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Hair Color - How To Pick Blonde Colors


Hope Davis "The Matador" Premiere 12-11-05 All Rights Reserved.

Model Agyness Deyn sports a punked out platinum blonde she shows off with an edgy pixie and a few swipes of pomade. Hope Davis is more of a classic butter blonde with a sizzling shimmery blonde cut to sleek perfection.

Molly Sims combines many shades of blonde ranging from champagne to cookies and creams. Molly's blonde colors swirls throughout her loose California glam girl look with darker blonde underneath and softer lighter blondes woven throughout the top.

Let's not forget the fabulous blondes from The Hills, Lauren Conrad, Lauren Bosworth, Heidi Montag and Whitney Port.

Pick up any hair, fashion or celebrity magazine and you will see lots of blondes but try limiting them to just a few shades or hues. It's impossible.

Why? Celebs have the best celebrity colorists on their speed dials making sure they have the best blonde color for their eye and skin tones, age, face shape and lifestyle.

Going blonde isn't always as easy as it may seem from the onset. To achieve the best results it's important to do your Blonding Homework.

Going Blonde Key Considerations

Some of the key considerations for selecting the proper blonde for you include the following:

  1. Hair type - Thin, Fine, Medium, Thick

  2. Texture - Straight, Wavy, Naturally Curly, Combination of Textures

  3. Condition - Excellent, healthy, good, fair, damaged, extremely damaged

  4. Length - Super short, short, medium, shoulder length, long (bra strap), waist, below waist

  5. Cut - All one length, layered

  6. Style - With or without lots of texture, parts and where located, bangs or not, etc.,

  7. Age - Younger than 20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, Over 70

  8. Skin and eye color - Sallow skin with yellow undertones or pink skin tones.

  9. Coverage - Total head, highlights, highlights, lowlights, multi-dimensional, hair painting,

  10. Attitude & Personality - Do you have a blonde attitude and personality?

  11. Professional or At Home - Will you go to a hair colorist to go blonde or do it at home?

To understand the basic rules of hair coloring refer to this classic hair color article: Hair Color Tips: Understanding Laws Of Haircolor

Blonde Hair Coloring Hints

Sarah Michelle Gellar William S. Paley Festival's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Reunion 03-20-08 All Rights Reserved.

Some of the key considerations for selecting the proper blonde for you include the following:

Hair Type: Depending on your type, your hair may look better with full coverage or dimensional color. Thin and fine hair does well with full color coverage since color can swell the hair shaft making it look and feel fuller and more lush. Thick hair often is best suited to highlights, lowlights and multi-dimensional blonding techniques for a more natural effect.

Texture: Straight hair is the easiest to color or highlight with foils. It may not be ideal for free handed painting which works well on naturally wavy or curly hair.

Condition: Hair in excellent or virgin condition is ideal for either full head or partial color. Damaged or extremely damaged hair may not be a good candidate for any type of treatments until the hair's damage has grown out or been treated with special deep conditioners. The healthier the hair, the more color it can take, the more damaged, the less amount of color.

Length: Heavily bleached blonde is best for super short to short since it can be extremely damaging even on virgin hair. Bleach is usually not recommended for shoulder length or longer strands that are healthy and requiring a gentle blonding.

Lauren Bosworth

Cut & Style: Haircuts and styles with prominent parts will show growth more quickly, although it is considered fashionable to have rootage. The goal of most blonding is to create a gorgeous yet natural look. If hair is all one length it may require a different blonde formula than hair that is choppy, heavily layered or worn up off the neck.

Age: As skin ages it can not handle the same hues of blonde that it might have handled at a younger age.

Skin & Eye Color:

Coverage: If you have been working on growing long and healthy strands you may only wish to have the perimeter of your hair colored or you may wish to have a cap highlighting treatment designed to be less damaging. Foils may not be appropriate for hair that is past a certain length.

Attitude & Personality: Some people don't consider how their personality may not be honored when they select a blonde tone. Do you consider yourself a California girl like Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Bosworth or are you more of a classic blonde like Molly Sims? Do you love the Bohemian look and channel Nicole Richie? Select a blonde color that is compatible with the image you wish to project. Going blonde can completely change how people perceive you. Choose wisely.

Molly Sims All Rights Reserved.

Professional Or At Home: If you've never chemically colored your hair before it is strongly recommended you work with a professional hair colorist rather than hit a blonding haircolor kit from the local mass market. Of course going to a professional will definitely cost more than doing it yourself but if for any reason you have problems, color correction can be prohibitively expensive.

If you can't afford a professional hair color expert, consider checking out one of the local cosmetology colleges. I attended a Paul Mitchell cosmetology college and the knowledge of hair color amongst the students and teachers was very impressive.

Home hair color kits works great in certain situations such as root touch-ups or for applying non-permanent hair color hues to add shine or dimension. Keep in mind that if your hair is already dark, you will require a more complicated blonding process possibly involving bleach. If this is the case and you are a novice, it is strongly recommended you go the professional route.

For more information read: Professional Haircolor On A Budget - Read tips on getting professional haircolor on a budget.

Is Blonde In Your Future?

Consider all of the factors covered in this article. You may very well decide that being a beautiful blonde is part of your own future. If you decide to go the blonde route always do your homework and take it slow.

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