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Have you ever surfed into a site and just felt instantly welcome? That is exactly how I felt from the very first moment my mouse cruised into George Caroll's Cyber Salon. I could almost hear George's friendly hello and insistence that I make myself feel at home in his beautifully designed cyberspace studio. I just felt that George would stop at nothing to make me (or any of his visitors) feel cherished, pampered and cared for.

I found out pretty quickly that my first impressions were right on the money. The more I got to know about George Caroll, and his incredible Cyber Salon, the more I discovered that he is a rare find.

Mr. Hollywood

00holly.gif (2343 bytes)
Yes, George is Mr. Hollywood, stylist to the stars. He is also an inventor, an innovator, a teacher, an artist, a genius and has a heart of pure gold. His site may have photos of Monica and Madonna, Kate Winslet and Heather Locklear.

More importantly, he has special links to one of his favorite charities, St. Jude's Children's Hospital. This creative, brilliant man with a revolutionary mind, always takes time to give of himself for the children. George is an incredibly giving person. He would literally give the shirt off his back to anyone he thought could use it.

Did I tell you this man is special?

Well read on to find out more about this man who is a celebrity in his own right. He may be Mr. Hollywood, but he is just a nice guy wanting to help people.

So Who Really Is George Caroll?

1gcprods.jpg (2800 bytes)
Well I can't tell you his sun sign or what he eats for breakfast every day. But I can tell you that George Caroll is a terrific guy. George, known to his pals as "THE DOC" has devoted his entire life to making people look better. Many people believe that George has done more for the hair care business than most hairdressers have done in a lifetime.

George genuinely cares about helping people achieve their best hair and looks. To this end, he has been everywhere, done everything and given and shared freely of himself and his knowledge.

In his career, George has accomplished some amazing things. I discovered that George had created the original Star Trek hairstyles for Mr. Gene Roddenburry. I guess you could say that George was one of the original Trekkies. It would be interesting to ask George who his favorite Star Trek actor was.

George also helped women achieve easier and more beautiful hair color. He did this by designing Clairol's revolutionary high lift one step hair color. He also introduced the first protein hair care products for Redken and worked on the development of the vent brush.

If you ever wondered who introduced blow dryers, hot rollers or curling irons, I can tell you that George Caroll is the person responsible. Just think how much time George has saved millions of people with these tools.

George also introduced the first conditioning permanent wave for the Reeling Company. He created a pace setting hair research company (HRX) which has set industry standards for many years. George has so many talents and credits it is hard to list them all here. Be sure and read more about George when you pop in to visit.

George never stops thinking or coming up with new and better ways to do things. George's recent inventions include a revolutionary and innovative "post foaming" hair care system. This is truly a first in the industry.

He has also introduced a new brush called the "Hair Flex". It is definitely a dream brush for stylists everywhere.

Post Foaming Hair Care

So I guess you are curious about this post foaming hair care system. I certainly was. This wonderful and innovative product is known as George Caroll Salon Systems. It is a unique and original product developed by George.

The George Caroll Salon Systems is a new collection of hair care products that combine beauty and fitness for today's active life styles.

The product is oxygen activated and includes whipped creme shampoos, conditioners, and styling tools. The products represent revolutionary personal hair care products.

George promises that you will see immediate results. If George promises, you know it will happen.

The George Caroll products are air actuated. This whips the ingredients into a smooth, oxygen rich emulation that glides through the hair providing for an improvement of the overall coverage of the product.

This also means that the product rinses more easily. The George Caroll products are 100% more effective than traditional hair care products.

1shampoogirl.gif (25411 bytes)

The George Caroll products come in space age looking silver and black canisters and they really do have whipped cream in them. This product truly works wonders on any type of hair.

The George Caroll product also has the following impressive features:

  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Products stay fresh in air tight aluminum pouches.
  • Compressed air for a propellant - No CFC's
  • No Laurenth Sulfates
  • No Laurel Sulfates
  • Oxygen activated
  • Self Adjusting to any hair type

For more information on George's great products please CLICK HERE.

Take A Tour

When you go to a new home, many people will give you a grand tour. George shows the same hospitality. He offers all of his visitors a cyber tour of his studio. I had to stop and go on every single tour and I oohed and aahed at every stop along the way. The tours include the Grand Tour, Getting Your Hair In Shape, New Hair Care Technology and Hair Styles of the Stars. George also has a great guest book that you can post to or peek into. He has the Ask George Caroll Questions forum, the Stylist Lounge and a great section on facial shapes and matching hair style suggestions.

The cool thing about the tours are you don't get sore feet from walking. You can sit back in your ergonomically designed chair and just click away. Well at least I did. The only thing missing was the Cristal champagne and the strawberries. If there was some way for George to get them through cyberspace, I know he would.

Learn How The Stars Style Their Hair

1gcwithbrush.jpg (14150 bytes)

I was not at all surprised to discover that George has all the latest male and female celebrities and stars in his gallery. I decided to check out Monica's do. George had the scoop on Ms. Intern. He also had great scoops on Pamela Anderson Lee, Leonardo De Caprio, Sharon Stone, Brooke Shields, Kim Bassinger, Cameron Diaz (my fav) and a whole slew of other celebrity heads.

If there is some celebrity that you would like to know about, just email George and he will add that person to his list. George even tells you what products you need in order to recreate the celebrity looks.

Free Booklets and Newsletters

Just when I thought I had discovered everything cool about George's site, I discovered that I could get a free 4 page newsletter with lots of great hair secrets. All I had to do was fill in a form. I could also get a 6 page guide to better hair. WOW!! I felt like I was in Neiman Marcus with no limit on what I could buy.

Other Goodies

After I had poked my head into the George Caroll products page and enjoyed the tours, ordered the free newsletter and booklet, I figured I had exhausted all the goodies at George's site. I was wrong. I stumbled onto the Flash Answer Page where I discovered a whole list of hair conditions like hair that is dull and drab or hair that won't hold a curl.

There is a whole list of bad hair day conditions. All you have to do is click on the hair problem that you want information on and zap, you are emailed back some solutions. It was all I could do to control myself. I had my finger poised on the mouse ready to click away at every single flash option. Somehow I contained myself and moved on to the shopping center.

Shop Till You Drop From Your PC

By the time I finished reading all about George Caroll products I was ready to buy it. Before I could wonder how, I spied the Shopping Center.

I loved the fact that the shop was called "the boutique". At this nifty little shop you can buy all the different George Caroll products and browse through some of the great specials. It is easy to order right in the shop. Have your credit cards ready.

Magic Web Weaving

I should mention that George's site was developed by my friend Mike at Salon Web. Be sure to visit Mike to see what other great webs he has woven. Click over to Salon Web and tell Mike I said "hey".


George Caroll has a site where you can wrap yourself in warmth and comfort and take a long leisurely tour.

You can look at all the photos of the stars and celebrities and find out their hair secrets. You can shop in the online boutique, get flash answers to a whole list of hair concerns, learn all about the innovative George Caroll products, check out the great links and visit some of George's friends.

Be sure and hang out awhile and learn everything you can about George. This man is destined for many more great things.

I have to admit that I had way too much fun writing this review. It wasn't like work at all. Be sure and pop by and see George. Tell him Karen sent yah.

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