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Hair Boutique's Hair Link of The Week - 9/22/98


I have to confess that I had a terrible time writing about the Beauty Buzz site.

Why? I could not stop myself from reading every single article, tip or post in every single section of this fabulous site. I would get so totally hooked on reading each and every morsel of cool stuff on every single page, that I would lose all track of time. Unfortunately, my addiction to reading and playing, took a toll on my writing.

Hanging out at the Beauty Buzz site reminds me of the old days in high school when all my best girlfriends and I would hang out together in the girl's john at lunchtime and try out the latest lipsticks and eye shadows.

Once we had the colors worked out we would take turns working on each other's hair. I lived for those beauty makeovers at lunch every day.

Hair Link of The Week

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So why is the Beauty Buzz the Hair Boutique Hair Link of the Week? The Buzz, as it is fondly called, is a site that has great makeup, beauty and hair information. The site is unique because it has a permanent panel of beauty buzzers that write articles, tips and reviews. The Buzz panel members include Maria, Phyllis, Melissa, Karen, Stevie, Sondra, Kristin (a fellow Texan) and special correspondents Amy and Mari.

You can spot most of them posting on the messageboard on a daily basis. After you read their posts you get to know more about them where you feel almost like "part of the family". Their individual Biographies include their ages, where they live, what they look like, skin type and anything else you could possibly want to know about them. I do wish they would include photos though. It is always nice to put a face with a name and a posting.

Discovering The Buzz

Originally I found out about "The Buzz" while browsing through the WW Beauty Store site. The first time I actually visited I was very impressed with all the great sections. I was specifically drawn to the What's Buzzing Message Board. Although the board tends to be heavier on cosmetic talk, there are also some wonderful nuggets of hair talk sprinkled through out the board. I have personally received some great recommendations on leave-in conditioners and unusual hair care products.

I always promise myself when I pop into the Buzz Board that I will only read a few messages. I have to admit that I almost always read every hair post and several of the other posts on beauty and cosmetics. I am a big sucker for the board because the Buzz panelists are active posters and I love to see what they have to say.

I also have to give credit to a Hair Boutique regular, Jen Bahney for pointing me to the Buzz. Jen and I have emailed about Beauty Buzz and she specifically suggested that I review Beauty Buzz as the Hair Boutique site of the week. (Thanks Jen). Special thanks also to the Buzz's Maria for her help and assistance to Hair Boutique during a difficult time.

Beauty Buzz Sections

The Beauty Buzz has fifteen different great sections including The Giveaway, Resources/Info/Links, Tips of The Month, the Beauty Buzz Swap , Fitness Forum, Look-a-likes, Shopping and The Makeup Artist. There is also a Contributions...You Said It... and Reviews.


Info / Links

I got lost in the Info / Links section for hours. The Buzz resources includes a great list of wonderful beauty, hair and fashion links. The links include the following: WorldWide Shopping Directory, Color Descriptions, Home-made Beauty, Make-up Tips, Rep Info, Fitness Links, Fashion Links, Cosmetic Company Links, Fragrance Links, Hair Care Links, Skin Care Links, Bath & Body Links, Great Sites, Places to Shop On-line, Magazines, Message Boards, Catalogue Numbers, Gwp/Events and Awards.


The Look-a-Likes section of The Buzz is an online directory of cosmetic and hair care knockoffs! This section helps if you hate spending lots of money on your favorite cosmetics or hair care. In this section you can find a listing of cheaper equivalents. Look-a-Likes include the following categories:

Lipstick, Lipliner, Lipgloss, Eyes, Nails, Skin, Foundation, Powder, Blush, Hair, Shower, Perfume Smell Alikes, Other Lookalikes. The Hair Look-A-Likes include Aveda, Biolage, Nexxus, Pantene, Paul Mitchell and Protein Treatments.

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The Catwalk

The Catwalk section covers fashion. It has lots of great options. These include Main Catwalk, Fashion Links, Fashion Flubs, Fashion Flubs 2, Fashion Flubs 3, Fashion Flubs 4, Fashion Flubs 5, Gray Matters for Fall, Summer Fashion, Swimsuits, Spring Accessories, Spring Styles and How to wear sheer clothes. You can spend a lot of time just reading the advice contained in this section.

Tips Of The Month

The Tips Of The Month section is very informative. There is no hair care, but great beauty tips such as eyebrow shaping, dealing with bikini line, tattoo info and great makeup tips for eyes and lips, to name just a few of the tips. Each tip is well written and provides lots of details. Don't expect to find just a one liner in this section of The Buzz. Or anywhere else on the site.

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The Reviews section is a goldmine of product reviews. There are currently over 100 product reviews. WHEW...I get tired just thinking about all that work. The reviews are all wonderful. Each one of the Beauty Buzz Panel members have reviewed several different beauty products.

There are lots of great hair care reviews neatly tucked into the list. I have taken the time to list all the different hair care product reviews by the different panel members. This will give you an instant URL to click to the products you are interested in reading about. I personally loved all the KMS and OUIDAD reviews since I personally have tried those product lines. I must say that I agreed with a lot of the reviews.

Stevie Reviews

Stevie's review of the Ouidad Hair Care line includes: Ouidad's Deep Treatment, Styling Mist, Clear Shampoo, Balancing Rinse, Botanical Boost, Tress F/X, Clear Control and Shine Hair Glaze. Stevie also did a great review on Clairol Daily Defense Shampoo & Conditioner.

Stevie's review of the KMS Hair Care line includes: NEFA Shampoo, REplace Hair Reconstructor,KMS Styling and Setting Gel Maximum Hold Gel For Finishing and KMS Activator Curl Enhancer.

Phyllis Reviews

Phyllis' reviews include: KMS Nefa Shampoo and RePlace Reconstructor, Amino-Magnesium-Panthenol Volume Shampoo and Volume Reconstructor, KMS Puratives Shampoo and Reconstructor Conditioner and KMS Strategy Reconstructor. Phyllis also reviewed Vidal Sassoon (Japan)"New" Perfect Style Professional Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

Melissa Reviews

Melissa's reviews include: Loreal Color Vive Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner. She also reviewed Clairol Daily Defense Shampoo and Conditioner Defense 4 for dry/damaged hair.

Maria Reviews

Maria's reviews include: John Frieda Frizz Ease Corrective Shampoo and Shiner, Frizz Ease Glistening Creme Conditioner and John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum. She also does a great review of Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom. I agreed completely with her review of ARTec Texture Creme ARTec Kiwi Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Maria provides an informative review of Sebastian Laminates Conditioner and Laminates Hair Gel.

Karen Reviews

Karen's reviews include: Phytotherathrie Phytovolume Volumizer Shampoo with Yarrow Extract, Redken Climatress Shampoo for Normal/Dry Hair and Climatress Conditioner for Dry Hair, Kiehl Leave-In Conditioner with Panthenol and Coconut Oil and Origins Clear Head Mint Shampoo (250 ml) and Knot Free Finishing Rinse (250 ml).

Kristin Reviews

Kristin's reviews include: Terax Hair Care, Miele Shampoo, Latte Shampoo and Crema Conditioner.


The Beauty Buzz site is a virtual cornucopia of beauty advice with lots of great hair care information sprinkled liberally throughout. The Beauty Buzz Panel is composed of a group of very knowledgeable women who share a piece of their life experiences so you have a good reference point for their tips, advice and reviews.

Pop into the Beauty Buzz site and be prepared for a great beauty/haircare Net experience. Tell em Hair Boutique sent ya.

Happy Buzzing!


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