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2009 Hair Color Trends From Joico

Fashion trends in hair color are constantly changing, and these trends also vary from one geographic location to another.

While in Paris the trends for spring call for nice blonde or brunette highlights over a natural base, in England more eccentric shades, such as Lily Cole's bright red, have become the hot look for spring.

(Image from Joico - 2009 - All Rights Reserved)

The leading shade in Paris this year is a honey brown with shiny caramel highlights, and among the metropolitan areas of the United States, extravagant reds and smooth blonds are popular colors.

Joico stylists are professionals in creating the looks of today with the color combinations that are in sync with fashion and individuality, and our hair color products exist solely to protect the integrity of the colors of fashion today.

Coming right along with beautiful brights and knock-out naturals is the demand for intense hair color products that preserve the color and tonal integrity of the hair. Joico's Color Endure line contains a Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex to prolong the life of color and keep it vibrant and luxurious, as it should be.

here is also a shift in the types of hair color that is being used across the globe. As the green movement continues to gain momentum, we are seeing an increase in demand for the environmentally-friendly, natural, and less-abrasive color formulas such as henna and henna-based dyes.

While the shifts in the composition of high-end colorants continues to evolve, so too do the colors that are popular.

(Image from Joico - 2009 - All Rights Reserved)

Everything from subtle copper highlights and mahogany tints are showing up as trendy, and bright blue and purple highlights and chunking are being sported by educated, Westernized women in many parts of the world such as India.

Joico's line of Color Endure products include shampoo, conditioner, a leave-in protectant, and also a line of Violet products that is specially formulated for gray and blonde tones. The line of Color Endure products maintains tones by cleansing without disturbing the color molecules of the hair.

Colors that are derived from nature as well as those contrived from art are what define the hair color trends this year, and whether you want your earth-toned hair color to represent the natural side of art or your blue and purple chunking to show the artsy side of natural, your Joico Salon is at the forefront of the latest in trends and styling to ensure you make a statement with your colors.

Looking for the champagne blonde of Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn? If not applied correctly, a one-color dye creates a harsh and unnatural look, especially with the darker shades. The modern trends include using multiple colors- one color is used as the base, and the other shades are comprised of added highlights or lowlights.

(Image from Joico - 2009 - All Rights Reserved)

Joico has been a leader in blending hair care, color, and styling products with art and fashion since 1975, and through the seasons and hair color trends from then right up through tomorrow, Joico products have been provided to the world's finest salons across the globe.

The latest in hair color science fuses with fashion to offer impeccable performance for the integrity of all hair colors.

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