere. On my clothes, On my nose, And even on my underwear.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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